I love beating West Ham

I really do. Not all their fans are arseholes but from a lot of the stuff they came on here with last season, a large proportion are. I do have a lot of time for Zola and Clarke though and it must have been a tough game mentally for their players after the tragic Calum Davenport incident.

It wasn’t an impressive Tottenham performance as it was in our first two games of the season, but it was impressive if you are impressed by Spurs grinding out results, something we haven’t been able to do in seasons past. It’s also nice to see Aaron Lennon’s finishing improving. If he can just try and look up a little more before crossing and playing final balls he’d be priceless. He isn’t far off it now.

It will be interesting to see who starts against Doncaster in the Carling Cup 2nd Round match but you’d imagine most if not all the players that have been on the bench recently will be in the starting line up. It is a difficult one because I don’t think it’s a game you can take lightly but those players wanting to impress will likely make up for any lack of match sharpness.

I’m taking nothing for granted against Birmingham but it’s a game you’d expect us to win at home 9 times out of 10. Another victory would give us huge confidence going into the Man Utd game on the 12th September, followed by Chelsea away the following Sunday, the game that is obviously the bigger test. Ok, Utd will be no picnic but there is no reason to fear any team at the Lane these days. Going to the Bridge does get me a little scared!

40 thoughts on “I love beating West Ham”

  1. well done spurs you dug in and got the result, we were a bit unfortunate but then again so were wolves in our first game

  2. Tottenham were lucky to win on the day. We gave them a good game. A better strike force and Linda’s shortcomings at leftback was the difference.

  3. I have read on the West Ham blog that we doing all wrong agian and we going to be on the bottom, who is on the bottom now haha!? Come on you Spurs

  4. I love beating Spurs( long time ago)
    Not all of the spursfans are stupid bastards,
    but a large proportion are.

    Im forever blowing bubbles………

  5. I was at the match and must admit spurs looked a lot lot more dynamic and potent up front, their defence however struggled with Carlton Cole all match and at times with Jiminez who should undoubtedly have had a penalty: but that’s Clattenberg for you, a poor poor ref consistently throughout the last few seasons.

    Modric was awesome, Huddlestone was off the pace at times and very clumsy, Lennon played a blinder a constant nuisance, Cudicini made some top class saves as well; whether you lot can break into the top 4 remains to be seen, but you certainly have the strength in depth to give it a good shot,,,,,, just stay off the Lasagne for the final run in hey !

    Not a bad atmosphere over there either, but it was evident that most people’s minds were focused on the bigger match on Tuesday night…. Bring on Millwall 😉

    All the best for the season.

  6. no, we won cause u dont know how to win the game, u have week to prepare, we have 3 days and were tired after Hull game but we still beat u, that mean something, when did u win with us last time?

  7. We played ok yesterday and we just about deserved the win. As for the “penalty” if it was a foul it was outside the box and if he dived the he should have been sent off.So I think the ref did WH a favour.

  8. I have to agree actually a very good game, and i think if not for the cole backpass it would have been a very different game, but still after that spurs deserved to win and lennon was immense. good luck for the rest of the season. i have to say you do look good at the moment.

  9. Sad to see the majority of comments from spammers are negative such as that from hammertime. If I was a spammer i would be worried becaus they were fortunate to win away at wolves and they lost at home to us arguably the one game they want to win most. Add to that the fact they are quite skint, the only thing they got to hope for is that teams like portsmouth will play worse than them this season and save the spammers from relegation. Cos they are going to struggle.


  10. jimenez should have had a penalty????
    You’re having a laugh.
    He dived – was never touched. Just another cheating WHU player, along with Foubert who is also a thug. All you need is Boa Morte fit and you’ll have a full team of c*nts.
    You’re a team playing way above your individual talents, but ultimately once again you lost in your cupfinal to a better team.
    Perhaps next season Spurs will get food poisoning again – it’s the ony way you’ll get to win.
    Just a skint club from Iceland.

  11. West Ham played well esp tactically, and I don’t think many teams will be taking 3 points from Upton Park this season. Cole seems to have matured into a fine player except the finishing part, I’d love to see him paired with Defoe for England (and Capello got a great glimpse of their potential yesterday! brilliant assist from Cole).

    I’m very happy that we managed to grind out a win without playing well though, and going behind. This was an important test for us, and Harry and the players will have learned plenty of useful info as we must learn to better counter the kind of tactics West Ham chose.

  12. King, A&E and Modders looked a little weary at the end, should all be rested for Wednesday. I would start Hudds against the Dons although he was another tiring player and not risk Palacious. Pav must play and Defoe will not want to be rested when more goals beckon. West Ham a little unlucky yesterday, a very manful shift from Cole that must have pleased the England manager.

  13. Penalty?!

    He was lucky not to have got a second yellow for diving. Match of the Day showed it and it was a Dive. well done Clattenburg

  14. I luv spurs with all my heart, this is best start we av made since60-61. The mid-field looks really good & at present defoe is the hottest striker in the premiership. Iv been support this spurs since 1967, i wanna slaughter the scum & qualify 4 champions league.

  15. Bitter fucking Spams. We done you again get over it. I’m forever blowing bubbles PMSL. Jermaine Defoe he’s a Yiddo.

  16. why don’t Cole and Defoe play together for England. Cole linked up well with Defoe in yesterday’s game.

  17. Doesn’t people like you make me look forward to picking up 6 points from you guys every season? 8 games without defeat and 4 back to back wins. Well, you could only beat us with we had food poisoning.

  18. lucky? Crickey, in what way? Not after we hit the bar and came from behind to score two goals. Strike force? Ask your manager why he only plays one upfront at home. Doesn’t it say it all?

  19. Call him a muppet if you like, but he is our muppet who will always score against you. Doesn’t he love it, and don’t we too.

  20. How much money did you spend? Maybe you will win that cheap cup again. YOu are a Man united feeder club. You watch your fancy team sold next year when the big guns come nocking. No ambition jut Yidos making a quick buck.Lets face it you are a small club in the shadow of another north London club. I don’t want to mention their name just in case I hurt your feelings.

  21. This shows you are just jealous and this is clouding your reasoning. How can you diss us for spening money, yet equally diss us for always wanting to make a quick buck. It doesn’t make sense.We spent £8m on the two kids, and we have loaned one back to Sheffield United. We bought Crouch for £9m, and Bassong for £8m and also sold Bent for £10-12m depending on which paper you read, though we announced on the Stock Exchange that it was £16m. So we have spent between £11 to £15m net. Not exactly making a quick buck, is it, and not exactly alot of money spent either is it? Yep, we could be Manure’s feeder club like you put it, but aren’t we happy with our own feeder club for giving us Carrick for £3m and we selling him on Manure? Aren’t we happy with our feeder club for giving us Defoe, and Kanoute. Face it, if it wasn’t some of the players we took from you, you would have gone under by now. We made you survive. Just be grateful to us. Can you let me know who we can take off you next, as you seem to be struggling for cash again?

  22. I love me Ford SRI, Me Fags, me local battle cruiser, I know the Richardsons and me other half can fuck off if she thinks I aint going to watch the ammers on Saturday. I dont care its her mums birthday… HERE lies the problem…Simple people, simple lives, no ambition. Work hard in a crap job for crap money all your life, eat & drink yourself into early grave. Like WHU, no ambition, no board, no money, an owner that thinks your a c**t but hey you will still go every week and line his pockets. My mates were happy when you were demoted, you had new grounds to visit.

  23. Not the best ever game but a great example of the two london town teams that play REAL football. Bad luck spammers you madeus earn it, ignoresome of the childish tossers comments, course we hate your guts but admire your play, remember screw the gooners..COYS

  24. Now now boys, aren’t you forgetting the open top bus ride through the thronging streets of East London in joyous celebration of West Ham finishing 6th a couple of years ago?, what a team eh?. As for Sunday, we played OK but really need to perform better against bigger clubs if we’re to progress this term, status quo, as we always seem to get three points there dont we?

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