I feel for Arsenal fans today

It’s certainly a tough day for fans of the Arse. The number of them calling for Wenger’s head all over the internet is quite astounding. Panic surrounding the futures of Fabregas, Adebayor and Van Persie is rife and it has turned into yet another trophy-less season for a club that expects a lot more.

Wenger’s methods are possibly outdated in today’s Premiership. Maybe his brand of football and obsession with young boys just doesn’t work anymore. Patrice Evra put it best, claiming last night’s match was “It was 11 men against 11 babies.”

I hold my hands up, the gap between Arsenal and Spurs over the last decade or so has been very hard for us Spurs fans to take but it does appear to be gradually being eroding. With some stability where we are concerned in the summer and with the likely unrest at the Emirates, it could be the season we pose a serious threat to their dominance as the premier north London side and hopefully edge them out of the illusive top 4 like we should have done a few years ago.

While Arsenal fans are in turmoil after last night’s result, I am taking heart from the fact they look very much like a club on the road to nowhere.

78 thoughts on “I feel for Arsenal fans today”

  1. Can U Shut up ?!

    What Did u Do This Season ! or The Pasr Season ! or the season Whick Before the Last ! Or Or Or !

    This is Arsenal ! And it’s very Simple u Can know the Difference between Us And Ur Poor Team .. !

    In Arsenal We Believe ,, In Arsene we Trust

    Fucken Spuds ..

  2. right them off at your peril…if it wasn’t for there end of season collapse last year, they could of won the prem..they still have a very talented squad, and as much as i hate to say it, its us that have gone backwards the last 2 seasons to a far greater extent than our south london chums

  3. I can’t comprehend this pile of bollox. Has it been written by a 9 year old on acid?

  4. Nice to see the sad looks around highbury after just 11 mins last night! it was great to see.

    I actually felt sorry for them in the end. think of that, what greater insult than Spurs fans feeling sorry for the Arsenal. I see looking at the first comment on here that the Arsenal community brain cell is out on loan to someone other than Terek Gawish.

    Can i just sign off with a final glooooaaaat He HE

  5. mmmmm tarek is soundimg a little upset ! Were you one of the droves of glory supporters that follow your team that left the stadium after 70 minutes ? Pathetic supporters you have won nothing since 2005 wheras we have and we made another trip to a final this year losing on penalties to the team that completely humiliated you last night! Get real sunshine you are light years away from another trophy and it will get worse once all your current crop of egos get up and leave in the summer looking for a club that can win something.

  6. Calm down dear….. For your information last year we won the Carling Cup after spanking the arses of a bunch of kids…oh your kids in the semis. You have won nothing for the last four years not because you don’t have talent, because you do. But you don’t have winners, you don’t have Henri’s or Vierras sold Flamini and Gilberto and that is where Arsenne is wrong he doesn’t identify that failing and do something about it instead ignores it. Last night when Man u din’t have the ball they chased you like fuck. At Man u last week when you didn’t have the ball most of your lot jogged around never closing anyone down and when you broke there was little support or threat.
    You had the perfect threat for them in Walcott on Evra yet he never gave him an uncomfortable time whereas Lennon fucking terrifies him.
    You will probably still be a top four team next year because you are more consistent than the likes of Aston Villa, Everton, Man City and West Ham but after the first 8 games you were not more consistent than Spurs but if you want to be top two or top of the tree again you need more recruits the like of Arshavin with experience and fire in the belly to take you there.

  7. no no ! i’m Not In Englang ! i’m Not oNe of The Supporterts Who Left The Emirates after 70 Minutes ! surely i was angry of that !

    I’m From Egypt .. !

    I Think That U “tottenham Supporters” are Speaking More Than Doing !

    waht is that Carling Cup u are speaking about ! this is a trophy that we are palying in it With Our Youths ! somene say that u beat us 5-1 !! & I Can Say That Ur Team Didnt beat us in the EPL Since 11 years Even In Ur Stadium ” White hart pain ” ..

  8. Behave, it’s Europe!

    Spurs have won more European trophies than those South London mugs! Or Chelski for that matter…

  9. I just read the rest of this article, are we really starting the…

    “Next year Top 4, for sure!”


  10. I seriously hope not lets live in the real world and hope that we dont get either misguided fans or players making silly statements again look where that got us for the past two seasons !

  11. What sort of mug watches the team he has supported for eight months or longer get utterly humiliated and then turns to a spurs site for comfort?
    There’s always next year…

  12. We Are the Pride Of London ! and we will Still The Pride of it .. !

    U r The One who Always saying “there’s always next year” ! do u know why ?!

    Because u r wishing to beat us in the EPL ! Because 11 Years are so Much to not beat Ur Rival .. !

    Arsenal the pride of london

  13. I am one of those Spurs fans, believe or not, who want the Gooners to do well. It gives us the impetus to catch up and overtake them. I would hate it if they ever went down because I would miss the league games and rivalry.
    Did feel a bit sorry for them last night!

  14. hehehehe

    Wenger goes to donate some sperm at the local sperm bank. He sees the receptionist and she says. So, Arsene, have you donated before? He says – yes just look on your computer. After looking, she says, oh, ok… but we’ll have to call in a hacker. He asks why. She says: Well, it says here that you’re a useless wanker!

  15. Tarek Tarek Tarek, firstly i respect the fact you are in Egypt and follow English football, fair play to you…

    But surely you have to realise beating Arsenal 5-1 last season means more to most Spurs fans than 11 years of drawing with you, ok the goons have a few results in the mixer, but mainly draws.

    Wenger has to go now, your fans have to see this, the geezer brought 1 decent player in, and thats it, and expects to win the league, FA and Champions League???? No chance! you got about as much chance as Jason Dozell, Pat Van Den Hauwe and Jose Dominguez making full come backs for Spurs this weekend….

    Vooghty the Yid

  16. Road to nowhere?
    Spurs or Arsenal?
    We’re still well above you in the league and to lose in a European semi you have to compete in the competition first…..we lost to a side that is better than us simple as.

  17. yeah I agree.

    Q. “What does a 3 pin plug and Arsenal Football Club have in common?”
    A. “They’re both useless in Europe”

  18. Arsenal have finished 4th and got to the semis of the Champions league. That would be a great season for us( Spurs ). Spurs fans need to show maturity. We have been useless for years. Forget the Carlsberg Cup, or whatever it’s called.
    I look forward to next season, as long as we buy 3 players and no more.

  19. Not knocking their league achievments John, but I think you need to go on some of their blogs and see what they write about us…

    Its all banter, they love it, we love it….

    Next season is the one, I can feel it in my Bone…

  20. Vooghty the Yid

    Thnx for your words 🙂 .. ! and Be Sure That Every Team in the Epl Have a Lot Of fans Here In Egypt or in All The Arabian Countries or In Africa ..

    btw .. there are reports said that there is an Arsenal fan hangs himself in Kenya after the Defeat y-day ..

    wenger sure is responsible for what is happening now for Arsenal ! but also the player are responsible and more than him alot !

    The Players were without Spirit yesterday !

    Unfortunately arsenal left his spirit and fans in highbury ! u can’t realise how we were all angry when we saw the fans leaving the stadium after 70 mins. and when they are silent after 11 minutes only !!!!

    With the Departure of Adebayor , and Coming dzeko the bosnian strkier of Wolfsburg ! and with the signing of the two french players Bassong and matuidi ! we Can do something the next season ! and with the permitting of arshavin to play in the UCL the next season we can be the first team to win in it In london ! sure if Cheslea didn’t win it this month !

    i Hope it to be For my Idol thierry Henry .. !

    excuse me for my poor english .. !



  21. hahaha feel sorry for them, they crap they bottled it an simply not good enough…an 60 000 flags that were never waved

  22. Being that Spurs play in the bounds of Haringey council it is possible that a nine year old is on acid. Another season another season without a cup, mugs.

  23. I was actually looking forward to seeing Henry score the winning goal in Rome against the scum, nevermind. All I can say about that team was summed up when Ronaldo got the third and all their so called fans deserted them. I have never left a game before the final whistle and never will no matter what the score. I just wonder what will happen when they don’t make the top 4 and their stadium is half empty because people wont want to pay the highest ticket prices in the country.

    But personally I couldn’t care less about our neighbors and I am more concerned about Spurs. We should at least be competing for a top 4 spot which we would have done this season if Harry was at Spurs from the start.

  24. oh Tarek baby,what’s the weather like in Luxor today?.I did think that the arse didn’t get the majority of decisions from an atrocious ref last night,other than the sending off and by then the game was over.As a writer has said above do not write the woolwich boy’s off too soon,they still have some good player’s it’s just that man ure were too wily for them last night,as are Chelsea too.Let’s hope we can get to that leval of tenacity next season.COYS!!

  25. Spurs need stability over the coming 2-3 seasons. I think we are the best team outside the top 4 and some of our younger talent will mature. I would like to see Harry buy three top class players, no more. A centre-half, left-midfield and centre forward, however, I think he will also buy a new goalkeeper.
    Confidence comes from winning.

  26. Out of all the london sides this season, who has the most points against other london sides ?

    Tottenham Hotspur FC!


  27. Tarak,
    on the Kenyan Gooner fan hanging himself, what about it, not up for it yourself ???? It was a piss poor performance !!!! Next season will only be worse, saves putting yourself through that pain when Spurs end up above you in the league

  28. do you remember the sniffer dog just after half time?

    “Cat’s Motto: No matter what you’ve done wrong, always try to make it look
    like the dog did it.

  29. All is fair in love and war… The Goons have been so arrogant about their status for far too long, based on their team of a good few years ago now, and i for one have felt they’ve been going backwards ever since. Yes Wenger is a class manager but he inherited Bergkamp and George Graham’s back five which played on well past pensionable age!! Where was the appetite for ‘kids’ then? In fact where were the kids ever in the winning years? Grimandi, Petit, Luzny, Bergkamp, Overmars, Pires etc and even the older journeymen over the years that Wenger has used have been key players for the squad. Possibly old age is kicking in and memory loss has started to take it’s toll!! Why else can he not remember the formular he had without arrogantly thinking he can
    re-invent the modern game to his liking? For me he’s looked like he’s been losing the plot for a good few season now.
    Nice tippy tappy football can be one dimensional and not really that attack minded at all when played soley on the break, the better teams will suss it out in the end and the physical teams will stop you doing it through agression and strength. And when it’s played by post pubescent boys with no plan-B, it will win you squat. Poor old Arsenal, my heart bleeds…

  30. I love the irony of spurs fans taking the mick out of Arsenal for bowing out in a semi final of the Champions League. When your team qualifies for the champions league, come back to me. When you win go a season unbeaten, come back to me. When you have a player of Fabregas and Arshavin’s class, come back to me. When you win 3 prem titles in 10 years, come back to me. When you steal our captain, who then goes on to win the double with you, come back to me. When you win the title on our ground, come back to me. You will never get to see your team play in the semi final of a champions league, simply because you will never get into the champions league. Every year you spend shit loads of money and are no nearer to breaking the top 4. We spend peanuts and cruise it every year. The irony is you wont even be playing in Europe next season. How many points you behind us? FOREVER IN OUR SHADOW!!!!!

  31. To Gooner 4 Life (what an awfull thought…) Forever in your shadow? Possibly not for much longer my old pedigree chum, two 5th places in recent years and once missing out by a single point. If we are in your shadow it’s cos we are coming up nice and closely behind. Times they are a changin’… You mention Arshavin and Fabregas, on player who’s just arrived and played about 5 games and the other who’s about to leave. You’re gonna have to do better than that… i would have them in my team but wouldn’t swap them for Modric and Lennon.
    I just don’t see this mythical gap in ‘quality’ that is supposed to exist between Spurs and Arsenal, in fact there’s nothing in it. Harry has just come in after a bad spell (a bad spell in which WE WON A TROPHY by the way!!) and Wenger has had 15 years…
    If this gap is so huge, why have Spurs stuck NINE goals past this ‘classy’ Arsenal team in the last three games with them? Four of them in your shiny new library too!!
    You spend peanuts and that’s why you win peanuts, and you know it. Forever in your shadow? Go and have a lie down and smell the coffee!!!

  32. I cannot understand this rubbish by Arsenal fans that they played the kids in the Carling Cup last year. Go and look at 14 that played that game and compare it to the team who got knocked out of the champs league. You will find 8 players in that champs league team.

  33. If Arsenal was an English club perhaps we could expect your comments to be in understandable English and not like something out of ello ello.Oh how nice it would be if the dregs that follow Arsenal would attempt to use the language of the country in wich their club is based.However any club that refuses to fly the cross of St George,tells us something I think

  34. So you live in Egypt and you glory seek oops I mean follow Arsenal,Well every time you speak you show us what a cretin you are.Arsenal are a team that seems to attract people like you,do you understand the term plastic.If you do not like being ridiculed[look it up in an English dictionary]meantime stick to selling camels,something you may know more about.Leave the football to intelligent people

  35. What would you know about London or pride, you live in Egypt and you support?,follow?,once heard of Arsenal on some late night TV show?.Go away and play foosebol with a camel turd.Arsenal are the team the lonely people,the sad people the trainspotting anoraks claim to support.Another trophyless season to be endured at the Emirates deathstar with darth wenger and his forces of evil licking their wounds and contacting their agents with crys of get me a team ,any team any place anywhere but dont tell darth wenger.

  36. swindon town 1969,who was first team to win the double, who was first Britsh club to win a European trophy,who was first club to win FA cup in consecutive years who in north london has won more in Europe than you,is your name really Tarek Gawish,would you like a hanky.

  37. @Lillywhite – When is the last time you beat us in the league? Over a decade ago, there is no rivalry between the two teams anymore. After spending millions last summer you are set to finish mid-table…thats embarassing. Every year you say you will break the top 4 and you never do. You think you are closing the gap on us? We finished around 20 points clear of you last season and are 21 clear of you now with three games to play. Is that closing the gap??? lol. As I said my old china come back when you actually qualify for a champions league. You are the biggest underachievers in the league and you know it. You have spent 3/4 of this season fighting a relegation battle, closing the gap? Jog on. How is Bentley doing?? lol lol FOREVER IN OUR SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Do you think they would feel sorry for us if we had got relegated this year?!?

    Me thinks not. I respect Wenger but some of their fans are a joke to be quite honest!

    Their young team made the semi finals of a big competition like that and they leave when the going gets tough!

  39. ugly manager,ugly history ugly scenes of gooners sitting on their flags last night.Maybe they thought they would look like bellends waving sad cheap flags for a sad cheap team who were made to look really average last night.Still gave me good laugh and this morning all the gooners at work didnt have a lot to say wich is unusual ,normally they are full of crap.Wenger was as always talking about anything but what actually took place.

  40. the only reason whisky face talks to whinger is that he no longer see’s the scum as a threat.

  41. The silly goons forget that it was only the combination of a couple of years of
    Commoli-Sabotage & tactical mistakes by Ramos even though he was undermind by
    Commoli-the-Clown that cost us this season.

    Believe me if it wasn’t for that we’d be in the top-4…

    Spurs the genuine North London Club with genuine fans…
    Roll on next season…





  44. I cant fuckin wait to play them two bob bits next season. How long can a club have up and coming kids..?? They keep getting younger!! If you ask me i think Arsene just wants to fulfill his personal dream of having a team of 5 year olds!! COYS

  45. Gooners can always talk about their league achievements and only that. Talking like they are winning the premier league this season.. or the FA cup.. or wait? Carling cup? Heck i dont know why people support arsenal when they are so boring really. RVP wants to leave because he can see the team “ARSENAL” Does not have any ambitions besides sitting on the 4th spot every season. Fabregas would surely leave now hah! Arshavin made a mistake going there, he should have waited for Barca. I was smiling when they were trashed by Man Utd, for one thing i really hate Manure and with arsenal playing like that, they are better off not playing champs league. Its such a waste really, Spurs, Villa, Everton deserve it more and im sure once they get it they will do their best. Its all talk but just wait next season unless Harry makes a mistake and sell 3/4 of the squad and buy a new squad which will forever see us in a relegation battle next season.

  46. gooner4life when was the last time you beat spurs – here’s a clue it wasn’t the 5 – 1 and it definitely weren’t the fixture at your ground this season when you led 4 – 2 with one minute left. Btw when did you last win something? Almunia for England? What a joke you are, I’d rather be tenth with English players at an English club than win the european cup with a totally foreign team, foreign manager in a foreign stadium, with a foreign name of your club – btw where is that town called arsenal? – where the players all talk in French in the dressing room. I think you will find your in are shadow for that very reason.

  47. @The Bill Nicholson – How many points are we above you? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN

  48. I’d just like to add that I’m gay btw. At the moment I have a dildo embedded in my arse whilst singing ‘wengers girlfriend is only four’.

  49. Is Tarek and Gooner4life the same person or can there really be two complete morons thinking on the same wavelength,imagine going through life with an iq of 6 even Pat Rice can tie his shoes and is toilet trained.You could,nt make it up.I bet Tarek wears ar5enal pyjamas with a gooner lunchbox,sad twat

  50. So gooner4life now tells us he,s a marmite driller,what a surprise.Now you know why you should never have a gooner for a neighbour,imagine coming home and finding your family pet dog has been scuttled by this tripehound.European law should ban Arsenal on the grounds of public safety.I always said gooners were dodgy geezers


  52. Im sick of reading or this crap about ur tea cup of a trophy that u won put it this way r locker room is worth more that ur tropy cabienet

  53. im a gay tottenham fan i think we should all b and were always stan ding up bcoz were chanting and watching ene=tertaineing footy

  54. Does Anyone know Does Anyone know how to buy loan players or aniynthg like that?? im actually trying to buy Andy Carroll cuz i need FW? any idea Was this answer helpful?

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