Hull, Stoke and Bolton – The Desperation Stakes

Putting Wisla Krakow in the title took its catchy feel away but I’m also taking that game into consideration! If our slender 2-1 lead proves not to be enough and we crash out of the UEFA Cup on Thursday night, will Levy call time on the Ramos reign?

I personally think the board will give Ramos more time. If we still have two points come 5pm on the 25th October, I’d say that will certainly be his lot. In fact, I’d say he will need to get 6 points from Hull at home, Stoke away, and then Bolton at home to save himself from the axe. The problem for me is I can’t see any evidence in Tottenham’s last few games to make me think they can beat any of those 3 sides.

My other problem is Spurs then go to the Emirates, play Liverpool at the Lane and then have to travel to Manchester City!

A lot of neutrals are saying that sacking Ramos would be typical of Spurs usual knee-jerk reaction and won’t do us any favours. That is an opinion I take on board but the facts are simple. Spurs have won just three league games since the Carling Cup win last February. This from a side that are supposedly close to breaking into the top 4? At the moment I’d be happy to get out the bottom 4.

Now that The Sun and friends are using various versions of the pressures on Ramos as their lead football stories, his days look numbered.

I was going to say six months ago but even as recently as August, I don’t think anyone could have predicted the survival of Juande Ramos’ Tottenham career would come down to games against Hull, Stoke and Bolton, but that certainly looks to be the case now.

6 thoughts on “Hull, Stoke and Bolton – The Desperation Stakes”

  1. This from a side that are supposedly close to breaking into the top 4? This from a side that had *THE* best strike force in the Premiership last season, bar none. If you want someone to blame for our current predicament, I would blame whomever is responsible for the lack of a quality replacement in the close season, and for me that lands squarely at the feet of Comolli. Frankly I think we need to go back to the days of the manager ruling over the signings – he knows what he wants from his team, hence he should be able to choose signings. That doesn’t seem to be the case right now. Sacking the manager would be pointless, because no-one coming in right now could do a much better job with what’s there right now.

  2. FFS ! You cant blame the whole problem on strikers missing from last season ! The standard has been abysmal since the Carling and the two turncoats were around then ! It was Ramos decision to make wholesale changes to the sqaud asisde from the strikers and that is what he has done as he stated clearly the sqaud is stronger in areas weaker in others the weker meaning the strike force so tell me why we cant even string a pass together play at a pace that wouldnt catch a snail out are dull with no creativity after adding a shed load of supposed attacking m/f players ? poor tactics poor coaching and no ideas dreadful

  3. But to be fair, we weren’t great last season either, or the 2 seasons before that. Our biggest thing was being able to score 3 when we conceded 2 (which lets face it, was pretty often!). You’re totally right, it’s not the sole reason – the team seems rotten to the core right now, but I don’t really see that as being completely down to the manager. There is a feeling of apathy and uselessness about the team right now. We have the fitness levels to play 90 minutes+, but seemingly not the determination to go out there and succeed. Until the atmosphere changes around the team, I don’t see any number of new managers improving things, and indeed, a new manager would just throw more instability into the mix.

  4. Commoli definitely needs to fuck off

    if it’s plain for a layman as myself to see spurs are crying out for a top centre half (because King obviously will never be fully fit ever again – Kompany would have done), a defensive ball winning midfielder and a left winger, why cant this cunt?


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