Hope for Huntelaar

Being a Spurs fan is amazing. I probably get more excited in the run up to the season than I do once the actual games get underway.

I have come to realise most of the copy I read where transfers are concerned is complete fiction but some of it still gives me a buzz….unless it’s regarding Dean Ashton and £15m from the THFC coffers.

Apart from our ‘bid’ for Dean Ashton, there have been a few little squeaks about Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.

This is another player along with David Villa in the out of our reach zone but some of the noises I’ve been hearing make me think he’s a possibility.

Like Villa, he’s been linked with all the big boys but also like Villa, nothing has progressed.

The Hunter, as he is known, would cost in the region of £17m and would be a better proposition as far as I am concerned than Arshavin or Pavlyuchenko. (not mentioning Dean Ashton again!)

Huntelaar has refused to extend the two years currently left on his contract with Ajax, due to them wanting to include a £20m+ buy out clause and a move to the Premier League is believed to be his preferred option.

He was strongly linked with Manchester Utd last month but they seemed to turn their attentions to Berbatov. Arsenal were also mentioned but I’m not sure they would splash that much cash and his wages would probably be a stumbling block for them as well.

If we are serious about breaking the top four this season, we need a striker of this calibre, we need a Hunter!

15 thoughts on “Hope for Huntelaar”

  1. having bought a bentley was hoping it would be to go with our other top class sleek performers or may be to see them sold on & to be replaced by newer younger models? but it looks as though levy is shopping with arthur daley and looking for some sort of east end larda(rs)??

  2. you and all the websites the papers everyone is talking CRAP

    MAN U Target is Huntelaar always has been and not Berbatov hence why Fergie says spurs will be embarassed as it will come out that man u have always wanted huntelaar this summer… unless berba goes to Barca he WILL be a spurs player next season…

    It will all come out in the wash in the next few weeks mark my words Huntelaar will be a MAN U player and man u will turn around and see egg on levy and co faces….

  3. so Huntelaar was Fergie’s target all summer, not Berba??Sound very sure of yorslef, another ITK I assume. Stange then that Spurs recieved a formal 20 mil bid from the ManU for Berba. I guess Fergie better have a word with Gill about spending their cash……

  4. makes you laugh to see comments like the egg on levy’s face and the we will be getting huntelaar lol nothing to do with the fact that levy as simply put red nosed fergie on his back side and in fergies slured speech has said “oh we never wanted berba we only wanted huntelaar” tosser next time you go looking for a fight fergie try some one that wont take the piss out of you you red nosed twat

  5. Yes i’m sure all Spurs fans would be embarassed if Berbatov stays at Spurs and Man Utd end up with Huntelaar. Considering Berbatov is the better player, and proven in the Premier League. Idiot.

  6. I’m really confused about this transfer window for Spurs. I’ve been hearing about so many strikers being ‘linked’ to the club but I havent seen anything come out of it…YET. One thing though, I’m certainly not worried about Tottenham’s upcoming season. We’re in the deadliest form I’ve seen in the last decade (my opinion) and I believe that the Premiership will have their hands full this time around (Fergie and MAN U included!!!)

  7. Good Article as I have also wondered why there have not been more rumours regarding Huntelaar. Not sure about the Aresenal wage comment though as they def could afford him and are known for paying more than Spurs which is one reason why the gooners are so skint.The refusal over the buy out clause also does suggest he wants to play elsewhere at some stage

  8. Funny stuff. Im neutral on the situation and searched Newsnow for Huntelaar and this came up. From my point of view Manchester has acted very poorly in the Berbatov situation and the Tottenham chairman Levy was right to show everyone that Ferguson is nothing more than a tyrant. he did the same thing to Ajax for Van Nistelrooij and now is doing it to Tottenham for Berbatov. I saw Berbatov play last year and he was fantastic and would be a good player for Manchester or any team. Huntelaar is good at scoring goals and better than Berbatov at that but he is not as good player with skill and keeping the ball like Van Nistelrooij was. Please Tottenham sell Berbatov so we keep Huntelaar 🙂

  9. I personally cannot see the likes of Huntelaar or Villa coming as we’re not in da CL but PLEASE don’t let us sign Ashton, i hope 2 god it’s just crazy paper talk. He would easily b the WORST signing we’ve ever made!!!!

  10. Huntelaar Please… At Man U Berbatov would be a small fish in a large pond. At Spurs he was top man. The older player misses out on the games at Man U as would Berbatov.
    Now if we want goals Huntelaar is the man. If Berbatov goes to Man U within 2yrs he will end up at Fulham or Sunderland. I would want a goal soccer not a spoilt child,bye bye Berbatov.

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