Hey, Newcastle, leave our Gus alone!

Gus Poyet was cut from 20/1 to 6/4 to become the next Newcastle United manager yesterday on the back of the rumours concerning Kevin Keegan having left the club.

The consensus today is that Keegan hasn’t gone anywhere yet but it doesn’t look like he’ll be sticking around for long.

We had this a while back when Gus was linked with Manchester Utd when they lost their assistant Carlos Queiroz to the Portuguese national side.

I realise the top job at the Toon would require some thought on Poyet’s part but then again, the way that club is run, even Dennis Wise in his ear might not be enough to convince him.

The No.2 job at Utd would have surely been just as attractive so I would hope if Gus didn’t take that job, he won’t be going to St James’ where he would likely just end up as Ashley and Co’s puppet.

There are a lot of if’s and but’s so I’m not going to get too concerned yet but Gus Poyet is a huge part of our club and for me, just as important as Ramos is going to be to our future. I hope Levy has the good sense to nip this situation in the bud before it gathers any momentum.

7 thoughts on “Hey, Newcastle, leave our Gus alone!”

  1. Why the f–k would we want Poyet when we already have a manager. Anyway your club isn’t run much better as your start to the season suggests.Northern monkeys typical thick cockney remark.

  2. Come on now, lets not fight, Newcastle and us have much in common. They never win anything and we hardly ever win anything.
    Plus they have been a very good feeder club for Spurs over the years!

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