“He deserves it” Pochettino defends Chairman Daniel Levy’s Pay

Tottenham manager, Mauricio Pochettino has come out of his way to say that his club chairman Daniel Levy deserved way more than the £6 million pay he was getting last year.

Levy’s payments, was as a result of his Salary and add-ons performances combined, which was revealed by the
Tottenham boards when annual accounts were released. He was said to be paid more than every other Tottenham player including superstar Harry Kane, but Pochettino claims he deserves the pay cut with the “fantastic job” he has done for the Spurs.

“I think if [the sum] is true, well done,” Pochettino said in the pre-match conference for Stoke City game via Guardian. “My feeling is he deserves it because he is working so hard for the club. He’s doing a fantastic job for 16, 17 years.”

The North London are reported be trying hard to agree contracts extensions with stars Toby Alderweireld and Mousa Dembele. Pochettino was asked if the Chairman’s pay could cause some discontent among the players, he said: “I think it’s not an issue. It’s not a problem for the players or for us. I think it is a question that maybe we talk too much about.

“I am happy with my salary. I’m not comparing my salary with any others. If I am happy I sign my contract and then I cannot complain because no one puts a gun against my head. OK, we are doing a fantastic job but when we sign a contract it was to deliver a fantastic job.”

Meanwhile, talking about contracts extensions, the Spurs explained why Toby Alderweireld has not been getting some game time with the team.

Pochettino said: “I don’t care about the personal situations with the club. If they show me they deserve to play, they are going to play. It is not about personal feelings or emotions. It is about providing the team with the best tools to win,” Pochettino told reporters.

“I cannot consider if they have a one-year contract, six months or 10 years. When (Moussa) Sissoko arrived and he was a record signing, if he was not the best, he did not play. When Dele Alli arrived with Sonny (Son Heung-min) for the £22m we paid Bayer Leverkusen, who played? Dele Alli – the whole season.

“My decision is always about football. It is not personal and not because of a contract problem. I don’t care about that. Always my decision is about what is best for the team and the best for the club.”

The Belgium international has already been linked with a move away from the White Hart Lane, with Premier League Rivals Arsenal and Manchester United interested in the Belgian and Big spender Paris Saint-Germain sparking an interest. Despite all rumors several football predictions experts can’t see Alderweireld leaving London.

6 thoughts on ““He deserves it” Pochettino defends Chairman Daniel Levy’s Pay”

  1. Let’s get real here instead of every inch of media condemning Levy for his salary. What company do you know of in which the Chairman gets paid less than the staff? ………….(‘none’ is the answer).

  2. This article wasn’t something that had to be rushed out like a post match report. Therefore a bit of proofreading might have improved it: there are several words missing here and there and in the second paragraph levy’s referred to pay ‘cut’ should read rise or increase. There’s no excuse for sloppiness.

  3. Levy has delivered a training centre that is the envy of almost everybody in Europe, a new stadium that will be spectacular, and a stability off the field that has led to stability on it.
    On the assumption that the reports are correct (and they probably aren’t) Levy earns his money.

  4. 17 years one league cup and an overpriced stadium which the FANS will pay for, if I was Joe Lewis the multibillionaire who paid £30m for a club and then you get Levi who is making the deluded supporters pay for the development of THEIR(levi&lewis) club, I’d give him a pay rise.
    But as a supporter, loosers shouldn’t be rewarded.
    When these cunts took over Tottenham, they took spurs off the stock market so they could INVEST in the club, they invested fuck all!
    Give it 2-3 seasons these cunts are going to sell the club for a billion pound profit to some American hedge fund.
    But most deluded cunts will be happy with just having better stadium than arsenal, being in the top 4, selling players on for a profit and maybe a cup win every 10 years.
    Wake the fuck up!

  5. Daniel Levy has devoted a huge chunk of his life to Spurs and is doing a magnificent job, including delivering wonderful training facilities, a superb new stadium and handling all the transfer and wage negotiations. I say he’s worth every penny!

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