Harry claims quality is aim, let’s hope so

Some of the recent rumoured transfer targets for Spurs have actually scared me. Jones, Downing and the final straw for me this morning, Duff.

Harry Redknapp has been quoted as saying he only wants to bring in 3 top class players in the summer. If those are the 3 he considers to be top class, we are in serious bother!

He said: “We need three players of the highest quality who can come in and make a difference.

“We have a lot of good players here, and maybe we can move on one or two to give us the money to get a few in.”

Pavlychenko, Bent and Bentley among those moving on? I can’t see us making anything other than a big loss on all 3 but Harry is a past master at making his money stretch. The Kenwyne offer makes me think his lost that talent now.

Names I do like the sound of include Gareth Barry and Joe Cole but they are players that I just don’t see fancying a move to a club not competing in the Champions League.

The Kenwyne Jones deal was apparently blocked in January and I’m praying daily that we don’t got back with an improved offer. The £20m was £19.9m too much as it was.

In other news, a mate of mine just saw Ledley King stumbling around Mandalay Bay, let’s hope he’s having a good time and is back nice and refreshed for the new season!

15 thoughts on “Harry claims quality is aim, let’s hope so”

  1. Two or three established pros who can make the group better as a whole will be fantastic.
    People should start realizing the amount of talent that will be coming through from our academy. Harry may well have an eye on them.

  2. No point commenting on pure speculation. Don’t slate Harry till you see any of the above standing next to him in a spurs shirt

  3. Crazy time – is it not. Agents trying to make some money. Only huy I think Harry might go for is Joe Cole.

  4. I think the players will be coming from overseas. when i heard one of his interviews he said we’ll be looking to bring some players over, and he’s been in Italy a few times already so i’m guessing they wont be from the premier league. Or at least i hope not, with the players we are linked. Would like to see Barry at WHL though. isn’t he supposed to be a spurs fan?

  5. I’d love to see Joe Cole at Tottenham although I very much doubt he will leave a club challenging for domestic and CL honours every season to join Tottenham. Especially when you consider he is a regular when fit it’s not like he isn’t playing and is unhappy.

  6. Why are we made to suffer all these crapp players being linked with spurs Our kids would be better than the rubbish we are being touted with sombody tell harry he is not at a small club .The players we bought where good enough to get us into the top four .And we finished like we should have started now we will be in the same boat hoping new players bed in .Leave our team alone and show us spurs fans that a good coach can get the best out of bent pav hudds bale bentley .because cisa richards jones taylor and the rest of the shite are not has good .They are queing for huddlestone and saying he is the best passer in england so why are we flogging him TERRIBLE MISTAKES ARE GOING TO BE MADE BY HASTE HARRY

  7. I think Cisse is the worst rumour going around, why the fcuck would we sign another Darren Bent…

  8. Is it true that we are getting Lorik Cana from Marseille ?
    He’s Albanian,
    one of the best Defensive-Midfielders in Europe !!!

  9. Why do we need another defensive midfielder? Zokora/Corluka can fill in for Wilson when he’s suspended. We need a super ball playing midfielder, who can score and put his foot in. Marek Hamsik springs to mind- why don’t we go for these talented continental players- sell the likes of Bentley, Bent, some of the fringe players etc

    We shouldn’t be going for these shitty players we’ve been linked with recently. And what about GIO?!!

  10. it’s pretty simple why you don’t go for talented continental types, they don’t want to come.

    And who can blame them, after the abolishment of the inter toto cup you lot are fucked for europe.

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