Hands off Modric red cheeks

As much as I’ve been enjoying myself since ten to five on Sunday, I’ve managed to find something to take the shine off ever so slightly. I saw a worrying quote in the press yesterday from Harry Redknapp regarding our little legend Luka Modric. I’m sure you all read it but it was the bit about Sir Alex that got me thinking. Harry said ‘Sir Alex Ferguson told me he could play in any team because he’s so good’. As much as I love the accolades coming Luka’s way, when Sir Alex is involved, I start to panic.

Our tremendous start to the Premier League season has been a team effort but Luka Modric has been key in that. The thought of Manchester United stealing him away in January, or at the end of the season, fills me with dread. This is the Manchester Utd manager’s style. Plant the seed in the player’s head and that of his agent, then just sit back and wait to pounce although I realise it was Harry’s fault this time!

We are already accused of being a feeder club for Utd by many of our rivals, another of our star players joining Berbatov and Carrick really would be the final nail in the coffin. Let’s hope our winning habit continues for the foreseeable future and we can tell any potential suitors to get well and truly stuffed.

Last night’s win was special. I know it was only a poor Hull side who’s manager is starting to come across as a complete mental but it was the same Hull that nearly held Chelsea at the weekend. To go to any Premiership side and score five is truly impressive. It’s important to keep our feet on the ground but at the same time enjoy it. It’s not often Spurs start the season in such impeccable fashion.

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  1. We are int he best position for years, and Modric is a big part of that. If he is sold Harry might as well pack his bags as well. We need to strengthen our defence NOT sell one of our star players. Lennon, Modders and Paly would be welcomed in any Champ League side. Sell Corluka and get a GOOD CB we can rely on.

  2. This is the second time Harry has mentioned Fergie’s admiration of Modric. Why unsettle your own player? He is full of confidence anyway I can’t see the point of this.

  3. Sell corluka, are you mental. He is the best Right back we have had in ages. No-one gets past him and he is solid going forward too. Not to mention he is versetile enought to play CB too!

    Sorry pal if anyone should be sold it should be Chimbonda and Jenas. Both proving to be non starters this season and Surplus to requirements.

  4. Does not worry me in the slightest. United have lost their trump card and are on the decline. I would be more worried about City who could afford the £40milllion+ that would be enough to take him away.

    Remember we paid £22million for him so we won’t sell him, unless they stumped up with near twice the amount we’ll have no problems.

  5. Sell Chimbo, Jenas & Bentley.
    Buy another combative midfielder (Veloso?) and then let’s get our heads down and rack up the points.
    If ever there was an advert for the benefits of squad stability it has surely got to be this season start.
    Minimal change, Crouchy is “coming home” anyway, and a chance for last Christmas’s signings to really bed in & to get a solid pre-season under their belts.
    I’m also delighted to see the likes of Hudd getting another chance and am really excited about some of the kids on the fringes of the squad, especially Livermore and Bostock.

  6. Im with G on Corluka, did Mark not see him boss Babel from start to finish on Sunday? He might not be a brilliant CB but he is a first class right back. He isnt as quick as Hutton, in fact he isnt quick at all but he has decent positional sense, is good in the air and never dives in.

  7. Mark

    Agree with the early comments. However your comments regarding Corluka are laughable. He’s been a revelation at right back. Great defencively, calm on the ball, good feet and a good footballing mind to boot. Selling him would be completely counter productive!!

    When woodgate and dawson are back we wont require another ”GOOD CB”. In the mean time i think Corluka’s doing a fairly good job playing out of position.

    Try offering your team some support!

  8. “Sell Corluka and get a GOOD CB we can rely on.” I have to agree with G on this one… you must be mental… Corluka is class and in any case, he is Modrics best mate so as long as he is here then the less chance Modric has of becoming unsettled. Also, another CB… please tell me that was a joke… we have King, Woodgate, Dawson, Bassong and Corluka, Hudd and Chimbonda as emergency cover, once daws and woodgate come back from injuries we have plenty of competition there, so crying out for another CB makes you look like abit of an idiot… We could do with a partner for palacios and/or a left winger (I would say one or the other and not both), but we don’t necessarily need them as hudd is looking good, jenas splits opinion but he isnt as bad as people like to make out and obviously Modric has made that role on the left his own… COYS

  9. Sell Corluka!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If ever there was a player that typifies a traditional Spurs player he and Modric are them.You must be a gooner TWAT!!!

  10. Anonymous is spot on, although I dont think we need to buy anyone right now we have plenty of cover, and maybe now Palacious is in the side we will stop worrying that Huddlestone is not the player we all think he should be and let him be the player he is, he and Palacios look like a seriously good combo right now.

  11. Omg y sell corluka he’s brilliant he’s only covering CB, he’s naturaly a RB be he’s special bcoz he’s the type of defender that goes forwards with the ball and gets back well…

    Cmon yuu spurs 1st in table glory days could be here!!!!!!

  12. If you stop and think about it, we have adequate cover in all areas apart from Midfield. I have not seen anything from Bently to make me think he will make it at Spurs, so we have no real cover for Lennon. I like Jenas, and he could cover central midfield with Ohara cover on the left, so its just a decent RIGHT winger / central midfielder for me. Overall we have 2 players for every other posistion. They can’t all be world beaters or they won’t sit on the bench when required, so let’s be realistic. We are just about there, with a maximum of 1 midfieled required to ensure quality cover in all areas.

  13. I think its a little harsh to say that Bentley is not even fit to cover for Lennon! Something about him was worse splashing £15m on and who knows in a confident team he might come to life. Your first statement is correct – we dont need anyone.



  15. Just sit back and enjoy your team playing good football, wich is why i allways been a SPURS supporter almost 50 years.I remember back in 1966, september it was,my brother who is a fanatic gooner took me to Highbury to watch Arsenal play SPURS.I had been in England since february that year. He came to these shores in 1960 Anyway to cut a long story short we lost the game 4 nil.TOwards the end he turned round and said to me,this is the team you should be supporting.I will not repeat what i said to him about his team, but i will let you guess.

  16. This is one reason why I cannot stand Manure or whisky nose!!!! I realise that Harry has mentioned this, but really believe that the media that are up fergies a*se, bring out any old quotes when they feel it will benefit him and his c*ap side!! This way he has his own little brigade of “scouts” and he doesn’t have to get involved, or so it looks.
    Then in january he can just click his fingers and hey presto, we lose our man again, and no-one says a blo*dy word!!!!!
    Boy oh boy do I hate that team and manager!!!!
    Have to say though that me and my little boy have met Modric a few times now and he seems really happy at out great club!!!and he’s a top bloke!

  17. corluka right back!, bassong,(woodgate) king,(dawson(, Bea.left back….our back four!!
    who would change this is forgetting the best defence stats last year for 70 years!!
    excuse me??
    modric is happy and could get us into champions league….
    no way levy or redknapp staff etc will do all the work then allow us to dismantle ….we cant afford it ……new stadium etc….

  18. Sorry mate you are talking complete and utter rubbish, firstly as good as he is Tottenham would not get any where near to £40m for Luka Modric, and he didn’t cost Spurs £22m he cost us £16.6m

    You obviously play to much football manager 2009 !!!

  19. 2 games in and i aint got nothing to moan about ,so used to whingeing about are side i don`t know what to do now ,i hope this continues it feels good to support spurs now & the future is looking better ,have any of you seen our youngsters we have serious up coming talent & i do admire redknapp for the way he brings young players into the fray,it`s as if they`re his own kids ,nurtures them well,sell jenas we look better with out him ,keep bentley because if crouch plays bentley is the best crosser we got ,never seen crouch create his own goals ,not like the main man defoe ,mustard,give the captains armband to palacios ,keane will be out the team soon when he has a bad run which he does every time too often

  20. Forget utd fegie doesent discuss players with other managers he tells is pressmen fergie has no money .Hence the micheal owen purchase its the arabs and that bent lipped just for men advert hughs that we need to worry about sheksey city. and there oil money,Just one thing spurs dont need to depend on mods he never created one goal against hull and only one assist v pool.Yes he is a great player but not yet world class he somtimes overplays the ball and loses it and doesent score enough goals yet to realy make us need him in the side the main men at the moment are hudds defoe keane king palacios lennon bassong these are the players on top of there game at the moment .The startling truth is when big tom doesent play we dont create many goal chances even when mods is in the middle fact .thats why i would play hudds at the back with CORLUKA HUDDLESTONE BASSONG EKOTTO AND MIDFIELD LENNON PALACIOS MODDS KEANO CROUCH DEFOE AND REST KING.T his will give crouch time on the pitch and wont meen dropping keane and then pav can come on and score.Dont worry about moderic leaving we have some exciting youngsters waiting to pounce bostock will be a sensation and mason plus a few others .Lets bask in the glory glory times and leave fergie to worry about winning .The futureS yellow white and blue the futures our team and youth to come .OH and we have the strongest squad in the prem one last thought this front midfield and frotn strike force would trouble any team lennon palacios huddlestone keane crouch defoe .

  21. I cant believe that anyone would consider selling Corluka. Hes pure class and i believe the best right back in the country…But the quality the modric is showing while the transfer window is still open, is a worry. My mates a west ham fan, so im looking forward to sunday. COME ON YOU SPURS!!

  22. A strong settled line up is what Spurs have needed for years, now we’ve got it,

    Corluka, King, Woodgate, BAE
    Lennon, Huddlestone, Palcios, Modric
    Keane, Defoe

    don’t sell anyone. Cover for Modric & Palcios are the only vacancies worth considering. Well done Harry all the best for what should be one hell of a season.


  23. Mark mark mark. do us all a favour right. Go and learn something about football for one because the only way anybody could say sell corluka is if they were an idiot, or blind and so on…….

    And with regards to Fergie, gonna love it when he goes and doesnt mentally muck up the heads of footballers playing for other threatening teams. Fergie is a great manager and all that but take away people like scholes, giggs neville and he wouldnt even be at man utd still.

    Oh and Rafa Benitez, silly sod. plz give us 2 pens ref so we dont get beaten by the better team plzzzzz!!!! lol

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