George Graham Should Stick to the Horses

Former Tottenham and Arsenal boss George Graham is apparently a huge horse racing fan and perhaps he should stick to trying to predict the finishing order of the 2013 Kentucky Derby horses rather than voicing his unwanted opinion on Spurs in the press as he has been recently. Graham believes that both Chelsea and Arsenal will finish above Tottenham this season, meaning that we will once again miss out on Champions League football by the narrowest of margins.

“Tottenham will be the ones to lose out.

“They have a difficult run-in and they have played a game more than the others.

“But I want to stress that it would be anything but a disaster for them to make it a poor season. In fact, I would say the opposite.

“He (Villas-Boas) has been assembling a squad and has done well to be in such a high position in the league and still be involved in the Europa League.

“He can build on that. And I hope he can keep Gareth Bale – for the club’s sake and the player’s sake.

“It is unfair on Bale to compare him to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He would really benefit from another season in England.”

Although Graham isnโ€™t completely negative about the club, he has always had a problem with Tottenham since his sacking back in March 2001. While some of what he says is true, Spurs have been improving throughout the campaign. A couple of bad results does not mean that our season is over and Iโ€™d be fairly confident that Graham was singing a different tune a few weeks ago. I truly believe it could well go down to the wire and with Spurs having Sunderland at home on the final day of the season, Iโ€™d say that would put AVBโ€™s men in the driving seat. There is still a lot of football to be played before May 19th and many twists and turns still to come.

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6 thoughts on “George Graham Should Stick to the Horses”

  1. I’m sure you would be singing a different tune if he said Spurs were the best thing since sliced bread!! ๐Ÿ™„

  2. in fairness I think he was just being honest. If you look at the fixtures as a neutral it does look like Spurs will fall short again. I think it will be very close but Spurs have a tired looking team (lack of roation), have Europa interests, have a very tough run in and are somewhat out of form. Graham simply thinks that all these factors will contribute to them finishing 5th – an opinion backed up by most bookies.

  3. Considering how topsy turvey Chelsea and Man City have been all season I don’t know why anyone can assume that either of them will finish in the top 4. Fergie would love it if United helped knock them out of a European spot.

  4. He’s an after judge

    Not many people would have picked Spurs to lose to Fulham but apparently they also think Chelsea and Arsenal will not drop points

  5. The truth hurts. Spurs are feeling the pressure.
    As an ex player and manager,I am of the opinion he can make his comments on any topic.
    On the subject of refs ,the FA old farts have mad Halsey for their refusal to take retrospective action.This is just passing the buck.In truthe the Wigan player shd have been banned for as long as the NU player is unable to resume playing and the club docked five points.Then and only then will we see such tackles disappear.

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