Gary Mabbutt – A True Legend

Gary Mabbutt
Gary Mabbutt
Gary Mabbutt is my favourite Spurs player of all time. His work ethic and consistency was second to none during his playing years as was the example he set as club captain.

By chance I stumbled across this article about the role he has played in South Africa’s successful bid to host the 2010 World Cup. 2010’s Unlikely Star

By all accounts he was key in South Africa’s achievement. He is married to a South African but the place was in his heart since pre-season tour to Swaziland in 1984.

Ronaldo has been the talk of the town in recent days with his world record move to Real Madrid. The word legend has been banded about where he is concerned but I can’t see him ever being allowed to use the term The Arch to describe Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

“I was sat in the front row of the hall at Fifa’s HQ with the rest of the bid team,” he says. “When the result was announced we leapt up and ran onto the stage.

“The first person I came to was the Arch and we gave each other a big hug.”

The Arch?

“Sorry, Archbishop Desmond Tutu,” he laughs. “A few years earlier I’d asked him what I should call him a few years earlier and he just said ‘call me the Arch’.”

I hope Mabbutt gets the recognition he deserves and that we will be calling him Sir Gary Mabbutt before too long.

6 thoughts on “Gary Mabbutt – A True Legend”

  1. Really interesting article, and yes an absolute ledgend. The qualities that he brought to the game sadly are the ones that are lacking in today’s so called professionals. Mr levy please spend some cash on a cloning program.

  2. yes lets clone mabutts feet ,villa,s legs,chivers chest and hoddles hair…..
    awesome player for spurs i believe…..all donations to project superspur


    DR FeeLgood
    2 harley street w1

  3. Super Mabs is my all time favourite Spurs player as well – a real gentleman, a great player and a true legend

  4. For the vast majority of players who represent our great club, past and present, it is agreat honour. Every once in a a very long while a player comes a long for whom the club is hououred that he chose the white shirt of Tottenham, Gary Mabbutt is one of that select band of men. Thanks for all you did for our great club and all that you continue to do Gary, you are indeed a Tottenham legend in the truest sense of the word.

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