Gallas and Arsenal the biggest joke of all

Let’s cast our minds back a month or so. Spurs were bottom of the league, some way adrift, and didn’t look like winning another game anytime soon. Arsenal fans were having a field day and came up with a number of Tottenham jokes that just kept on coming. It’s gone all quite on that front since Harry arrived at the Lane and over the last few days the boot is well and truly on the other foot.

I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, I’ve always thought Gallas was an awful captain for them. His attitude is terrible. He’s a quality defender on his day but not a player that can lead Arsenal single handed or be the type of person the younger players can look up to and depend on.

The problem Arsenal face now is they don’t have any other leaders in that squad. Anyone Wenger appoints as captain from his current crop just won’t be up to the job. Fabregas is the only possibility but he’s struggling as it is this season without the added pressure of trying to lead a team full of overpaid moaners that are yet to win any trophies to back up their arrogance.

At Tottenham we still have a few issues to iron out. A goalkeeper that can hold the ball would be useful. What we do have though, are 3 or 4 players that are capable of being a club captain. I find it amazing Wenger didn’t address the lack of leadership in his squad after the way they capitulated last season. His first mistake was making Gallas captain, his 2nd was letting him keep it after his tantrum at Birmingham.

It didn’t take long for the Spurs jokes to die a death and as entertaining as they were, none came close to Gallas and Arsenal, the biggest joke of all.

18 thoughts on “Gallas and Arsenal the biggest joke of all”

  1. I have always found it interesting that Arsenal are so mentally weak. They can play lovely football but one setback and they collapse into a heap. It’s also interesting that they were so desperately keen to avenge the 5-1 thrashing we gave them that they actually let a two-goal lead slip in the last couple of minutes to give us a draw. They’re very funny indeed!

  2. For the most part ar5ena1 are French. It took Germany five minutes to roll them over in the war. Surrender monkeys over the generations. Spineless nation, spineless team. It’s in their blood.

  3. Get your own house in order before you start on our’s.

    You are still the biggest joke around.

    Top four???????

    Moving up???? Yeah, moving up alright, second from bottom. Must be dizzy being that high!

  4. Did you all buy your
    I was on the underground and I missed the 4-4 draw DVD ?

    Or was you one of the 4 left at the Emirates??

  5. It doesn’t look like you mugs are going to make the top 4 either, let’s see how much Fabregas loves Arsenal when he ain’t playing Champions League football. He will be the first one out the door with Adebayor not far behind.

  6. What’s wenger’s pathetic excuse for their inept performance this week. Scum fans must cringe when he opens his mouth because the same lame shite dribbles out time after time. They’re a joke, and a feeble one at that.

  7. Wenger said “If you don’t improve you will go 47 years without winning the league like the Spuds up the caravan park”!

  8. Its been a tough couple of months for us Gooners, as we’ve watched our team disintegrate while Harry Redknapp has revived the rotting corpse of Spurs and turned them into aaaa………. ok side again.

    But every cloud has a silver lining, so can I just say, on behalf of everyone at the Emirates, a special thank you to the one man who is single-handedly (literally) ensuring that we’re still laughing loudest in north London. Heurelho Gomes, take a bow.

  9. Enjoy it,

    at the end of the day, we are going through a blip and we are still amongst the top 4 and we have been shit all season,

    you have been shit all season and are still down at the bottom,

    the difference being, we have the class to still make the CL, you are fighting a relegation dogfight so keep laughing, you still wont finish above us, this season, next season, or any season in the future.

  10. It’s amazing how getting their ass handed to them by a side Spurs beat only emboldens the gooners. By the time they’re mid-table, they’ll be fairly bursting with pride.

    Enjoy the bottom of the table cracks, gents. Soon enough, you’ll be the butt of them.

  11. Caned and whipped by a City side who lost to Spurs,no skipper and the team in disarray.It seems the only constant coming from the immigrants is wenger’s ungraciousness.When have we ever seen that egghead come out and say what the rest of us saw?..5 goals conceded and no goals scored in two games,for a championship seeking team that must be galling to say the least.So sad to see the woolwich pikey’s discontented this week!!

  12. I see the old woolwich pikey earlier isn’t afraid to show his mug around the internet,does she think she is on a dating site?..I shall enter you on Mr gay uk,a big construction worker like you must have a good chance!!

  13. Although Wenger has done miracles with the Goonahs, he does himself no favours when interviewed. Only a Frog could be so ungracious in defeat…Does he not realise that we are all watching the same game as him? What a mug!

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