Football Betting

There is evidence that ancient Romans used to bet on their gladiators before they went to watch them compete to survive. Not much has changed in sports betting in the two thousand years that have gone by and many people bet each week on who they think will win within their favourite sport. These days however it’s less about bloodshed and more about scoring goals as football betting is one of the most common sports to bet on, and with the advent of the internet you can now place bets online for all aspects of the sport and in the comfort of your own home.

Most people enjoy betting on their team each week in order to add to the excitement of watching the game; this is the simplest type of bet you can place. A single bet on either the whole outcome of the game or the actual score of the game itself. Many people like to bet on multiple games at the same time in what’s called an accumulator bet. This is where you pick many different games and choose either the outcome or again the actual score for each match. Because there are more specific outcomes in the bet the odds go up and cause a bigger pay out if all the predictions come true, but due to many more variables the outcome is obviously less likely to happen.

Winning and losing is not all there is to football though and on many online football betting sites like you can bet on so much more than just the outcome of a match. A great example of this would be betting on how many corners will be taken during a game or how many free kicks will be given during the match. All different types of bets can be placed other than the normal who will win and lose so why not check out what you can bet on.

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