Five Reasons Why Spurs Don’t Need to Buy

Tottenham are yet to make any moves in this transfer window and with less than two weeks to go until its closure, the pessimists are out in force! I’m personally of the opinion that Spurs don’t necessarily need to make any signings to be competitive during the 2018-19 Premier League campaign. Here are the reasons why..

1 – The squad is already awash with talent
Kane, Eriksen, Trippier and Vertonghen are just some of the top class members of the current Tottenham Hotspur squad. Manager Mauricio Pochettino has a really settled first team and sufficient cover in the majority of positions.

2 – Lucas Moura will be like a new signing
Spurs fans didn’t get to see the best of Brazilian winger Lucas Moura last term, but the former PSG man had minimal opportunities. I’m under the impression that this was a deliberate move from the coaching team, with Moura being given time to acclimatise. The player has recently come out to state how settled he now feels at Tottenham, and this week’s brace against Roma could well be a sign of things to come.

3 – History repeating
Levy and Pochettino often do their business towards the end of the transfer window and don’t make a habit of buying for buying’s sake. Fans and pundits have written Spurs top four chances off the past couple of season due to a perceived lack of transfer activity. They have been proven wrong on both occasions. It could well be more of the same this term.

4 – Returnees
Having recently signed a new five year deal, Harry Winks looks set to make an impact on his return from injury in the upcoming months. Winks would likely have been part of Gareth Southgate’s World Cup squad were it not for an ankle injury picked up against Crystal Palace last November. The young midfielder did manage 25 appearances in 2017-18 but wasn’t quite at his best following the Palace encounter. Harry Winks has now undergone surgery, and is poised to make a first team comeback. In addition, Erik Lamela should be back to his very best with a full pre-season under his belt having overcome a long-term hip complaint.

5 – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Although Spurs have finally put their Wembley hoodoo to bed, the move back to official home soil on September 15th will give the club a massive boost. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium looks like a superb development, and the atmosphere is sure to be more like we are used to at White Hart Lane than the somewhat soulless national stadium. Away sides should find the new ground an intimidating venue and I’m hopeful that Tottenham can make it into a fortress.

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  1. At last a sensible comment on Spurs transfer saga – for those who don’t (or won’t) understand, go read Brave New World!!

  2. Indeed. There seems to be some panic spreading among certain circles, and one particularly nasty blog that claims to be written by a Spurs fan but never has a positive word to say about the club or team performances.

    It is a fact that Spurs have overachieved for the last 3 seasons with only a few additions to the squad, most notably Sanchez. There seems to be a universal consensus that the Sanchez purchase has turned out to be a remarkable success. I have no doubt that if a suitable player is available for a suitable price, he will be bought.

    So why change a successful formula? If it ain’t broke it don’t need fixing.

  3. Indeed. Spurs has been among the 4 best performing teams the last three seasons when it comes to creating shots on target per 90 minutes, avoiding shots on target per 90 minutes, expected goals for per 90 mintes and expected goals against per 90 minutes, on occasions even outsmarting the champions. The quality is there already. Some fine adjustments and a spell or two of slight overachievement is what’s needed.

  4. We have a number of quality youngsters beging for a chance to shine .At the inflated prices being asked for average players and silly wages being paid a number of clubs could find themselves in financial trouble.

  5. So remain as we are and continue to fight for top 4.Music to Daniel Levys ears. Clearly not season ticket holders. With fans like this there is only one way…. Down

  6. Agree with you Aaron. All the big clubs who win things always try and improve. They never stay still. All of the so called youth talent is currently leaving the club. Toby and Mousa want to leave. Need back up for Harry (he needs a proper rest) and Christian as a minimum. If you want to keep the current talent then we have to start winning something which this squad is yet to do. I appreciate we have been playng some good football and its our best situation for a long while but why waste this opportunity and stand still and line Levys pockets ?

  7. It’s only worth buying new players if they are better than you’ve already got.

    It would be nice to pick up established quality Premier League (EPL) players since players from foreign leagues don’t always perform well in the EPL (Di Maria for example at Man Utd).

    Mahrez would have been nice, but he’s gone to Man City.

    “There seems to be some panic spreading among certain circles, and one particularly nasty blog that claims to be written by a Spurs fan but never has a positive word to say about the club or team performances.” Presumably aidygoz is taking about the Harry Hotspur blog? HH has a nice little earner going on there. Plenty of adverts on his blog and now he’s got a video blog that one has to subscribe to. As I say a nice little earner! It’s obvious that he’s pandering to his audience, which is entirely made up (he bans those who disagree with him) of grumpy old gits like himself. He obviously has a grudge against Levy. Fair enough as Levy comes across as an unemotional robot, but the way HH talks about some of the players is not nice. He’s a very nasty man with an evil, vindictive, tongue.

  8. I’d like to see Spurs sign Zaha. He has skill, can score a goal, has blistering pace and he has physical presence. He’s the reason Palace are still in the EPL. He has kept them up for the past 2 seasons. Without him they lose; with him they have a chance of winning games. He would be classed as a home grown player as well. Well worth £70m.

  9. Totally agree – Spurs are in remarkable form and will have an outstanding season Solid starters, a very impressive strike force, Only concerns are Dembele- injuries to Winks and Waynama (which could be temporary) and status of Alderweireld who is likely to stay.
    I don’t think we “need” anyone to challenge for the top (unlike Man U.) If we do add someone it will likely be a midfielder or a defender to add some depth as some of the academy also slot in. I thought Amos was amazing in the Roma game.

  10. Look I dont want to sound all negative but Roma was a pre-season friendly, great for building confidence but in no way should be seen as indicative of upcoming PL form. What we need is some quality game changers. We should not keep buying cheap players. Save the money and buy quality. Thats what Levy doesnt get. Janseen / Llorente / Sissoko / Njie / NKoudou etc – All cheap (if anyone is these days !) and he is trying to offload them all. We should buy proven quality / winners. That way we improve the team and it wouldn’t necessarily cost any more.

  11. I just want to know who we drop when we buy these overpriced superstars? They will not come to sit on the bench so players have to be dropped. Harry? No. Dele? Christian? Son? Lucas? LLoris? Sanchez? Jan? Tripps? Davies? Eric?

    Why spend money when there is no need? Oh yes, I read HH comments too – thick, ignorant, boring, offensive moron, he is no Spurs fan, just a yob with a gob

  12. What we need is cover for a long season in CL / PL / FA Cup. Dele was quite ineffective for a number of games last season. Harry was definetley not himself in a lot of games )needs a rest). It can also give options when we cant break teams down, and when players are having an off day. You cant rely on just 11 players. I just want to see us improve and actually win something, else I fear we will start to lose the likes of Harry / Christian / Dele etc as they will all be offered more money to go and win things. Personally I dont see the issue in wanting to improve.

  13. Glad I’m not alone on the HH blog, always give it a quick glance as comes up on newsow( wtf happened to that site . Full of stories based on twitter and amateur journo telling us who we need to buy) . Never read anything positive from H H, even we win ten on the trot, he will find fault. Coys

  14. I’m sure if anyone good enough and realistically priced, then Levy would go for him. But our problem is we have great players all over the pitch. So bringing in someone for the sake of spending money will take us backwards. Martial, Grelish would be nice but we have enough quality in our side, they are all wanted by the best clubs. I no longer read Harry Hotspur he’s not a Spurs supporter just a Spurs knocker

  15. Well said Mike ‘being brave’ as MoPo was quoted in the press isn’t about spending £150 million on players who may or not perform, it’s about giving our outstanding youth a chance to shine

  16. As a Spurs fan the goal has to be to be serious and real competitor for silverware in EPL, Champions Trophy, FA Cup (yes, I respect the FA Cup). “The game is for the glory” anyone? To do that we have to move forward since not just The Manchester clubs, Liverpool and Chelsea, but also Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern, Juve, etc are all trying to make progress. We certainly should not repeat the folly of our NL brethren wallowing in the complacency that we are better off. We progress not just on our baseline but relative to the elite European competition. We need to add since while our fresh 1st team, both as a team, and man for man were as good if not better than rivals. But when they got fatigued or carried niggles, our consistency dropped or in the big matches we lacked the impact subs or a Plan B against parked buses. 3 seasons back Leicter one but we were the best, even if we landed up 3rd in a 2 horse race. 2 seasons back we were a distinct but distant 2nd to Chelsea, and Kyle Walker was the 1st departure from the team. Last season we had a great 2 nights against Real Madrid, but stopped challenging in the EPL, and it was Liverpool which recovered from the 4-1 thrashing at Wembley emerge the most exciting challenger with a great European run. So foolish to say we don’t need signings. Pulisic, Kovacic, Martial and a good back up for Toby if he leaves will help. Youngsters like Amos and Skipp are welcome, signings like Sessegnon or Grealish can be investments, even if not steals like Alli. Winks can replace Dembele.

  17. Spurs are skint basically. But it’s ok, they still got a side that won fuck all last year. Everything will be fine.

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