Everton, The Toffees, The People’s Club

Why can’t any of our recent managers have come up with a nickname like the people’s club?! In the same way The Rock was the people’s champion, Everton are a side that most football fans seem to like and have respect for (Liverpool fans not included obviously).

He may look like a nutcase, have regular head butt matches with Duncan Ferguson, and put players in torturous submission holds when they make mistakes, but David Moyes is certainly one of the best managers in Premiership history.

With very limited resources, he has moulded Everton into a consistent and hard working side that always achieve more than they should on paper. He doesn’t often make a bad signing and takes a punt on players that other managers wouldn’t. Tim Cahill, Phil Neville and Mikel Arteta show what a talent he has for picking players. I’m obviously happy Spurs have more spending power in the transfer market but I wish they could follow Everton’s lead and be a bit more astute. It would be no surprise to see Moyes nick David Bentley off us for £4m and turn him back into a decent player. He’s also recently been linked with Pavlyuchenko, another he’d no doubt be able to get much more out of then Tottenham have been able to.

Harry Redknapp has no fresh injury concerns and I’d be surprised if Defoe doesn’t feature. Robbie Keane has been out of sorts in recent games but I don’t expect that to last long and I don’t expect Harry to leave him out the starting line up either.

Spurs have a very solid record against Everton and we haven’t lost in our last 4 visits to Goodison Park but the Toffees did beat us at the Lane earlier in the season. On form, I’d be happy with a draw but we need a win to keep the pressure on in the battle for that 7th spot and history is on our side. We have won here 7 times in the Premier League and I wouldn’t bet against us making it 8 wins tomorrow.

26 thoughts on “Everton, The Toffees, The People’s Club”

  1. People’s club my @rse. Racist bigots more like. The final club in the top flight to remove its no black players policy. Some time in the 80s. Not a club for my people thankfully. Hope they go down next year.

  2. who r your people you must be a racist and a complete tosser to come out with such a statement.

  3. Why resurrect and old myth that simply isn’t true ! I travel to many premiership games and have followed Everton from the 1960’s ,I’ve heared far worse racial abuse at many grounds than I have at Goodison . Mike trebilcock scored twice for us in the 1966 Fa cup final , he was black and that was in the days when NO teams had black players ! Cliff Marshall played in the early 1970’s for Everton when the only other black player I can recall was Clyde Best of West Ham . Incidentally , some of Spurs ‘ fans ‘ treatment of Sol Campbell can hardly be called friendly and fraternal . Everton have never had a ‘ no blacks policy ‘ , Methinks a little envy is creeping in to your psyche !

  4. I agree with John, with comments like “my people” I can only see one racist in this thread. Eveton never had a “no black players” policy and were frequently linked with numerous transfers for players of various ethnic backgrounds but for a variety of reasons not all proposed transfers come off. Its the same at every club. And incidentally Everton had a coloured player in 1975 called Cliff Marshall. I don’t remember him for being coloured, I just remember a footballer playing for Everton. And Everton to go down next season? Sounds like a real expert pundit to me! He should concentrate on getting the chip off his shoulder and leave the football to the fans who support their teams and players no matter what their ethnic background1

  5. RoySpur what a idiot you really are, Hopefully hoorible people like you will not be a Goodison Park tomorrow, To call us Racist is funny, bet you was one of the morons at Portsmouth giving Campbell stick

  6. Mike Trebilcock scored two goals in the ’66 FA cup Final for Everton. He was black. So you are wrong soft lad Royspur.

  7. once again racism rears its ulgy head, now if all everton fans thought spurs fans may have your principles who would be the racist, biggotted club.

  8. royspur obviously hasnt got a clue, as many of the comments have proven him wrong!! and look at the team now.—–yakubu,yobo,pienaar,howard,jo,saha,vaughn,anichebe,castillo plenty of black players there aswell. an im sure you refering to kick racsim out of football which means stop fans like you going to games!!
    jealousy gets you know where mate, i respect spurs as a club i see them very much like everton, great manager, great players an great fans well most any way!! but every team has its fans like royspur

  9. My people ROYSPUR ?? Sure you are not a Liverpool fan or Man U thought everyone from shandy lad supported either team. I think you need to have a good luck are yourself and your own club. Spurs have spent massive and what has it got you NOTHING ?
    Great article talking about a manager and team that have a great team spirit and not team of over paid nobody’s.

  10. ROYSPUR, See you at the peoples club tomorrow then ? or do you even go the match as you are talking so much rubbish ha ha Tell us another joke like spurs will win the prem or that was not a pen at Man U ha ha

  11. ROYSPUR…. tut tut tut

    you absolute joke, racist’s? fuck me are you stuck in the dark ages?

    Are you coming the game 2morrow? thought not

    jog on you old school numpty

  12. Very, very true.

    An uncle of mine broke his leg away at Goodison. (I’ll say no more than the club he played for suffered a serious injustice from the football league this year!)

    The abuse he said he got that day is the reason why this Saturday will be my first visit there in all my years following Spurs and I’m 25 now!

  13. Royspur and shifty_14 …… what a pair!

    I know a few Spurs fans who are decent, balanced individuals and I’m sure they would agree with many of the comments in the article.

    You two are a disgrace to your club.

  14. Truth hurts mate.

    I don’t think he’d lie.

    Still, I’ll see for myself tomorrow. eh?

  15. shifty_14

    Every club has an idiot element, the sort that decent supporters look at and think to themselves “I hope people don’t think they’re typical Everton (L’pool, Man U, Spurs etc., etc) supporters” but Royspur’s branding of Evertonians as racist bigots reflects a level of intellect typical of the idiot element I mentioned.

    By agreeing with his comments you put yourself in the same category. I’m sure you will see for yourself tomorrow that Goodison contains the same mix of people and attitudes that you fins at any Premier League ground.

    One thing I can say is that whenever I’ve gone to Goodison with mates who support other teams … they’ve all commented on the friendly atmosphere and banter

  16. Blue_in_Vienna

    Point taken.

    My opinion was only based on a father who’s been following us home & away since the late 60s, and claims the abuse his cousin received whilst in agony was the worst he’d ever experienced, and for that reason vowed never to take his son there.

    Apologies for any offence caused, and I look forward to my day tomorrow.


  17. shifty_14

    No problem.

    Hope you enjoy your day tomorrow …… apart from the result of course.

  18. RoySpur is shame to the SPURS tradition and its supporters. I believe we can give each schtick from time to time, which should be in good taste, but nothing disrespectful to others.

    That said, I hope we are victorious over Everton tomorrow. If not, press on because Mr. Moyes and crew have done you well this season and you deserve to be in EUROPA next season

  19. Well,scousers are not known as human.They have murdered italians in the past.God knows what these animals are up to next.

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