Emmanuel Adebayor could be Tottenham Bound

Emmanuel Adebayor TottenhamHe is talented but hugely unlikeable and not just because of his stint at Arsenal. I couldn’t understand a word that came out his mouth during the World Cup when he was helping diversify the BBC’s panel of pundits. He puts in 110% for a few games a season but is largely lazy. I think that pretty much sums up Emmanuel Adebayor. While I might sound a bit negative about the current Manchester City misfit, I would also say that on his day, Adebayor is still capable of being one of the best strikers in the Premier League.

Early in Adebayor’s Manchester City career, he faced former club Arsenal at the City of Manchester Stadium. It was a game in which he was later to receive a ban for violent conduct and he also chose to run the length of the pitch to provoke the travelling Arsenal fans. That wasn’t what stuck in my mind about that match however. What did stay with me was the way Adebayor played. He was quite simply breathtaking at times and while the majority of Arsenal fans were happy to see the back of the Togolese attacker because of his questionable attitude, they were probably also left wondering who in their squad could produce such a meaningful performance.

It doesn’t look like Real Madrid want to retain Adebayor’s services and he has rejected talk of moves to Blackburn and PSG in recent days. Could he be the man to solve our striker issues or would he just create more of them? City are unlikely to want to sell to Tottenham but it could be a possibility if the price is right. Also, Harry isn’t scared to take ex Arsenal players to the Lane if he thinks they are good enough as was the case with William Gallas.

Personally, Emmanuel Adebayor wouldn’t be a player I’d consider for anything like the £25m valuation that is being banded about but if we could bring him in at a cut price, I think he is possibly worth taking a punt on. Without the lure of Champions League football, the world class players that we can attract are all likely to come with some baggage.

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  1. This must be a non runner, not so much the transfer fee, his wages. He will have to come down to about 75k a week from what 125k?

  2. The last point you make there is so vaid. He is probably the most estabished player we are likely to be able to attract without champions league football. He fits the tall number 9 mould and can hold up play and score goals. He would link play well with vdv and can score headers. Much better than crouch and pav. I say get him in…. plus he has stated that he would join us. Who else can we say that about????

  3. I think this is a signing that would be on the cards for Spurs this season. His wages could be a stumbling block but I doubt any club will match what he is getting at the moment.

  4. At least if we signed him then he wouldn’t score against us next year, which would make a nice change. 😛

  5. 😕 🙄 😀 yeah he’d score goals, and maybe Arry’s personal touch could help straiten his attitude, & with venume for the ARSEnal he has, would make for tasty derby matches

  6. He would be a great signing for Spurs. The whole signing former Arsenal players thing isn’t an issue these days. It might take some sweet talking from Harry to get the best out of Adebayor but I think it’s possible.

  7. i got slaughtered for an article a couple of weeks back when i suggested we should sign him, I think despite his past he would be a great signing. He always scores against us, he can score great goals with his head as he showed in the CL. and he would be amazing with rafa, or even with Defoe! Any other player of his quality will join a CL team so i say give him parity with the top earner and add plenty of incentive in goal bonus, think of how well he’ll play against the arse and city! this will lift the whole team. coys

  8. I think he would be a great asset to Spurs Not worth 25mil though. We can get rid of Crouchie (6ft plus and can’t jump!!!!!!). Scorer of greta goals can play on his own or with a partner. Come on Harry get the cheque book out and get us a quality striker

  9. We’ve left it too late. Recent news implies he is trying to build bridges at Citeh, but have said for a while they he would be a fantastic signing and yes probably one of those in the upper enchalon that we can persuade without champs league football. Two stumbling blocks, Citeh’s willingness to sell to us and Levy’s now infamous brinkmanship approach to buying.

  10. £10 million was also being bandied about and he would certainly score a lot of goals from the chances we create but as others say, wages. He seems to be a money grabber in which case he won’t entertain our wages.

  11. Adebayooooor, Adebayoooo-ooor, his dad washes Elephants and his mum is a…….very nice lady actually.

  12. Ridiculous. Yes Harry probably would be interested. He has no problem dealing with those types. It would also be a smart move for adebeyor in footballing terms.

    BUT BUT BUT it is ridiculous as 1) Wages 2) Man Shitty would never sell him to us.

  13. This is the best signing we could hope for in the striker position. He is proven in premiership, 6ft + can play a lone role, would work well with existing players, hates Arsenal. Will be happy to come to us, is the right age, and I personally think that at 20 million we would have done ok. 2O million in current climate is not that bad. I would like to hear of any other strikers people can think of that have his ability and CV that cost less. Yes I know that people will question his attitude but Gallas….! That has worked, although not as well as Harry would like you to believe, well in my opinion.

  14. think he’d be a great signing, looked shit for a lot of real games but all in all he’s a much better peter crouch, and we wouldn’t have to deal with him.

  15. With the sums paid out for Wickham, it only goes to show how rare any quality striker becomes available at an affordable price. What other alternatives are out there? It’s mind-numbing stupidity just spouting out the usual garb “All we need is two decent strikers” When clearly they’re not readily available or within our price range in terms of fee and wages! We had five including Bent who’ve been abysmal. Not because they’re useless, but they’re simply badly used both tactically and in their coaching. Harry’s responsible for purchasing three of them at a huge outlay, yet fans seem happy for him to spend huge amounts again, madness, sheer bloody madness!

  16. Man city will now sell to us as theyve beaten us to champions league footy. He is EXAcTLY what we need. Big, strong and scores goals. Would set up as many as crouch but also score 20+. VDV And Bale would thrive with this guy. However as we now seem content signing free Mexican unknowns I can’t see us getting him

  17. I will never forget his celebrations with Henry on the touchline when he scored against us. I hate this barsteward with a passion and DO NOT WANT him in a Spurs shirt at any price. He is a mercenary toerag and truly sums up everything that is wrong in British football. Talk about putting the n into cut…

  18. Adebayor has a monster contract. He’d need to take an enormous pay cut to join Sprs and I don’t see that happening personally. Not many clubs out here can or would match his current deal, so his options may be a lot more limited than at first it might seem. He may have to move to Russia to match his wages and get a regular game imo. Or run his contract down on the bench at Citeh and take the money. Or take a 40% pay cut and go somewhere in the EPL to play football at that level. The lad has some thinking to do though, as Mancini clearly is not a fan.

  19. I can’t believe he’s right for Spurs, me personally I would rather have Berba back – he would cost less, hit the ground running, knows the lads. I have watched quite a few RM games this year – trust me Adebayor is as, if not more lazy than Berba.

  20. Normally Man City would not sell to a rival, however as this move will weaken Spurs then I think we will sell.

  21. HR definitely wants him and DL wants Rossi. Leandro damiao is apparently almost a done deal but taking forever like the sandro saga because they want to keep him until December. As for wages it’s not really a problem for us as we have money and DL is willing to offer massive signing on bonuses to make up for the drop in wages

  22. The deal for Damiao is VERY almost done, but he cannot be expected to hit the ground running and make an instant impact. Although he’s 23 or almost 23, he’s only been a 1st team fixture for Internacional for a short time and is not one of these kids who burst onto the scene as a teenager. As such he will need time to adapt and develop, but having Sandro in the squad will be an enormous help with this as he captained the side when Damiao was breaking into it, so I’m sure he’ll be able to speed up the new lad’s settling in period in London and make him feel at home in the dressing room, along with Gomes who he will know from the Brazil squad. An exciting prospect, but IMO we still need an additional striker in/out. I think the club will only announce the acquisition of Leandro Damiao AFTER confirming the sale of one of the current strikers, so as not to further weaken themselves in negotiations by being overloaded in that position, so I wouldn’t expect anything until then.

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