Don’t panic

It’s one game people. I was as disappointed as anyone to lose the first game of the season but let’s keep things in perspective.

Middlesbrough are a decent side at home and probably the biggest positive of all is the fact they often turn over the top four at the Riverside, it must be a sign!

I was slightly puzzled by Ramos’ team selection with King and Bale left on the bench when it was so important for us to hit the ground running but you can’t start picking holes in him after one result.

It will take a bit of time for the new players to settle in and get used to each other and that is where teams like Villa and Everton may have an advantage over Spurs in the early part of the season.

I fully expect us to get back to winning ways against Sunderland at the weekend but even if we don’t I still won’t be as despondent as some people already seem to be.

I’m sure it’s because there is a sense of dejavu after last year but then look how the season turned out, beating Ar5ena1 and ending up with a trophy.

The way some Ar5ena1 and Chelsea fans are acting you would think they have won the Champions League not that we had lost a game to a side that have beat both of them in recent times.

Give it ten games or so before you start panicking, if we are still playing as badly then I’ll be joining you.

Berbatov has finally come out and said he wants to join Man Utd.

“I’m now in Tottenham but no one can disagree with me wanting to follow my dream,” he told The Times.

His situation isn’t helping us one bit. We need to get him out and move on. Personally I would have been happier without him even on the bench Saturday.

I’ve got no hard feelings about him wanting to move but I’d be a lot happier if Levy and the gang got a deal finalised.

This quote from Berba regarding being left on the bench Saturday reinforces his desire to be a Utd player.

“If I had been laughing when I was on the bench, people would say I was an idiot,” he said.

“Eric Cantona never smiled, but I don’t know if anyone ever asked him why he didn’t look happier.”

12 thoughts on “Don’t panic”

  1. Largely agree but leaving out King and Bale was wierd. Everyone know that a good start is critical so that we are not under pressure. Personally If I compare it to game last year at Sunderland, we looked better. But let’s hope that Ramos does not have something against Bale and King. And please lets hope for a good holding midfielder and a backup central defender – even Anton Ferdinand would be fine

  2. certainly need another centre back but don’t know if Anton is the answer but I know where you’re coming from, anyone would be better than nothing, we are so short there.

    Berbatov can go with my blessing.

  3. You say dont panic, and I most part agree, however, last season I felt we always looked like we were un-lucky, last minute goals and shots peppering the opposition. Saturday just exposed our weaknesses perfectly. The defence looked lost and confused, Dawson didnt pick up any man, we still had the issue on the left wing that resulted in Ekotto being exposed (until Bale arrived). All long term issues we have not fixed. The biggest issue by far though was our problems up front. Bent cant play with his back to goal, and when he had the ball, he would not pass when near the box. Our midfield was awesome, but Boro just pinged the ball over the middle every time, and when we had the ball there were no real runs going forward. After selling £48m of players and buying £45m we are left with less quality upfront (by a mile) and still no top 4 CB cover, no left wing and no midfield general. I was saying this in the off season too.

  4. It’s gone past time to sort these deals out, the season has started an we’ve so much still to do in the transfer window. If Huttons understudy, Gunter isn’t rated enough to play RB then we should have got another RB before now. We’ve got 2 deals going on with Manchester clubs, neither of them straightforward and the longer these sagas go on the longer we’ll be unsettled. As for the team selection, well I think we were too lightweight in the middle especially as we were away from home at a fairly decent side, we should have started with a stronger midfield epsecially to protect our makeshift defence. Bentley (in position on the right!!) O’Hara providing some strength on the left and Hudd holding in the middle with JJ and Modric, then, when ‘Boro started to tire introduced Lennon and GDS (as opposed to taking off GDS when they started to tire!!). I’m not going to panic and call for anyone to get the sack but I will watch with great interest the next few games line-ups. Spurs fans everywhere were baffled by our line starting XI, so if it so obvious to us why is it not to Ramos?

  5. agree stop all the panic king and bale not 100% fit yet give it time rome not built in aday but they ruled the would our time is coming the team needs time to gel and there will be 2 or 3 new players yet to come here and slag them off after 1 game i sure ramos knows what he is doing abit more then the wankers on here giving it the large one so get behind ramos and the team cos the good times just round the corner yid army coys

  6. I didnt expect spurs to play like wat it did against boro, pyshically we are outnumbered, spurs just dont have the confidence at all. With berba transfer rumours going around and no urgency from the board to get suitable replacements is a big setback. All we heard is who and who, and thats it. Defensively we are weak and with no holding CM and tootheless striking options really sum it up. Tactical line-up was also a major factor. Hope Ramos knows whats is at stake and prove results fast!!

  7. I cant believe some of the negativity and bellyaching going on here-it’s just one game for God’s sake!
    We have a new team, and yes there will be at least 1 or 2 further additions-which is a good thing!
    there’s also the adjustment that comes with not having Berba and Keane(i’m assuming the berba deal is inevitable) Losing these two was unfortunate, but you can hardly blame Ramos, and the club deserves great credit for getting the best part of £50 million in returm.
    It’s a new era, and if we give the management team time they will deliver. Personally I think it will take 6-8 games to get the side playing the way the manager wants them to. Lets keep the faith!

  8. Almost every site I’ve read about the game said that Dawson was a disaster and that Mido’s goal was done to his sloppy defending. Then I read in the Daily Telegraph that he was Spurs Man of the Match! He has played well in past seasons, but the last year he’s been mainly poor. He needs replacing and using only in emergencies. We could do with a Dave Mackay type as a defensive midfielder (and captain!). Perhaps two new centre backs with Ledley as DM?

    And if we win the next 15 games I think we’ll all be very happy (drifts off into dreamy sleep).

  9. Don’t panic?!? I say panic. It’s what we do best – better than football, even. Why bother packing the trunks for Blackpool when you get the same Roller Coaster effect just by barracking for Spurs.
    PS Dear Santa – if a sulky little Bulgarian Brat writes you a letter asking for a permanent holiday up north, do what you did last time with that Portuguese Pouter and ignore him. He will eventually get the message.

  10. Once again I can see us finishing well below pre season expectations. All last year I heard our players saying we need a couple of wins in a row to kick start our season. This went on from August until April and never materialised. It’s the same old Spurs, weak in defence and other teams will exploit this again and we will lose many points away from home. A draw at home to Sunderland and a loss to Chelsea and we are probably bottom of the premiership. Top four? More than likely lucky to hit top 11.

  11. HAHAHAHA. Your guys got soundly whupped – like we knew they would. Boro are a team on the up – shame you idiots were too busy licking yourselves to notice our pre-season.

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