Do you care about Robbie Keane?

The rumours have been rife for the last couple of weeks but in recent days, more substantial stories have appeared claiming Robbie Keane will once again be leaving Tottenham before the season gets underway. Opinion seems to be very divided over whether this is a good or a bad thing as far as the future of the club is concerned.

Although Robbie’s performances have been lees than spectacular since his return, I feel his presence in the side ensured we weren’t involved in a relegation battle. It’s easy to say now that we would have been in no danger of relegation having finished within touching distance of Europe, but without Keane in there pointing and shouting, who’s to say how close Spurs would have been to the drop?

It’s been suggested that Sunderland is Keane’s likely destination. I don’t really understand why he would want to move there rather than stay and see what happens in what will be exciting times for Tottenham next season. Has he fallen out with Harry? Is the club not being run to his liking since his break in Merseyside? Does he regret coming back to the Lane and feel the step down is too much? If the latter is the case it would not explain why a move to the Stadium of Light is a good idea.

I don’t want to knock Robbie Keane without knowing the facts but I would expect a little more respect and consideration after the majority of the fans at Spurs welcomed him back with open arms when things didn’t work out for him under Rafa Benitez at Liverpool. He spent his best years with us and prior to arriving at Tottenham, he struggled to find a club to settle at long term.

I’m hoping all this speculation is just that and Robbie will be a key part of Harry Redknapp’s plans come next season but I do get the feeling there is no smoke without fire and the fire seems to be getting stronger.

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  1. I hope he doesnt go, it so silly people getting on at him for leaving. whats done is done. Sure look at defoe!! he left aswell and came back and no one is mouthing off about that. the guy has a proven track record and we’d be stupid to offload him again. look what happened at the beginning of the season last year. Long live keano

  2. What a stupid statement danny, keane is a top class player andwithout a doubt has such an influence on the team. Ok so he came back from liverpool with a slight slump in form but im sure he had a positive effect on the team which helped us miss the relegation zone.

    As it stands at the minute from all the rumours flying around, defoe will be our only striker left haha. Bent has been ok but is far too weak in my opinion, i think pav should be given another season to settle in, and keano should deffo stay, if we can get another top class striker that would be grand… without uefa next season the team can concentrate far more on the league and cup games.

    Up the spurs!

  3. Danny, you are so wrong. If it won’t work with Defoe then Defoe needs to go, he is a complete carthorse who will never take us to the next level. He is only there to keep the linesmen gainfully employed. They must dread seeing they have got Spurs, they know their arm is going to be aching for weeks afterwards.

    Defoe=donkey – get rid

  4. I truly think he would be rewarded in staying, both in form and in fan appreciation. Any successes we enjoy in the upcoming campaign would be tarnished (at least for me) if he wasn’t a part of the team.

  5. I’m with Ed. Keane is a better all round option than Defoe. The only thing Defoe has over Keane is his eye for goal. Play Defoe and Defoe scores, play Keane with a suitable partner and the team will score.

  6. He needs to be brought down a peg or two.
    Harry has to sub him if he’s not playing well and if he childishly jumps up and down when he is taken off, then he can fuck right off.

    The bloke needs to show a bit of humility and talent again before I’ll be happy to have him back.

  7. Keane needs to stay. Seemed to me that his confidence was rock bottom last season after hi sbrief trip to Merseyside. Have him for a full season and he’ll be back to normal. People still do not see how much work he actually does on the pitch. Unlike Defoe he is NOT an out and out forward yet can still manage 15-20 goals a season. Letting him go would be crazy

  8. YEah I care. I care he’s at Spurs. He could never finish (i’m still shocked he scored that one at Liverpool with time to think) Then he probably tried to miss. GET HIM OUT – i’ll drive him to Sunderland

  9. HE ran off when we needed him most when the club was in turmoil.
    The reason we were so effective after January is all down to Wilson Palacious. I watched every game last year and Keane was a passenger, we dont need people to shout and point we need footballers
    Keane should go he turned us over this time last year and now we should do the same to him.

  10. He could never finish? Over 112 goals at Spurs in 268 games and he can’t finish? Not forgetting the amount of goals he creates and the support work he does by dropping back to the midfield. If you drive him to Sunderland, please stay there. You don’t seem to have much of a clue

  11. Sorry guys…
    but anyone who thinks he should leave it plain wrong. he was consistantly quality for the years he was with us… still under 30 and still has it. you really think we could attract someone better? people also forget that his Mrs gave birth to their kid at the end of the season. after having his confidence messed up in Liverpool and wife 9 month pregnant when moving down here, who can blame him being a little off form. sure with the little one healthy, re-adapted to London life and a good pre-season he’ll still do the business. With Defoe & Pav there is goals there…

  12. No way should he leave – he is our best forward. Also, all this talk of him showing humility and being taken down a peg or two is crap. He left for his boyhood team, came back and was one of the reasons for our turn in form – why does he need to be taken down a peg or two??

    Also when it comes down to it, all these so called rumours about him causing problems and being unhappy are just that, rumours. Created by supposed ITK’s (what a ridiculous misnomer that is btw) who have just got their knickers in a twist over the fact he left.

    How quickly some idiots forget the 6 years service and 100+ goals he scored for our club. He’s a legend as far as I am concerned and should be treated as such.

  13. i think keane should stay but pav&defoe to start they were starting to look very good together befor defoe got injured mark my words pav will far better than berbatoss we should do all we can to get young and robben DO NOT SIGN CROUCH

  14. Face facts, Keane is an all time Spurs legend. Would be gutted to see him leave (again) – pure class.


  15. robbie keane. ex wolves,ex coventry city,ex inter milan,ex leeds,ex liverpool,ex spurs,please let us know what great footballer has had as many clubs as jack nicholas?

  16. this subject is really getting boring now. Hes a class player and is staying. He isnt going anywhere, just media nonsense and we are just feeding it.

  17. you ask why would he want to go to Sunderland? Why not should eb the question, a team of equal standing and similar if not more anmbition.

    I’ve never been a massive fan of Keane, think he is very over rated as proven by his catastrophic move to liverscum. But he had always been a bit of a talisman for spurs, until Harry got his ideas into him. Should spurs let him leave? Probably not, if only to stop them looking even more a joke club.

    But I suppose it is easy to think of ditching him with all this fanciful talk of Huntelaar, Dzeko, Santa Cruz etc…

  18. and to all the plonkers digging out defoe and saying he wont take you to the ‘next level’

    he’s plenty good enough to get you into the europa league

  19. Keane will go as he only cares about cash and good riddance , he should never have come back, he is 29 if we get a good price for him let him go , Wilson is the main reason we stayed up not Keane, and to make him capt was a joke,lennon , modric,defoe and keane all in the same team wont work in the premiership as they are all hobbits we need a big target man , Pav can go as well too lightweight and yes i watched all the home games last year so i know everything

  20. I know Keane scores a good many goals, but he also misses many many chances, as his time at liverpool showed. It wasn’t that he didn’t have any chances, he just failed to take them. I think his chances to goals ratio is likely to be very poor (if anyone has these stats) I think it was a mistake bringing him back and wouldn’t mind at all if he moved on.

  21. Get rid of him asap. Then get rid of the loud mouthed two bob ginger twitcher. Great man manager, I’ve never heard so much bullshit. Just ask Huddlestone, Bentley, Gio and Pav, to name but a few, just how good his man management skills are. Good managers DO NOT devalue good players within one season!

  22. I don’t understand why he wants away again?
    Maybe the Irish connection at Sunderland is a big pull for him. In my opinion it’s not always a good idea to go back to a “job” you left earlier.
    He hasn’t been firing on all cylinders for Spurs so maybe if best if he goes.

  23. The reason we turned our season around was due to palacios.
    Yes he scored goals,only because he played alongside Berbatov,not as good as defoe,
    I really dont know what Harry was thinking about bringing him back and to add insult, making him Captain,not sure about Harry also after that.
    Keane,clearly not good enough for tottenham

  24. @JTOTT

    WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP SAYING KEANE ONLY SCORED WITH BERBS!!! Clearly you weren’t paying attention when he scored alongside Kanoute, Mido, Defore, Sheringham and every other striker he has frickin’ well played with.

  25. Its very clear that some Spurs fans are just fans & have no clue about football. To say that Palacios was the reason we turned a corner is utter nonsense!! Palacios is good no doubt, but he is the reason we’re not in the europa cup( think blackburn game). The shit that some of you come up with is truly amazing that Keane was only good with Berba. Pls check your stats & you’ll find that Keane is one the Premier league’s most prolific scorers. 5 goals in about 14 games is pretty good for someone who has to fill the gap between midfield & striker. If any of you get a chance to view almost all the goals scored by spurs when Keane has played will see that, he is almost always involved in the build up. The one thing that the “Spanish waiter” got right about Keane is “he is a thinking player” & hence why he is so important to spurs. Defoe may be good but as someone said “he scores for himself & not for the team”. He is one of the most selfish strikers around. So enough slagging the man, & put your energy behind the team. Peace

  26. JENAS,KEANE AND GOMEZ 3 OF THE MOST EGOTISTIC,USELESS AND I MEAN USELESS PLAYERS EVER TO WEAR THE SHIRT , WHAT THE HECK DOES HARRY SEE 9N ANT ONE OF THEM,you can forgive players who try 100% but are not blessed wuth massive ability at that level ie O,Hara…..indeed even support them BUT WHEN YOU HAVE 3 TOTAL IDIOTS WHO THINK THEY ARE GREAT PLAYERS THEN IT SO FRUSTRATING,if anyone reading this does not know why they are useless there may be a couple of reasons…..YOU ARE BLIND,YOU HAVE NEVER WATCHED A LIVE SPURS GAME IN YOUR LIFE,YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSE OF THE GAME OF FOOTBALL , YOU ARE DERANGED ,YOU ARE A RELATIVE OF ONE OF THE PLAYERS….the one i dont get is why Mr Redknapp is still perservering….MYSTERY….when we have better replacements or is he trying to sell the buggers and MUST play them until then,sadly no one will give decent money for Keane and Gomez as no one is that stupid,we may get some dough for the other idiot as he has physique and age on his side and there will always be a manager who thinks they can turn a butcher into a florist but it wont Martin….come on Harry get a top quality left wing,a mobile Hud (from somewhere) and leave Cudicini in nets ,drop that wee prima donna Keane and play ANYONE and you never know where we could end up this season,believe me this the weakest top 4 for 7 yrs ie Utd will NEVER replace Ronaldo,Chelsea (still strong but few bus passes now valid),Liverpool hehehehe the manager will see that they win and indeed guarantee outside top 4,and sadly the Arse have a chance to upset the odds BUT so do we…so come on Harry do whats needed and dont worry about arse lickers….

  27. To reply to “spurs for life” about Keane ,everything i said above applies to you….you want to talk FACTS… FACT…who runs about like a demented lunatic after the ball pointing and signalling to other pros where to run and stand when he himself does not have the first clue…??? FACT who loses the ball mote than any other player in our team ???? FACT…who slows every move down and passes the ball BEHIND a player nearly EVERY time so he has to back track ???? FACT…who has no pace ????FACT..who gets in the way of our midfielders who have twice the passing ability….???? FACT..who cant tackle ????….FACT who cant jump and head a ball ????? FACT who ran of to his boyhood heroes and when found out very quickly made a big show of “COMING HOME” my arse…FACT…who has missed 7 yes 7 sitters this season already…Fact…who slabbers with his mouth drooling at his teammates nearly every second of the match (and trust me they dont like it,no matter how you try and fool yourself)…FACT…who is the worst Captain in the league (instead of King,Woodgate,Dawson,Palacious,….)…FACT …check the stats and reply how many goals from open play he has scored and delete the Pens before you try to hide behind that one…FACT who has had 7 clubs at 29 (if he was that good why would they ALL have let him go ????….SO BEFORE YOU COMMEBNT THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING MY FRIEND……

  28. Back to where we started, Jenas and Keane back in the fold… where we end up this season…Harry has lost his senses sadly.

  29. ❓ 😛 🙁 👿 ❗ 🙂 😳 😀 😮 😯 😕 😎 😆 😡 😈 🙄 😉 💡 ➡ 😐 😥 :mrgreen:

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