Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

I was hopeful Spurs would managed at least a win and a draw from our three away games on the spin but as it turns out, I’m reasonably satisfied with two more league points. The only disappointing part is we should have got all six!

As much time as I have for Everton, our class should have been enough to win yesterday’s game. They were missing a number of players and also had to travel abroad during the week. While it was a very entertaining encounter, we had numerous chances and far to much quality for a second string Everton side.

To be two goals to the good with only twelve minutes to go in the game and not win is simply not good enough. All credit to Everton for a battling performance but we cannot afford to drop points like that if we are to have even a remote chance of a top four finish.

I wasn’t too bothered about our Carling Cup exit. Although a victory over Man Utd at Old Trafford would have been great, Spurs have been there, done that as far as the trophy is concerned. I’m not saying we are better than the competition, but a place in the Champions League would mean so much more both from a reputation as well as a financial point of view. Most of the top teams use the League Cup as an opportunity to give their reserve and youth players some first team action. Maybe Tottenham should be doing the same now.

Not getting beat after going to both Villa and Goodison Park should make Spurs fans very happy, outplaying both sides and not winning either game will not.

5 thoughts on “Do the positives outweigh the negatives?”

  1. mabbsy, i agree mate, however for me it appeared that two individuals ran outta steam in the final part of the game, allowing Everton to get back in it!

    Huddlestone and Palacios seemed to not be able to get about the pitch the way they had done before! Fair enough people will say that Sgt Wilson still had enough to charge into the box to win the penalty, but for me it seemed we were again lacking that ‘something’ in the middle of the park.. i know they were outnumbered in the middle against Fellaini, Cahill with Rodwell just behind them, but when we needed legs when the pressure was on, Hudd and Sarge just didnt have it.. And before we go any further, i dont see JJ as the answer here.. that lad is another topic all to himself..

    i do think that another combative central midfielder should be high on Harrys wish list if we are to continue our impressive start..

  2. W.H.P.This is my last blog and i leave on a sour note Football has become infected with energy cheats amongst other drugs .And for one of my fellow Spurs fans to question the tiredness of our players just shows why my ranting of Ephedrine abuse are laughed at.Why is he not looking at Everton s energy and why they scored late on when they should have bean knackered and why peinaar fellanni look like starving anorexics they where not going to run out of energy and the sooner you realise that teams without funds and in dept will use other methods to win games .This also includes last years first and second teams and Chelsea have joined in because they lost out to energised teams take a look at weight lose of players is staggering when tom Hudds looks like Fellani then i now we have joined in .This is why there are so many incidents of players fighting with managers and other players.To much energy. This my last blog and the end of Davspurs rantings i cant watch Football anymore and will still love my Spurs and look in on my fellow spurs fans blogs but until The FA and UK sport stop this cheating then Sick Football will become the next athletics and cycling drug infested sport scandal.Fighting players and managers will be all to common incident.HAPPY CRHISTMAS TO ALL MY FELLOW SPURS FANS AND A GREAT NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL AND TO SPURS.

  3. Harry should have substituted as soon as the first Everton goal was made in an attempt to hold our lead. His lack of response hurt us. Bales is a joke, and no replacement for A-E. Hudd and Palacios have been doing fine, but they were run into the ground by Fellaini and co. Jenas is not the answer. I actually cringed when his entrance was announced. Hopefully good things will come from the upcoming transfer window.

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