Did anyone see Wigan on Saturday?

Those boys are immense. If our players showed 50% of their heart and desire, we’d probably be in the title race! Figueroa was inspirational throwing his body in the way of anything and everything. Compare that to David Bentley attempting to body pop on the goal line when all he needed to do was stand on the post.

It looks highly likely that Robbie Keane is going to be a Spurs player again by 5pm this afternoon. I was hoping the weather would stop the deal going through but no such luck. The little Irish gypsy dreamed of picking up the Carling Cup and then luckily remembered another dream he had to play for Liverpool once they came sniffing round. I wonder if he will recall yet another dream he had as a young Irish gypsy in his caravan where he re signs for Spurs, no doubt he will.

I know we are a complete joke as always but I really do believe Arsenal are in serious trouble. By all accounts, they have refused to pay Arshavin anything like the money he is currently getting at Zenit. As far as I can make out, it appears Arsene never wanted to sign him in the first place and it’s all been a big stunt to keep the fans happy. You’re telling me his wages weren’t agreed before travelling for a medical today? This must come as a big blow for players like Fabregas and I can’t see him sticking around after the summer. At least we aren’t the only laughing stock in North London…

12 thoughts on “Did anyone see Wigan on Saturday?”

  1. with Defoe out for the season, Keane is much needed.

    the arsenal stuff is just plain weird, it’s like they are happy to be out the top 4.

  2. Yes… Wigan play out of their skins… and our players could learn a thing or two from them. As for Pointy Shouty Bloke, I couldn’t disagree with you more. He was the hardest working player at spurs and I reckon if Benitez had put his faith in him he could have become a liverpool great. Calling him a pikey is a bit of a twaty thing to say… which I guess must make you a twat! He is a class player and one I’d welcome back with open arms… Why shouldn’t he have a go at playing for one of the top teams? It’s not like he went to the scum. I heard that Ramos was screwing up the dressing room so much Pointy Shouty Bloke started to get worried about his own position at the club. He did leave us for the club he supported as a boy… not Hull or Portsmouth or any other crap teams but Liverpool.
    Anyway I think you’re right about Arsenhole.. they’re struggling and long may it continue…

  3. You may take our Palacios, but you can never take our spirit!!!!!

    Our Wilson will do more than his fair share for you but he won’t be as good without Catt who has been the better of the two midfielders earlier this season!

  4. arshavi is going to arsoles and will probaly star against us we have got another small striker to go with our other dwarfs we need kanoute 6-4ft and get robbie typical spurs gio off to pmpey foe 3 mill and we will have to give barca 4 dont no how that works and next year will pay about 15 millon for him what if he scores goals that condem us to the chapionship we sell to our rivals

  5. *Breaking news*: Spurs are happy to welcome back Robbie Keane even though he left just 6 months ago for the team he supported from childhood. What a fecking joke club we have become under arry bullshite rednapp.

  6. I’m a Wigan fan and season ticket holder, so I obviously agree with your comments on our team, but it’s still nice to hear some recognition for us all the same.

    I was really surprised at how poor Spurs were when you came to the J.J.B this season, there really seemed little fight or interest from most of your players.

    I do have a theory about this which might be right, it might be pure bull, but here goes. The players at Wigan are pretty much a mixture of players back on their way up after a bad time at other clubs, so grab the opportunity thankfully and with both hands (as Heskey did, and Bramble, Brown, Kirkland and Cattermole continue to do), and players who see us as a stepping stone to better things, so try to impress (like Zaki, Sharner, Valencia and your very own Palacios).

    So what we have is a hungry set of players. What I’ve seen a bit of at Spurs is players who have been signed for a lot of money,are on £40K a week and who think they’ve arrived, made it, because they’re at a big club with a great history, and so feel they therefore have nothing to prove.

    I hope Winston does well for you, he’s a great player with a great heart. Always had a soft spot for the Spurs, so good luck for rest of season.

  7. I called him a gypsy not a pikey Shaun! I was only messing, I’m quite happy to have him back, just think it’s all a bit surreal.

    Thanks for your input Stuart, nice to have a Wigan fan pop in.

  8. Mabbs.. Pikey.. Gypsey all the same… Sorry if I was a bit harsh, used to get called that a lot myself and didn’t enjoy it. It is surreal buying back players. I read a comment earlier on another site about Harry not having many ideas buying back all of the players Jol had. It raises the question.. should we have got rid of Jol? I didn’t think so at the time and I don’t think so now. The players He bought were a good backbone and only needed tweaking, before Ramos and Comoli desimated the squad. I just hope that Harry can get some confidence back into the squad and save our seasong very quickly.

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