David Bentley and Real Madrid

The British press are amazing. According to the Daily Star, Ramos is going to sign both Aaron Lennon and David Bentley!

According to most of the rumours I heard, Bentley was one of the main reasons Ramos got the boot. Not only because of his awful performances on the pitch under Ramos, but also for displays of dissent towards the manager in the dressing room. It was him kicking off when he heard he was being left on the bench for the 2nd leg of the match against Wisla Krakow that was the beginning of the end for Wendy.

I know Ramos has questions to answer after some of the methods he employed during his tenure at the Lane, but is he really stupid enough to sign a player after that? I think not.

As for Lennon, he was another player Ramos used sparingly especially toward the end of his reign at Spurs. Why would he want to sign him?

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Star, let’s hope for more of the same. Maybe the players he didn’t give squad numbers too could also be on his hit list?!

3 thoughts on “David Bentley and Real Madrid”

  1. how on earth are these players gonna replace robben snideder van de vart drenthe etc…..sittin on bernch at madrid get real……….if was ram was in charge of pool….he wud be after agger torres gerreard same with harry after all portsmith players anythig to sell papers

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