Crouch to replace Pavlyuchenko?

All the talk the last day or so has been about Roman Pavlyuchenko desperately wanting a move away from THFC. With Darren Bent also likely to leave, I’m assuming Harry will be stepping up his efforts to sign a replacement sooner rather than later.

The rumour mill probably hasn’t been quite as fluid as I expected where Spurs are concerned since the close of the domestic season but that isn’t going to last. Djibril Cissé appears to be orchestrating his own move to Spurs without the knowledge of anyone at Spurs. As much as it’s great banter, I’m hoping it gets nipped in the bud before he turns up at training uninvited.

Peter Crouch is the one striker I would love us to sign. I know a number of football fans have their problems with him but I think he’d be great for us. The stumbling block is the fact Portsmouth don’t need to sell players anymore. Hopefully the Harry/Levy magic can be worked while the dust is still settling and the jolly blond giant will be helping us tear Barcelona to bits.

I know Pompey might seem like just as attractive a proposition as Spurs now, but I think the lure of working with Harry again coupled with the form we showed since his arrival could make Peter Crouch’s decision a simple one. Come on Daniel, get that cheque book open son.

14 thoughts on “Crouch to replace Pavlyuchenko?”

  1. You are having a laugh Crouch????

    I certainly hope not we need quality and as for Cisse as you say I think his agent is talking that one up or at least I hope so .

  2. god sake i think will be better off with bent then that tattoo sporting pikey and that lanky string off piss there both far far worse then what we have

  3. I agree fully, Crouch works very well with Defoe and thats all I care about. He will also give us an out ball in matches against teams like Stoke. Crouch is a very good player and can score 15 goals in a season, mix that with Defoe getting 20+ I think he would be a great signing. All we need now would be a left winger to get the crosses in to him and we would be on our way.

  4. Crouch is a good player, but I’d prefer somebody like Pandev. He’s available for similar (maybe less?) money, he’s younger, and most importantly he’s brilliant with the ball at his feet and has a great left foot!! When was the last time we hade a striker who could score with his left boot?!!

  5. i hope not Crouch is a one trick poney. Good at volling and heading and thats about it. He’ll completely change the style of football to the longball from the back. He has no dribbling on control skills. Pav and Bent i would much rather have. I would like to see Santa Cruz at the lane he would be a great signing!

  6. Whoever it may be ! I don’t care. As long as the team gels, we can be a team to be reckoned.
    Come on ! Harry ! You can do it ! Let’s show the arseholes who we are and kick the shit out of them.

  7. i nice cheeky bid for berbatov i reckon 23 mill should do it as he dont fit in with them manks he would be top draw with little mods in the team and wilson p and why i think about we should keep bently unless he goes to spain or italy cos he could be be very usefull to another club trying to break the top 4

  8. sorri mate u ar a plank u ar having a laugh crouch no no no pav is a far better alrounder and has far better reading of the game i just hope these rumors ar crap as well as jones,cisse

  9. Whats calling him a lanky plank etc gonna do like. what the hell is wrong with the man, he is an amazing player who just needs to be given a chance to prove what hes got.

  10. whats calling him names gonna do like? hes an amazing player who just needs to be given a chance to prove what hes got. so what the hell is the problem?

  11. berbatov for the lane?ur avin a laugh another merconary we brought over…we made plenty ov cash from the prawn sarny brigade lets leave it at that…..huntalar n rjoben break the bank

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