Corluka agrees terms

According to various report this morning, Tottenham are about to unveil the signing of Croatia International Vedran ?orluka.

Corluka was signed by Manchester City at the start of last season for around £8m. Apart from one bad mistake when Chelsea gave them a good hiding, he looked like a very solid player and was a key member of their side over the course of the season.

Mark Hughes either doesn’t fancy him or thought Spurs’ offer was too good to refuse. Either way, he’s expected to be a Tottenham player in the next day or so.

Hopefully this move will be good for Modric and also the fact Modric is there there will make it easy for Corluka to settle in.

We certainly needed more cover at the back so I’m more than happy with this signing.

In other news!
As we stated yesterday, Spurs are doing everything they can to secure David Villa’s signature. It comes as no surprise that it’s the Sun’s lead football story today as well as featuring in most of the other national press. Nothing in the way of quotes from anyone except those ‘sources’ they often refer to though so I’m still not convinced.

9 thoughts on “Corluka agrees terms”

  1. Personally, I’m shocked that Man City were willing to let him go.

    I know they have signed Ben Haim but even so, Corluka looked solid for them last season.

    If it is a done deal then I’m sure he will be an important player for us this season.

  2. I don’t think we’d be signing Corluka if not for the fact that we already signed another Croatian. I think it is a good idea though; they can help each other to get used to the Premiership, and it means that Luka won’t have to talk to his mate at Arsenal, Eduardo, quite as often.

  3. I’d give them Kaboul + £2million. That would be a deal that should work for them as Huges was interested in Kaboul when Blackburn manager.

  4. Corluka is outstanding! I can’t believe Man City is getting rid of him. What a truly great day! Bigger signing than Arshavin would be considering our needs.

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