Unlike the Utd game I’m not going into this one full of optimism. Nothing to do with last week’s result though, just the fact I think going to Stamford Bridge is a much tougher proposition. I’ll be delighted to come away with a point. A defeat won’t be the end of the world.

Chelsea are playing like a well oiled machine at the moment. They have looked comfortable in most of their games thus far and still have a couple of gears to go. It just seems like they are able to find a goal when required.

The positive thing for us Spurs fans is our recent record against the blues. We’ve not lost to Chelsea in our last four meetings with them and we are also the last team to have beaten them in the Premier League, although that was at the Lane.

Harry’s been quoted as saying he doesn’t plan on sitting back;

“We can’t go there and nullify them for 90 minutes – we haven’t got the players to do that. I have attacking players who like to play and express themselves.”

Chelsea’s record at Stamford Bridge is quite simply awesome. Even when they play badly at home, they still normally win. The fact we are going there with an attacking approach is a positive for me. Like Harry says, I don’t think we have the personnel to go there and try and lock down for a point. Our best opportunity of getting something out the game is to score a goal. More than one would be nice!

Like I said earlier, I’ll be pleased to get anything from this game but if we do lose I won’t lose any sleep over it. We have a nice looking run of games coming up against Burnley, Bolton, Pompey and Stoke before Arsenal away at the end of October. If we are still sitting in the top 6 come the Arsenal game, I’ll be more than happy.

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  1. The game V Chelsea could already been seen as a defeat. So we have nothing to lose. Then we have to use this game as trying out an alternative selection. My team would read : Gomes: Corluka : King : Bassong: BAE ( if all fit ) MF ( key ) Kranjaar : Wilson: JJ. Lennon : ( FW ) Pav and Defoe. Pav could really be a another Berbatov. Good skills on the ground , shoots with both feet and can cause problems in the air. Plus he is looking to prove himself. JJ as always had mixed reviews but this was with Zokora as a MF partner. I dont beleive he has played with Wilson for 90mins this would be great opportunity to play against one of the best midfields in EU. Keane and Crouch on the bench if we need them later. Cmon Arry you know it make sense !!!!

  2. Totally agree. A draw would be a good result. However, if we had Luca, I might fancy a win because he is so key to our movement and can create opportunities from nothing. And talking about movement, I would opt for Keane to partner Defoe with Krancjar on the left because I believe to get anything from the game, we have to move the ball on the carpet and not rely on the long ball to Crouch – like we did against Liverpool. It’s hard to see Chelski not scoring at least one goal on their home patch so we have to match them and we can do that by going forward and playing to our strengths.

  3. I think the game will be won and lost in midfield. If the play that diamond shape and if we can expose the width made available then we have a chance of taking the game to the Chavs and rattling them a bit, but we have to be very careful of Lampard and Essien’s influence. If the Sgt can be at his best we may at least avoid the defeat everyone in the media is predicting.

  4. I thought you should be more optimistic than that. Spurs have a very good team to challenge any other good team. They just need to play the way the know – “Attack, Attack…..”

    As a Chelsea fan, I know we will win the game – come what may…..but I will like to see good and clean football.

    I will put on my blue on…..come Sunday morning over here. Go Blue!!!!

  5. Just got a feeling we could nick this one nil. I know it sounds a bit optimistic but Chelsea haven’t impressed me so far this season.

  6. I’d go with JJ and Willie P in the centre, Hud was shown up against united as too slow to really compete with the big boys, JJ will get up and down and palacios will tackle his heart out.
    Keane and Defoe up front with Crouch to come on and cause problems in the air – Krancjar to start coming in from the left, ala Luka.

    Come On You Spurs

  7. [Paddybyor]…..Is that what your mama/school thought you? I don’t think so….

    Try to make your points decently….

    You’re just one indiscipline kid/man/pa that the sport of soccer should do without…..

  8. Yet again, Howard Webb!! How wealthy must this man be? All he ever does is award games to Man U or Chelsea, if he could not see any of the bad decisions he made, then he dose not deserve to be in his job. An official investigation should be made. Harry Rednap should lead the comlain as if it comes to the end of the season and we are 1 or 2 points off 4th spot and the possibility of earning £10-50 million. It is down to him!

  9. the better side won, end of.

    yes Webb should get some sort of bolloking for a poor job, but talking about one decision deciding a season is laughable, you got 30 odd games left yet son

    ‘Arry should just concentrate on getting to the 40 point mark asap.

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