A Look Ahead…

Eric Dier

Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League campaign will resume this coming Sunday following a two week hiatus. The appeal of international football is arguably at an all time low, and I rarely encounter a football fan or pundit who enjoys these fixtures. England secured an impressive victory over Belgium last night, but the majority of the players … Read more

Ben Davies Silences His Doubters with an Outstanding Champions League Display

Ben Davies

Some Spurs fans were understandably concerned about the threat of Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho as the two sides met for the second leg of their last 16 Champions League clash on March 5th, but the England international was well-marshalled throughout the 90 minutes by Ben Davies. The left-back had been selected ahead of Danny Rose, … Read more

Football Betting

There is evidence that ancient Romans used to bet on their gladiators before they went to watch them compete to survive. Not much has changed in sports betting in the two thousand years that have gone by and many people bet each week on who they think will win within their favourite sport. These days … Read more

It’s a good job we only need 4 more wins Harry

I was having a look at our remaining fixtures last night and if I’m honest, I can only see 5 games we have much chance of winning, those games in bold below. Wednesday, 04 March 2009Tottenham v Middlesbrough Saturday, 07 March 2009Sunderland v Tottenham Sunday, 15 March 2009Aston Villa v Tottenham Saturday, 21 March 2009Tottenham … Read more