Carragher on Conte

Following Antonio Conte’s interview with Sky Italia, there has been a lot of commentary in the press with regard to the Tottenham manager’s commitment to the club and role as Spurs boss. While Conte has claimed that his comments were taken out of context, there must be some truth to the Italian’s discontent. Former Liverpool defender and current Sky pundit Jamie Carragher was recently asked for his take on Antonio Conte’s position at Spurs.

Carragher told Sky Sports earlier this week, “There was great spirit shown at times the way they (Spurs) hung on and the way they defended. It wasn’t a fantastic performance in terms of dominating the game. Man City do that to almost every opponent.

“They force you back so when you are deep, you’ve got to defend really well and you’ve got to counter-attack well and that’s what Spurs did today.

“The combination of Son and Kane has been so fruitful for so many years but the back three were outstanding, especially Cristian Romero and Eric Dier.

“That’s what you need. For however much possession and territory, City had, they didn’t create too many chances with that domination.”

“We know they’re not at the same level to compete week in, week out with the top teams due to their inconsistency and that’s where the frustration comes from the manager but I feel for Spurs a little bit as a club when you hear their manager come out and speak like he’s not quite on board.

“I was surprised he took the Spurs job only because they’re not ready to win right now. So if Conte is to stay at Spurs and make it successful it’s going to have to be a longer job than he’s had elsewhere.

“It’s a different remit so if he gets behind the longer-term project and gets the funds he can take Tottenham back to being a major force or certainly where they were under Mauricio Pochettino.”

With so much interest in the goings on at Tottenham, it is a similar situation with the popularity of sites such as in terms of demand. The fact that Conte turned the Tottenham manager role down at the start of this campaign will mean that there will always be sections of the media ready to pounce on material such as this. As things stand, Spurs are in a much healthier position than prior to Antonio Conte’s arrival, and his commitment to the club does not appear to be wavering as far as I am concerned.

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