Can we finally offload David Bentley?

The stories currently doing the rounds are that both Sunderland and Athletico Madrid are interested in the most disappointing Tottenham signing since Helder Postiga.

David Bentley was meant to be the man to take Spurs to the next level. Arguably the best right sided player in the Premier League at the time of his arrival at White Hart Lane in July 2008, he was expected to oust Aaron Lennon and become Spurs’ star man. Unfortunately for Bentley and fortunately for Tottenham, neither scenario materialised.

Rumoured to be on around 60k a week, a Bentleyless wage bill would certainly be a good thing for Tottenham Hotspur. It’s unlikely we will recoup anything like the £15-£17m paid for his services, but I’d imagine someone will take a punt on him for around £7 or £8m in the January transfer window.

While Bentley’s goal against Arsenal was probably worth a couple of million to Spurs fans, we more than paid them back with the chunk of the transfer fee they got from Blackburn.

David Bentley will be best remember for kicking a ball off a roof into a skip and his drink driving charge than anything he contributed during his time on the pitch whilst a Tottenham Hotspur player. I hope he can mature a bit and get his career back on track elsewhere but I have the feeling he will go down in the history books as a player that never managed to fulfil his potential.

10 thoughts on “Can we finally offload David Bentley?”

  1. It’s sad really… the boy is obviously talented. I think the media hype got the best of him when he signed for Spurs. Quite unfortunate, but I wish him the best whether he stays or goes.


  2. I don’t understand bit “he was expected to oust Aaron Lennon and become Spurs’ star man. Unfortunately for Bentley and fortunately for Tottenham, neither scenario materialised”

    Why was the fortunate for Spurs. Surely an onform star player Bentley would be good for us

  3. The goal against the gooner scum will stay long in the memory of every spurs fan. Shame he just hasnt filled his potential at Spurs, i met him once hes a really good bloke.

  4. abe, I just meant that Aaron Lennon has proved himself to be a far far better player than even a Bentley on top form and had Bentley started playing well, Lennon might have been kept out the side.

  5. Its also interesting to see, that in Redknapp’s interview where he chats about how lucky he is to have both Niko and Luka @spurs, he states how they can both be in the same side now that Aaron Lennon is out injured for a while…no mention of Bentley filling in…

    I personally was really happy when we signed him, a fellow spurs fan, and a class act at Blackburn.. Unfortunately for him, Lennon has developed the way he has, which has meant no room for DB!

    I wish him well if he does go, although i wouldnt rush him out the door! Could still be a useful asset if he got his head down and worked his ass off..

  6. another player who will likely flourish out of the glare of the crackpot delusional fans down the lane

  7. Writing this after the Leeds FA CUP replay, where Bentley got Man of the Match, and rightly so. You’re right, he hasn’t lived up to the expectation us loyal spurs fans had of him. But to be fair, this season he’s hardly been given the chance to play at all – which makes it a bit impossible to change peoples opinions. I’m glad he’s now showing us what he can do at last, and with Lennon looking like he’ll be out for a few more weeks, lets hope Bentley can use this opportunity to flourish. I personally hope he stays as I think he’s quality.

  8. Yeah Bentley can go – nothing short of disgraceful – however he’s still probably better than Jenas – why ohh why did we give him an extension till 2013, how much money are we wasting to pay him to sit at home watching TV
    Oh well come on champions league

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