Can Spurs Become True Title Contenders On Saturday?

I saw a stat on Twitter earlier which I quickly passed on to my WhatsApp group, which is full of Gooners, Chelsea and Millwall fans. Basically, they all hate Spurs.

@BBCSport: Spurs have conceded the fewest of any team in Europe’s top five leagues so far this season.

I was quickly shot down, ‘You’ve played Cardiff and Palace and a load of teams with made up names that aren’t even proper football clubs in the Europa League.’

While that all may be true, Tottenham have started the season in impression fashion. The defeat at Arsenal, a game which arguably came too soon for this new group of players, is the only blip on Spurs record thus far this campaign. With Arsenal sitting top of the table, it doesn’t seem like such a terrible loss, albeit a painful blow for any Spurs fan to take.

So this Saturday at 12:45pm we kick off against Chelsea. This is the first time that I can remember the Spurs being favourites for a match against the Blues. Tottenham have a woeful overall record against Chelsea in the last couple of decades but, things have certainly improved in recent times with the home side having lost just five of the last fourteen encounters.

Although Chelsea returned to winning ways against Fulham last time, they aren’t exactly on fire. Jose Mourinho’s men have scored just six goals in their opening five matches which is their joint-lowest return at this stage during the last eighteen years. Admittedly, they are only two points off Tottenham and Arsenal at the top of the Premier League table and a win at White Hart Lane would see them reach the helm at least temporarily.

This could be one of the defining games of Tottenham’s season and Andre Villas-Boas career as a manager. No matter what he is telling the media in the run up to this game, victory over Mourinho and his former club Chelsea would mean everything to him. Spurs have had a number of false dawns before but this is for me the best squad of players we have had since the Premier League began. Whatever the result, I just hope the players go out there with no fear and play with the freedom, passion and ruthlessness they have shown in recent weeks.

14 thoughts on “Can Spurs Become True Title Contenders On Saturday?”

  1. I would be careful on the title talk though, not because it’s not realistic, but because it would undermine the value of achieving top 4, which would be huge, given the competition this year.

    Even as gooners we’re trying to avoid it. Let’s let Citeh and Chelski do all the talking and rather focus on the results.

  2. I agree with savage, although I do think spurs have a chance of winning the title I don’t honestly think it is going to happen. I would be more than happen with CL, just want to finish above arsenal! lol

  3. ❓ Good article and as a Gunner of 64 years I can comment about the Spuds using long time knowledge. I think this is the best Spuds team Ive seen for 25 years. It has excellent balance and quality replacements for the injured. You are right in saying that our match you came too early but it must be remembered that we also had a third of our first team out. my best guess based on what Ive seen recently is that (much as I hate to say it) ths Spuds could win the trophy this season and it all depends on how they play against the top six. Hope you beat Chelski because all they have ever achieved is the buying of trophies.

  4. It is dangerous to pay too much credence on the results of five games. Arsenal and Spurs haven’t really played any top teams yet – except each other. They will naturally look more composed and stronger than say Man U who have had a string of tough games.

    As an Arsenal fan I am pleased and positive with where we are at present but it would be naive to think our new signings will mean we won’t dip in form at some point in the season. Spurs look good at present too, but they too will have a dip in form at some point. All teams will.

  5. gunnerpete as a 64 year old you would have thought you would have stopped referring to Spurs as spuds.

    its a shame as you made some valid points.
    the arse will finish top 4 but they dont have the depth to challenge for the title just yet.

  6. The love bettween spurs and arsenal on this feed is touching! If we win tomorow i think itl have a massive bearing on our season, its gunna be tight. Arsenal have a tough game, we could be top for a week or two

  7. What happened vs West Ham was an absolute disgrace. Fans should get 15 pound vouchers for the next game. There is no need for something like that to happen.

    As a Spurs fan, I hope the players and the staff, esp. AVB get their heads out of their backsides and compete at the next league match.

    Thank you,

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