Bent must take his chance

Darren Bent has a massive opportunity tonight. In normal circumstances he probably wouldn’t get a look in, but with the players that are missing and the form he has been in of late, he could well start for England tonight against Germany. Capello has reportedly spoken with Bent regarding the way he wants him to play which points to him playing at least some part. Bent is quoted as saying “He told me why he picked me and how he wants me to play. I just listened. He told me to play my own game and not try to over complicate things.”

I know a number of people are of the opinion that the England stars that have pulled out of the squad either didn’t fancy it or have been told by their respective clubs not to play. I find it quite hard to believe that any player would not want to line up against the old enemy, especially with how well the side has been playing recently. Although saying that, a number of them looked like they couldn’t care less a few months ago but surely any player that can’t get motivated by representing England against Germany shouldn’t be playing the game full stop.

A good performance here would do Bent’s confidence the world of good and could also have a positive impact on the rest of Tottenham’s season. Even without Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney and the like, the likely starting line up looks solid enough. The majority of England games where Gareth Barry has played have ended positively so his inclusion is a good sign.

It could be the type of game that will suit Bent. England are likely to be under pressure for large periods and will have to play on the break. Bent’s pace and power are probably better suited to a game like this than maybe Theo Walcott or Michael Owen.

Frazier Campbell scored the only goal of the game for England’s Under-21’s last night against the Czech Republic, lets hope Darren Bent can continue the Spurs-England striker takeover!

8 thoughts on “Bent must take his chance”

  1. No! You’re right, Dave, Germany aren’t that special…but they usually seem to pull a performance out of the bag when playing England…It would be fantastic for Bent’s confidence if he knocked a couple in! COYS!

  2. Defoe is likely to start alongside Bent. I know they weren’t together at Spurs long but they may have built up an understanding and it’s like having two Spurs players up front because he’ll be back with us in January!!!


  3. I don’t share your faith in Defoe, Danny. I know he’s been knocking them in at Pompey, but he always fell short, when Keano was the option at WHL. I’d take Frazier Campbell any day…To bad SAF doesn’t want to flog him.

  4. Bent was absolute pony when he came on tonight, a few goals doesn’t cover for his mediocrity – even Shola Ameobi has been scoring lately

  5. Bent missed a great chance….I suspect he won’t be first on the team selection list, next time round….that is unless he sustains a regular scoring pattern with Spurs.

  6. I was just saying, Ameobi has been putting them away lately, like Bent, will never stop him being shit


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