Becks or some young blood?

There have been noises over the last few days about David Beckham becoming a Spurs player. I’d be surprised if the club managed to pull this off but after the money we got for Zokora, anything is possible!

Personally, I’d see this as a great move and massive step forward for Tottenham. David Beckham can still play to a decent standard, his marketing value is second to none and just his presence at the club would likely give everyone a massive boost.

The only sticking point as far as I’m concerned would be his huge wage demands. Obviously, this would be recouped in ticket and merchandise sales but it could have a knock on effect as far as other signings this summer are concerned.

If he brings Becks in, would Harry Redknapp have the funds available to go out and buy an Ashley Young for example? Would he even want another midfielder in his squad for that matter?

The problem is that Beckham is unlikely to play week in, week out. He’d be used sporadically and probably only for a season at that. For all his good points, would Becks contribute enough to justify us missing out on a top class young midfield player?

There are obviously a lot of ifs and buts here, but if it came down to it, would you prefer David Beckham at Tottenham or an Ashley Young or similar?

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  1. Lets look at our seaon .We bought loads of players and sold our strikers defoe berbatov keane the replacments were pavlychenco bent campbell.Weshould have upgraded pekhart and rose one got injured and other went on loan.moderic couldent find his form and pav looked tired dosantos ankle kept playing him up bale whas still not 100%fit like dosantos ankles take a long time to heal if your lucky.Bent suffered from permatation problem different partners.Add to this moderic and were to play him this whas our midfield lennon zakora jenas moderic bentley .no hudds moderic getting overun by teams on paddys energy juice all trying to get of to a good start like stoke hull fulham pompy bolton sundrland to stave of relegation every team in trouble took points of spurs .I campained tirlesly about energy abuse on radio staions sky sports on the web and got laughed at well paddy kenny is the tip of a massive headache for UK sport and the FA to solve they are trying to stop this with new testing laws that should have been introduced on the 25 of jan 2009 but fergie and co objected his capt would not have been able to run away if they where in force.The top 30 players excluding rocket ronnie he fled to more relaxed spain ,and 5 times a year they will be tested and cant leave these shores without informing the testers they can knock on players doors and request a sample .This would be the best signing of all for spurs and good teams .Paddy kenny made some oustanding saves to et sheffield to the play off finals and preston got knocked out by a cheat that is the shame and i belive why so many results last year were head scratching the team i discovered finished very very high up the prem enough said .So thats why i want to keep bent bentley pav dosantos bale and only sell zokora chimbonda boteng .coysp

  2. Silly question really one is for a season at very best, the other is younger and long term, well as long term as as as you can expect from money grabbing players.

  3. davspurs, I read and re-read your comments a couple of times just now, and to be honest, I am not sure I understand a word you are talking about. Notwithstanding punctuation, spelling, and grammer, I am not sure of what you are talking about can you clarify it slightly simpler please, that would be really helpful.

  4. To be honest, I like the idea of Beckham at Tottenham solely for the economic & PR benefit it would have. However, I do not believe that Becks would come to Spurs. This is just a rumor that has been getting great press coverage; again proving the fact that Becks brings in PR!

    As for Young, I think I would be more interested in having him in the squad because he likes to play off the left wing and we could utilize someone like that. I would be disappointed though that we didn’t pick him up from the beginning of his career (when we had the chance) for the minimal amount we were offered. GO FIGURE!


  5. I’d like to echo Denboy in that, reading davspurs post, I’m just dizzy trying to make it out. Clarify please….

    Becks? Nice if it were to happen, for the PR…but it’s not.

  6. Theres a young guy called Viera in talks…
    We got him on a free…

    He used to play for the sc@m…
    How did the song go now???

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