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Tottenham Loan DealsSo, no players want to sign for us on a permanent basis then! The fact we can’t tie any of our top transfer targets down is a little disheartening but it’s probably also an indication that Harry Redknapp isn’t prepared to buy second rate players just to bring in bodies. He seems very much of the opinion that if the price isn’t right, we should just move on.

Redknapp has been quoted in the press today saying loan deals are probably the way forward for Tottenham in the current transfer market;

“I can see loans happening. I’ve got three players in mind that would not cost a lot of money.

“If we can pull off the deals you are talking about £8million or £9million for three players. Loans would certainly be a real possibility.

“People are going to loan players from all over the world, there will be loads because clubs are struggling to pay the wages. There will be high earners they have to loan out.”

I’m not really sure how I feel about loan deals. Part of me thinks it’s a good thing. You get the player in for the season just paying wages and if it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to retain their services. Often, these players are looking to put themselves in the shop window and put in decent performances throughout the season.

Usually where loans are concerned, it’s players from the top clubs going to smaller outfits. A side in the Champions League having to bolster their squad with loanees seems a little ridiculous. However, with the new rules regarding squad sizes, times may be changing. The wealthiest clubs are going to have a number of players surplus to requirements and loan deal may be the only viable financial option.

The only issue I can see is whether these big name stars are going to have enough hunger coming to Spurs on a temporary basis. Will they just rest on their laurels? If you take Jamie O’Hara’s spell at Portsmouth as an example; he worked his socks off week in week out. I can’t see many of those on the fringes of the Manchester City squad doing the same for Tottenham. Only time will tell I suppose. I’d imagine some business will be done one way or another this week.

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11 thoughts on “Bargain Borrowing”

  1. The problem is twofold we have not Qualified yet. City are buying players with outrages contracts. The 50 pence tax and high petrol are stopping overseas players signing . Ozil has bean told to stay till next year and Madrid will buy him City wont offload to Spurs because we are rivals and we play them first. We have players who are like new signings who where on loan and injured lets see if we unearth another Bale from our kids Townsend Walker Caulker Rose Parrrett Mason could yet shock us and emerge.

  2. The unexplored youth talent we have on our books – were they ever accessed by Harry & our so called coaching staff? What were the results? Were their capabilities based on heresay ?

  3. I have just read that we might be taking Klas Jan Huntelaar on loan in a deal that will see Gio Dos Santos going the other way; makes sense to me sending one of the best young talents in the world to AC Milan in exchange for a has been that wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole last season….think Harry! Do you really think AC Milan haven’t thought this through and will be getting the rum deal?!! Not a chance! If this is true we are losing one of our best players for a has been with an attitude problem…..I give up! Harry just doesn’t like him…offer him to Man Utd in exchange for Carrick, another loser, and just see what happens; I have no doubt that all we would hear is Andy Gray on Sky Sports getting a hard on as Gio puts away another super performance outshining Rooney opining “Sir Alex has just shown he can get the best out of players…you look at the situation at Tottenham last season…blah blah blah blah blah!”

  4. One of our best young talents? Huntelaar a has been? What planet are you on? I know he looked good in the World Cup but let’s not get carried away. He has failed thus far to perform in the Premiership and was only above average in the Championship. Huntelaar didn’t do much last year granted but it was only 12 months ago the world and their wife wanted him. The Huntelaar Dos Santos loan switch lookes like a win win for me. We get to see if Huntelaar can cut it in the Premiership without forking out millions and we may see if Dos Santos lives up to his 4 game World Cup where he did look half decent.

  5. So your theory is based on pre season games??? How many times have you been to Milan out of interest??
    Don’t get me wrong, I hope Dos Santos can repeat his World Cup form in the Premiership but I remain unconvinced at this time.

  6. Not solely on pre-season games, but more so the promise he has shown over the years as recognised by the number of accolades accrued. Of course I acknowledge that Huntelaar has shown great goal scoring ability, particularly during his time at Ajax. Nonetheless, it remains my opinion that showing such a talented player the exit door would be lamentable. I haven’t been to Milan, but I have watched AC Milan on television; does that still count???

  7. I hope that harry resists the pressure from his own wheeler dealer reputation and from, let’s be honest,us to buy someone:
    We don’t need Bellamy or Young; they are decent players but are not in positions that we need.
    A holding centre forward is the most vital and perhaps defensive cover for Ledley and Woodgate.
    Keane is looking refreshed and dare I say it? Keen.
    Gio is a revelation and has the full backing of Harry.
    Lets buy only what we need, don’t pay over the odds and resist the temptation to buy just because we can.

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