Arsenal officially finished, let’s make a day of it

St Tottering Day is a popular event for the Arsenal fans. It’s a day they celebrate when it becomes mathematically impossible for Tottenham to finish above them in the league.

I watched Chelsea take Arsenal apart yesterday and was seriously shocked to see the once mighty Gunners destroyed at the Emirates. They claimed they were unlucky against Man Utd last week but I think yesterday’s result well and truly confirmed that Arsenal are well and truly finished. Any team that ships seven goals at home in two games are in serious trouble. Spurs let in a grand total of zero against the same sides at the Lane this year.

Wenger took them to great heights but is no taking them downhill at an alarming rate through his stubbornness and outdated methods. When Harry Redknapp was going to play Hossam Ghaly and the fans reacted badly he took their opinions on board. If Wenger was in the same position, he would definitely not have reacted the same way. It’s that part of his personality that is making Arsenal a laughing stock.

It looks to me like he’s losing the dressing room. Robin Van Persie, a player who I thought would be key for them this season has now caught the famous Arsenal sulk and strut. It causes players to put in ten to fifteen percent effort each game and strut around the football pitch like they are a peacock. Former victims include Thierry Henry and Emmanuel Adebayor.

To celebrate this momentous occasion I think we should have our own day. The 10th May will now be known as St Arseing Day. On this special date each year we can rejoice safe in the knowledge there will forever be that unfortunate big blank space next to Arsenal’s previous achievements displayed round the Emirates Stadium.

22 thoughts on “Arsenal officially finished, let’s make a day of it”

  1. Con’grats to you Spuds. Now finally you have something to celebrate about and it has of course absolutely nothing to do with the team you supports!

  2. load of rubbish. But it’s a ‘feel good’ article. Nothing better than kicking them when they’re down

  3. Enjoy it while you can, I fancy St Tottering Day will come around even sooner next season.

  4. spurs will win the champions league before arsenal. We win everything before you. We’ve still won more in Europe. Arsenal are born losers

  5. Nice idea but until we start breaking top 4 and challenging for those league places then they will always have one over us for now. But I can imagine that if Wenger is still at the helm for the next two or three seasons and Harry is at the helm for the next two or three seasons I can see the rift becoming much smaller and eventually we will start to pull away from you Gooner scum!!!

  6. Why is it Ar5ena1 fans are always anonymous.

    Good to see the Gooners suffering, Oh has Wenger officially given up on winning the league yet, or do they still think they can. !!!!!!

  7. I also love their spelling,straight out of a reformed school all of them,watch them all bite like the little fish they are!!

  8. I read these articles and for once thought I will have my say. Firstly, Arsnil have a good footballing side under Wenger(George’s sides were “boring” but winners!)Wenger has high illusions of how great HE is. Without Vierera etc he has no spine in the side to back his illusions. he needed a Palacious, but, we got him because we saw that is what was needed. Look what he has done for us since he joined us?
    As billiospur has said, “Times ARE a changin!”
    Spurs no longer dread the thought of playing the ‘Old Enemy!’ In fact they really look forward to it. Spurs are no longer frightened of any of the so called Top Four, just look at our record against them this season! Gooner fans cannot stand the fact that the ‘gap’ has most definitely closed right up. Look out for next season and we shall all see won’t we?

  9. NEVER be better than Arsnil? That is a typical brainless Gooner comment. Stated without thought or insight! Spurs were better before the years in between, and so shall they be again, or, is it that you think only Arsnil have the right to ‘Rise again?’ If so, how very small minded! Wake up and smell the coffee sunshine, reality is here, staring you in the face!

  10. Lets face it – you are both inferior compared to Ipswich town:D
    ps: Dos Santos really is that good and should have been given a chance & you will not finish above Arsenal next year?

  11. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Sorry, but that was a joke wasn’t it?

    Ipswich Town?? Don’t make me laugh, who the hell do you spud bashers think you are? Dissing two sides that have been in the Championship year in year out etc, etc.

    Bah! Whats the point discussing football with idiots?

    Jesus H C!


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