All the best to England’s (former) Number One

The inevitable has finally happened, England’s No.1 as we affectionately called him for years has been sold to Blackburn Rovers for a fee of £3.5m.

After his ‘mistake’ for England against Croatia he was never the same keeper for us or the national side. Now you can say he should have been man enough to get over it and get on with the job at hand but he was completely hounded by the press and the fans from then on. Every little thing he did was scrutinised beyond belief.

I fought his corner for a long time against fellow supporters but in the end I had to stop making myself look like such an idiot! I really thought Robbo would get his head straight and get back to the form he’d showed up until 11th October 2006 but it just didn’t happen.

Even after the warning shot from Ramos, replacing him with Radek Cerny. I don’t think for one second Ramos thought Cerny was a better keeper, I just think he wanted to give Robinson a kick up the backside and wanted him to see if he still had some fight and hunger. Hunger is probably a bad choice of words given Robbo’s weight issues!

Robbo must have shown Ramos something because he won his place back but you still never felt Paul was confident and never again commanded that respect and authority the top goalkeepers have to.

The papers, especially The Sun have a lot to answer for. I know professional footballers are fair game but the way he was persecuted by them was so unfair. No matter what his was saying publicly he must have been constantly thinking about making a mistake and being the back page headline yet again for the wrong reasons.

Lets hope Paul Robinson can turn his career around at Blackburn and even win his England place back. Good luck Robbo, you are still a Spurs legend in my eyes.

4 thoughts on “All the best to England’s (former) Number One”

  1. Just found this blog, Mapps. Outstanding work-love how you post some new thoughts each day.

    Best of luck to Robbo also. Big shoes to fill in Blackburn, though. At least he’ll have a bit of breathing room. But not much.

  2. Thanks for the comments lads. Doing my best to post at least once a day, love to hear your feedback even if you disagree.



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