Adebayor is doing the right thing

I’ll start by saying I’m not Emmanuel Adebayor’s biggest fan. He’s arrogant and while very talented at times, is lazy and inconsistent in equal measures. That said, I think he’s made the right move leaving Arsenal for Manchester City. I know the majority of fans think it’s just about the money but I don’t believe that to be the case.

The players Man City have signed thus far look mightily impressive and by all accounts, they are just getting warmed up. Robinho, Tevez and Adebayor have the potential to be as good as Henry, Etoo and Messi in terms of what they could do for Man City. They are certainly far better than Van Persie and get my ankle from row Z Eduardo, who while both very talented both are very temperamental and it will be interesting to see how they will get on for a whole season without the big man. A make or break season for pink boots Niklas “you’re shit” Bendtner one suspects.

Although Adebayor has been a bit hit and miss in recent times when he is good he’s a real handful often unplayable – we (spurs) know this add to that he weighs in with crucial goals in big games as Man U will testify. Can Sparky get the best out of him? I think so, Wenger is a genius with most things he touches, but I think Hughes could have just a big an impact on Adebayor. And not only the Welshman, the players and ambition he sees around him, yeah the 170 large a week is a right touch and without a doubt probably sealed the deal but trophy opportunities at City look more of a possibility than at the Emirates at the moment. Hughes is an underrated boss as well, he showed his managerial skills when he gave Arsene Wenger a tactical master class last season up at The City of Manchester Stadium, City giving Arsenal a 3-0 drubbing. Before this he turned Blackburn from a team playing the ‘kick anything that moves’ style of football into a team that actually weren’t too bad on the eye. OK last season the away form was a joke, but the home form was immense, players like Barry and Tevez will relish the away days so it surely wont be long before they are picking up points all over.

You know I wouldn’t be surprised if Cesc Febregas is a little bit jealous of his former team mate. He must be seriously considering his options after five dry years as well as being witness to the amount of top talent that has been sold during that period. Yes Spurs have been guilty of the same in selling Berbatov and Carrick but these are players that have left because we could not offer Champions League football, that is not the case at Arsenal. Adebayor has left for a side not even in Europe, who admittedly have offered him good money, but surely this just emphasises the lack of ambition down at Arsenal? Are Man City contenders for the top 4 next season? Why not, they have made some astute signings and have a good manager, who are the weakest in the top four, Arsenal? Definitely. Will Adebayor’s decision look so materialistic next season, well it wont if he’s on an open top bus with the top of the FA cup on his head singing blue moon, and if they double that up with 4th place a few people might being eating humble pie.

19 thoughts on “Adebayor is doing the right thing”

  1. Good to see that your club is so shit that you’ve had to dedicate a whole article to Arsenal’s 2009/10 season.

    This really is one of the saddest articles I’ve ever seen.

    Get a fucking life and concentrate on your own team… speak to you again on St Totteringham’s Day

  2. Why not Aaron?! Nothing much going on where Spurs are concerned, Crouchy was posted here months ago and I’m getting bored of reading the same old shit about Huntelaar and Young.

  3. Its no wonder the woolwich boys take the piss. WTF do we care about adebayor or how their season will pan out. I can see it now their reaction will be along the lines of, you boys better concentrate on their own season..Relagation battle.. 2 points from 8 games etc etc. I totally agree, quite simply its as pathetic as the contstant wet spam articles claiming to be bigger than us. Please can we forget about the scum until we have a few bragging rights or until the game in October.

    On a brighter note i think the game this evening will be on a live stream….

    Tottenham till i die

  4. I wrote basically exactly the same thing in a comment the other day… i dont believe for one min he went for money, not that it wouldnt of sweetened the deal but arsenal are well off chelsea, liverpool and man utd for depth and class… so naturally arsenal will be the team to be over taken by spurs, villa, everton, man city etc and with the way city are spending they will have a far more competant side than arsenal within a year. i would be surprised if man city werent included in the top 4 within the next 2 years… and guess what, that dickhead will be part of it.

    regardless of where he goes, his dad still washes elephants and his mum is stil a whore.


  5. To be fair to the author this is a valid article. There is no doubt that in the long term arsanal will have no CL football. Their time in the top 4 will probably end as soon as next season. Its good to see are new stadium which will be much better than theirs (with loads of quality bars, hotels etc popping up in the surrounding area) will be financed with no debt, whereas the anals has left them well and truly in the shit. No CL and their fucked, barring the foreign takeover which would complete the full hand of them being a pile of shite.

  6. We have also paid for the emergence of city though. We can forget about getting CL for as long as the rent boys down the road. But both clubs will be back balanced again with each over – both will be top 6 clubs trying to win the league cup, f.a. cup and uefa cup each season. At least we will soon av a better training ground and better stadium than them though.

  7. Any new on if Ledley or Woodgate will play today or are they being saved for barca at Wembley?

  8. St totteringhams day? isnt that where you ‘beat us’ you havnt beaten us in ages its been all wins for and lucky draws for you. Go home, have fun with another trophyless boring season!

  9. How desperate are you scummy yids? nothing going on at your shit hole club so you have to write about the mighty gooners.get a fucking life you useless yids or better still hurry up and get relegated so we dont have to see your deluded shit anymore…COYI

  10. “St Totteringham’s Day” is actually the day that it is mathematically impossible for you lot to finish above us.

    It usually happens by March/April.

    Hope that has cleared that up for you.

  11. Ar5ena1 were right to get rid of greedy guy- double his pay and he gives half the goal tally. Footballers are getting greedy thank God we have a shrewd chairman- hope he keeps a reign on Arry’s spending. Clubs need financial clout. Just ask them cross road.

  12. is this the same shrewd chairman who appointed Commoli? Ramos? sacked Jol? Santini? Sanctioned Bent for 16mil?

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