Having been born on Blogger in 2008, I’m somewhat surprised that White Hart Pain is still around in 2024! The site began life as an outlet for this pessimistic Tottenham Hotspur fan to voice his opinion, and not much has changed in the last fifteen years or so…

We’ve had fun aplenty along the way. There was that time we interviewed Jimmy Greaves, my encounter with the Fighting Cocks and Clive Allen, the Spurs Kit Launch featuring a mightily uncomfortable Gareth Bale, as well as my numerous guest spots on Ian Wright’s Absolute Radio Show

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  1. Robbie Keane, a kid from Tallaght, the working class suburb of Dublin. He made his way from Wolves as a 17 year old sensation, to Coventry City (remember them!) and despite the churlish comments of Sir Alex,no less than Marcello Lippi and Massimo Morratti parted with €12m to entice him to Internazionale. Following a sojurn at Leeds he came to Spurs and over the last decade he has been the beating heart of the club. The difference between a disappointing 6th plACE FINISH and Champions League last season was Keane buzzing about, chirping at his colleagues, scoring from improbable angles, situations and defensive strangleholds. Admittedly he is enclined to fall over himself at imopportune moments but it is no coincidence that Berbatov lookrd like a €35m player while Keane read his thoughts, no coincidence that we failed in the absence of his goals while the other strikers in the club imploded!

  2. Thinking the unthinkable.
    I am a lifelong Spurs fan, as was my dad, born in Tottenham and my older brother, a bit of a fanatic who has been watching them since the double years. Like them, and many of my Spurs supporting friends, I don’t like Arsenal – is this by definition? (one friend won’t use the word, preferring ‘The Woolwich’). But, what with the really nasty chants, is it time to stop the ‘I hate Arsenal’ nonsense? They might still be arrogant (often lucky, sometimes dirty), but they have played the best football in the league for the last 10 years or so (with Spurs only occasionally matching them). Can’t we just have a mild dislike, and leave it at that? Enough of the hatred.

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