Unfeckingbelievable. I’m still coming down. Arsenal fans are saying why are we celebrating like it’s a win? Because it felt like a fcuking win, one of the greatest comebacks in history. We might well have been battered for large periods of the game but the fact we battled for 94mins speaks volumes. The amount of … Read more

Arsenal v Tottenham – Pain Preview

What a difference a week makes. I still think we will likely get beat but at least we go into the game with a renewed optimism as do the players. Team NewsThe defence is a problem for Spurs with both King and Woodgate likely to be missing but Gareth Bale returns from his one match … Read more

Harry to take charge against Bolton

It sounds like our new manager Harry Redknapp is going to be more or less in charge for today’s game against Bolton. He met the players this morning and was going to consult with Clive Allen and pick the team from the players available. I don’t know whether he’ll be in the dugout or in … Read more

Harry Redknapp to take over!

Harry could be in charge by tomorrow, this is unreal, it’s all happening! I’m sure he’ll take the job if offered it if he hasn’t already. Maybe he’ll bring Jamie in as Director of Fashion alongside him.

Ramos, Comolli and Poyet all sacked!

Breaking news, I’ll post more as I hear it. I wasn’t expecting this on a Saturday night, Levy probably acted to avoid a big demo tomorrow. Clive Allen takes charge for the Bolton game. Any idea’s on who they have lined up, because I’m sure there is someone?