Chelsea v Tottenham – Pain Preview

The first game of the season we haven’t started favourites for and for good reason. Lose this game and it’s Tottenham’s worse ever start to a Premier League campaign. Although we have somewhat overturned the hoodoo Chelsea had over us in recent times, we have never beaten them at the bridge in the Premier League. … Read more

One Russian short of a Cold War

Firstly, I’m more than happy with Pavlyuchenko for around £12m. He’s more of an out and out striker than Arshavin and while he’s not as technically gifted, for half Arshavin’s fee it’s got to be good business. After all, how different can they be, they are both Russian! The deal hasn’t been formally announced by … Read more

Deflecting the heat

The quotes in today’s press from Ramos have made me laugh. We have all known for weeks we need to let Berba go to Utd but only now we have lost our first two games, Ramos has decided to speak out. “We need to get this matter resolved before the transfer deadline. “If Berbatov goes, … Read more

Nuls points

I really didn’t think we’d be in this position going into the Chelsea game. My biggest worry now is that we have two games coming up we could easily get nothing from and then The Sun and co jump on the Ramos out bandwagon. I thought some of the comments I read last week were … Read more

Spurs v Sunderland – Pain Preview

Last week’s predictions weren’t shocking but like Spurs performance, they weren’t great either. Another game where Tottenham start as favourites with the bookies but even shorter than last week because they are at home. Sunderland are the sort of team you would expect Spurs to beat at the Lane but they are dangerous to underestimate … Read more

Let’s all laugh at Arsenal

After all, they have been doing plenty of laughing at us since the weekend. Apparently, Arsenal could have signed Arshavin but they couldn’t afford his wages. According to Arshavin’s agent Dennis Lachter, Arshavin wanted just too much money. “Wenger was serious about buying Arshavin,” said Lachter in the Daily Express. “If Andrei could have tempered … Read more