17 from Pompey for Harry to plunder

Portsmouth have 17 players out of contract in the summer and I’m sure Harry must be monitoring at least a couple of them.

Here are the biggest names that look to be on their way out, most of them are past their best or just plain useless but we know Harry loves to take a punt on a bargain.

Nwankwo Kanu – The guy’s got a hole in his heart, is injury prone and probably demands a much higher wage than his ability deserves. Sounds perfect for Spurs then.

Sol Campbell – I can’t see Harry ever going down the old, fat, Judas road but I couldn’t see him going from Pompey to the Saints and back to Pompey again either.

Sean Davis – Couldn’t cut it at Spurs the first time around even though he was being hailed as one of the best midfielders in the country by certain people at Tottenham. Would be an unfortunate surprise to see him back.

Hermann Hreidarsson – The Hermanator would be the most likely one for me. He’s a solid if unspectacular centre half and has grafted his way from average Championship player to an established Premiership star.

Linvoy Primus – One word, banter.

Noe Pamarot – He was awful for us but being a big French unit, he suited Harry down to the ground. Another player that I just can’t imagine back in the white shirt.

Let’s just hope Redknapp has left his wheeler dealer days behind him and the only players he’s considering at Portsmouth are Peter Crouch and Niko Kranjcar. Ok, I wouldn’t mind Linvoy on the bench for a laugh.

12 thoughts on “17 from Pompey for Harry to plunder”

  1. Typical Spurs. A perfect example of why no one takes them seriously, Small town bullies who just can’t mix it with the big boys. Arrogant twaddle! :-))))

  2. And….?

    We don’t all have to accept the chutney ferrets now matter how much the PC brigade would like us to.

  3. shelfy you tool. it’s not about ‘PC’ it’s about not being an ignorant, small-minded, hateful douchebag.

  4. How is that homophobic?

    I wasn’t aware that Judas had become a homophobic slur…

    On the other hand Shelfy has just displayed the sort of shit that sticks to us all.

  5. Why would you lot want any of our players if your going for champions league next season, three of them on their are our reserve players, kanu is 37 get a grip which leaves you with sol,davis and hermanator who are only good enough for a european spot….

  6. julian u obviously havent a clue then and r a spurs fan trying to call us shit by saying u support pompey ur a joke

  7. They’ve altered the article to remove the offending adjective now, dRb…

    Re the article though, I think we (Pompey) will only try to keep hold of Davis, Pamarot and Herman with all the others being released.

  8. this time next year you will realise that spurs money is burning a hole in harry’s pocket.
    The ‘wheeler dealer’ will spend another 100mill and you won’t be any better off.TIMEBOMB!!

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