You can keep your billionaires

You can keep your billionaires

Since Daniel Levy came to the club, it’s been rumoured that he’s looking to get Spurs into the Champions League then sell on his shares at a huge profit. Other stories suggest he’s a lifelong Tottenham fan with the club’s best interests at heart. Maybe he’s a bit of both.

He’s had his good and bad patches for me but if what is happening at other Premier League clubs is anything to go by, I hope Levy is around for the foreseeable future.

Man City, West Ham, Liverpool and Newcastle have all been in a mess since been taking over by their respective billionaires.

Thaksin Shinawatra is selling players behind Mark Hughes’ back because he has no money he can access due to his dodgy dealings.

Eggert Magnusson left West Ham as quickly as he arrived and although Björgólfur Guðmundsson is still at the club, they are stuck with a load of overpaid injury prone players that they can’t get rid of.

There have been nothing but problems at Newcastle since Mike Ashley arrived and it looks like he wants to get out asap.

Liverpool’s American duo went off to see if Jurgen Klinsmann was interested in having Rafa Benitez’ job not very long ago and they seem to struggle when it comes to giving Rafa the transfer funds he requires.

I might not agree with some of Levy’s actions, especially where Martin Jol was concerned and I think some of our work in the transfer market needs looking at but we are certainly in a more stable financial position than a lot of Premier League sides.

Keep it up Daniel!

12 thoughts on “You can keep your billionaires

  1. Levy has done a bang up job at Spurs and we have improved at all levels throughout the club since he has been with us. He is a shrewd, cool businessman, speaking only when he has done his homework and knows he is in the right. He has made monkeys out of other Chairmen and managers (Jordan & Sir Fergie, arise!) He got good compensation when Chavski came for Arnesen and even got Liverpool to apologise for taking Bob keane off our hands for a ridiculous £20 million!!! Show me another chairman who can come close?

    I even think there might be a further twist to the Corluka story and it wouldn't surprise me if we end up with Arshavin or Villa or both come the start of this season!

    COYS and BIOYMC!!

  2. Let’s not get carried away. ENIC are only in Spurs as a financial investment. If/when we make CL, Spurs will be sold and then the purse strings are likely to be tightened. make the most of it now!

  3. why post something with the title “You can keep your billionaires” get your facts right we are owned by ENIC who is owned by Joe Lewis, a British billionaires who lives it up in Tax exile…

  4. You’re not wrong. Footall is a business now, to be sucsessful on the field you’ve got to be stable off it. We are a rich club for our status (non CL), and it’s this financil security that is enabling us to build on the pitch. Levy is a businessman and he’s not at WHL to win a popularity contest, if we’re bottom of the league and playing shit, Jol goes.
    Exciting times ahead for Spurs, I just hope Levy stays with us to steer the ship through the upcoming financial storms, my only concern now would be the new stadium, with the ‘credit crunch’ coming do we, build it and suffer a few years of having the transfer budget of Ar5ena1, or do we postpone it and lose out on huge amounts of revenue when we eventually make the Champions League?

  5. THFC6061

    Daniel Levy’s transfer dealings this summer have been excellent.

    We’ve added four potential first team starters in Modric, Dos Santos, Gomes and Bentley to the squad with Bostock as one for the future for a total net outlay of less than £4.5 million.

  6. All you can hope for is a chairman who puts his money where his mouth is, and thats what we have!!! You say make the most of it now but thats all any fan can do. Whoever they support. No one knows what will happen to their clubs

  7. We are owned by Joe Lewis who is a life long Spurs fan and has ordered Levy and Enic to put Spurs on the map, Joe Lewis would of put more money into Spurs if he hadn’t lost a shed load in america

  8. Joe Lewis doesn’t care about football who lives on a private island and is in it for purely business reasons, its all down to Levy for the work and committment he has shown for the club that has got it where it is (im not sure about Levy being a fan or just operating it the way he would a business)

  9. Levy is a fan, but it’s right to say that Lewis is merely a sugar daddy. Fortunately, Levy and Lewis share a close relationship, and since Lewis has a fortune of £2.8bn, and since football generally deals in the tens of millions, it’s safe to say that we’re insignificant enough in Lewis’ interests that Levy will have the job for as long as he wants it.

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