Would the Carling Cup winners please stand up

Would the Carling Cup winners please stand up

Spurs did beat Chelsea and Arsenal on the way to lifting the Carling Cup last season didn’t they?! Now, with what is without doubt a stronger squad, Tottenham can’t even beat the likes of Sunderland at White Hart Lane.

I’m not panicking or on the let’s question Ramos’ credential’s bandwagon, but I am disappointed that we look like ending up with another very average league position this season.

The performance last night was lacking in every way. I know a lot of them were playing International football last week but that is no excuse. We just don’t look like a team and as soon as I saw the starting line up I was concerned by the midfield as well as with Dawson partnering Woodgate. Dawson just ain’t up to it for me, not if we are serious about challenging for honours. If Ledley can only play a game every three weeks or whatever it’s going to be, we need another top quality centre back or for Hutton to get himself fit and Corluka playing in that role.

I’ve been saying it forever but we also desperately need a ball winner in midfield. Zokora is fine as a squad player but that’s as far as it goes. I think Dos Santos needs to start the next game in behind one of Pav or Bent. I just can’t see those two becoming a lethal partnership. Someone said to me today that Zamora and Johnson would get more goals than Pavlyuchenko and Bent. I couldn’t disagree.

Fortunately, we have a fairly easy run of games in the league coming up. I think it only needs us to win one of those to instil a bit of confidence in everyone and turn things around but we really need to do that from this Thursday against Wisla Krakow. Get dumped out at the first hurdle of our European campaign and the fans really could turn.

Hopefully by Sunday’s game against Wigan, the management team will have been able to correct the mistakes from last night’s game, have a bit more time with the new players and get us our first 3pts on the board.

7 thoughts on “Would the Carling Cup winners please stand up

  1. Ive been a Spurs fan for longer than I care to remember. Lets all do something less stressful than watching Tottenham play. NO we want to watch our team thats so strange? Come on guys our team needs time and help lets get behind them and give them the support and encouragement they need. Were all bitching and complaining that the team needs confidence/ time/ a new haircut whatever. Well do any of you get confident from people who you think support you start booing you? Yeah we deserve better BLAH BLAH BLAH but lets help ourselves and take pleasure from watching our team play because we are going to watch them regardless! Forget any ambitions we might have of getting top 4 and winning the league and them giving Alex Ferguson a dick slap along the way. Lets enjoy the season and hope we get Europe again whether through the league or a cup! It could be worse we could all be Geordies!!!!

  2. very realistic piece, congratulations on talking sense. like all spurs supporters i share the dissapointment and frustrations after our poor start. i agree that the central midfield pairing was worrying to say the least and i think the cause of our proplems. i watched the game on tele so obviously didn’t perhaps see the whole picture but think Zokora is better than most give him credit for. i would personally have subbed Hudllestone and believe he was actually the biggest culprit for both goals. I think until he learns to actually use his height and weight to good effect he can only fill a role as an impact sub in games to which he’s better suited. Most worrying of all however is Modric. It seems clear that Ramos is staking our future on the guy but he has yet to deliver. Was Wenger right about him. I don’t believe he was injured and think he was hiding. Dos Santos will prove to be a superstar and hopefully we will hang onto him and not just cash in on his transfer value when it soars.

  3. good post and two good comments, some of the stuff on Newsnow today has been ridiculous.

    lets get behind them for Thursday, I still believe in Ramos.

  4. Ramos was totally blame for this defeat. Taking a team that looked good and against Chelsea and totally changing it. Dawson is also total rubbish. Rather have Gunter or Dervite playing there. Kaboul was the oke who got the bad rep but most of his bad performances was when he played with Dawson. Come back Kaboul, come back Jol – all is forgiven

  5. I think we are paying the price for just keep buying players willy nilly without thinking if they would improve the team . Have Bentley and Modric improved the team ? It was clear what would improve the team was a strong defensive midfield player yet money was spent on 2 flair players . At least we know we have problems early and have 34 games to recover . However we need to start turning the corner quickly or we will be looking at bottom half and maybe bottom 6 if we do not find a system to accommodate the players we have .

  6. the problem with spurs is that big club mentality. get over yourselves. accept you are shit and save yourselves the dissapointment.

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