Will you be supporting England or Croatia tonight?

Will you be supporting England or Croatia tonight?

I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, England have been disappointing me for years. My loyalties are somewhat divided in any case, my old man is Scottish but my Grandad played for England. I see myself as English though and there is nothing I like more than going out with mates cheering on the side in the big competitions.

What does wind me up is people like Steven Gerrard constantly giving the ball away and blasting free kicks into row z for England, then going out for Liverpool 3 days later playing out of his skin and pinging free kicks into the top corner. I know players have off games but his performance in the last Croatia game was atrocious. Every time Ledley King has played for England, he’s been immense, either Man of the Match or very close to it. That’s what the country wants to see, everyone giving 110% and playing for their shirts, not living off their reputations.

I don’t agree with the fans booing the players or giving Fat Frank a load of grief. Why pay to go to the game just to do that? If you don’t like it, don’t go. Empty seats will get the FA acting a lot quicker if it’s change that you want.

It’s quite likely we won’t have any Tottenham players in an England shirt tonight, but we will have a couple turning out for Croatia. One Spurs fan said to me they want to see our players turn it on and stuff England. I don’t share that attitude, but I’d be happy for Modric to show why we paid so much money for his signature and England still get a point.

Nothing would please me more than for the England team to win convincingly against Croatia but I just don’t see that happening, so why not hope for a good performance from the Spurs lads no matter what short they are in?

10 thoughts on “Will you be supporting England or Croatia tonight?

  1. Croatia.


    I’m a Spurs fan. They take up all my heart. No time for England and some of their grotesque players. We get considered for second-string places in the England squad.

    Modric and Corluka for me.

  2. I want the Croats to batter England. The only way things will change is if we keep getting bad results. If we had scraped through the the Euros we’d still have McClaren as the Coach. Players are still picked on reputation rather than merit, although Bullard was a good choice, he wont get near the pitch. Which is the fundamental problem.

  3. I honestly could not care less about England, the whole set up annoys me.

    THFC through and through, that is my Nationality.


  4. lol @ pizza hut

    Did anyone see Rio’s interview having a pop at Gareth Southgate? Southgate was spot on with what he said, Rio needs to stop merking people and concentrate on his game before he has the right to slate Southgate.

  5. Im a Spurs fan, but also English, and I just love the buzz the country gets when we play in the big tourneys (ok havent felt that buzz since the 80’s and early 90’s), alas the England team is in a sorry state, we need new blood, not the usual Lampard and Gerrard etc rubbish…. WE NEED TO BE BRAVE AND BRING IN NEW PLAYERS… COME ON ENGLAND! I hope we take all 3 points from Croatia, but am also looking forward to seeing Modric and Corluka perform!

  6. Would love to see a good performance from modric and co, my wife is macedonian so I have spent a lot of time in the balkans including croatia so I know who she’ll be supporting, but I would still love to see England pull it around and beat the croats in their own stadium, something that no team has managed for a while. They are a good footballing nation but we should have the quality to beat them every time.

  7. “Don’t love no country, don’t fly no flag, I cut no slack for the union jack, stars and stripes leave me jetlagged yeah”
    -Alabama 3, “Woody Guthrie”

    Looking forward to seeing Modric and Corluka strut their stuff!

  8. any cunt who’d rather see their club win over their country is a cunt

    especially when you clubs is a shitty little side like spurs



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