Wendy Ramos, you’re not as stupid as you look!

Wendy Ramos, you’re not as stupid as you look!

I felt a little sorry for Juande after his sacking from Tottenham, I feel a little less sorry for him after today, he’s been appointed manager of Real Madrid, in case you didn’t know!

“I would like to thank the board for their confidence – I face this job with excitement. It’s everybody’s dream,” he stated.

“I hope I don’t let anyone down and that I achieve the successes that this club has set for this season.

“In most of my previous jobs I have had short contracts. We came to a quick agreement and I’m delighted.

“If I’m happy at the end of the season then I might extend the contract. Both sides are free to see what happens.”

So he’s gone from managing a slightly above average Premier League side rooted to the bottom of the table, to running the biggest club in the world and got a good few million pounds compensation in the process.

The bloke won us our first trophy for ages (I ain’t counting the Peace Cup) and guided us to a 5-1 victory over Arsenal and we are safe in the hands of Harry now, so I don’t begrudge him a few quid.

I knew his last few months at Tottenham couldn’t have been as bad as they seemed. It was a plan all along. My only surprise now is Berbatov wasn’t sold to Madrid. At least his compo can be taken from the money we mugged Liverpool out of with the Robbie Keane transfer.

Looks like everyone is happy then except the scousers and Bernd Schuster…

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