We might need to sign some more rubbish

We might need to sign some more rubbish

Downing, Bellamy, Parker. These names fill me with dread but at the same time they could be a necessary evil. Harry’s honeymoon period is well and truly over. Our strikers are shit. Our midfield is shit. Our defence is OK.

The build the team round a little Croatian tactic was a good idea, but doesn’t work if your strikers aren’t intelligent enough to play with him. I know he’s small but I’d quite like to see two up top with Modric in the middle alongside Huddlestone. We would be lightweight but it doesn’t matter because at the moment, we aren’t making any chances whatsoever.

Harry’s forte is signing decent players on the cheap, how refreshing that would be to see as a Spurs fan. Bentley, Pavlyuchenko, Bent, Boateng are just the tip of the iceberg. It makes me physically sick to think how much these players cost, especially when you think of the decent players that have walked out the door.

Our dilemma now is do we sign some equally average players in the hope that they keep us in the league? I personally still feel Harry can get enough out of what he already has to keep us up but we can’t afford to take any chances. Seeing Stuart Downing arrive for £14m+ would likely give me a stroke but it could all be worth it as long as we aren’t playing in the Championship next season.

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  1. i watched the wba game on the internet and saw some’players’ doing some nifty keepy uppy at half time and laughed when i saw that the opposition couldn’t even string a couple of passes together in the other half.
    then it hit me – it was the baggies doing the flash stuff and i wondered if the current spurs team could tie their own bootlaces.

    something is seriously wrong and i think harry has to be ruthless. the only thing i suspect is some betting scam??? how can spurs be so hot and cold????

    442 now! lose bent,zokora and BAE short term now! then we can sort out the other culprits later or we’ll be watching championship football.

  2. Hopefully we’ll be able to offload some of our rubbish on others…

    Bentley, Ghaly, Bent, Pavlyuchenko, Boateng and Rocha can all clear off as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think it’s harsh to suggest that these players have struggled to show any real form or glimpses of potential since signing.

    Let’s have Defoe and Steeeeed back. Get an experienced veteran ie: Iaquinta and start trying to utilise Dos Santos alongside Modric…

    Can we really be flirting with the relegation zone too much longer without starting to worry?

    I’m concerned.

  3. The simple fact is that we cannot continue with one up front. Bentley seems to have lost his way completely and bent is clueless with this formation. We were hopeless yesterday but we were better than them and they had twelve men. A centre midfield general, left winger and two forwards are the minimum requirement. This team shold not be 17th in the league it is a joke.

  4. It makes me physically sick to see Spurs fans passing judgment on players after HALF A SEASON

    Show some PATIENCE will you

  5. We are passing judgement because we are frustrated with the rubbish churned out by our so called stars.Pav and Bent are two of the worst strikers we have ever had–hence they haven’t even hit the target let alone scored in the past four games.Half a season and we are relegation material–time is running out—if we lose to a pub team like WBA we are in real trouble.

  6. How can matey in one of the 1st comments say get rid of BAE for the short term, hes been our best player over the last few games, and was class until the sending off. The only reason he did what he did was cause, he was 1)pissed off at the bent/throw in situ(should have been a yellow for olsen) 2)he was fed up to hell with working his nuts off only to have no one able to finish

  7. I am completely baffled – shouldn’t Bent be comfortable as a lone striker? His best year was spent in this role.

    Lennon must stay, and we have a gaping hole on the left side.

    We need another CB as well – Woody and Dawson played well yesterday, but I am skeptical of this pairing long term.

    442 – Why not try Corluka at defensive mid – he considers this his best position and could link with Modric.

  8. Yes the honeymoon is over Harry…he has not even changed anything tactically since Ramos left! We are playing the same shite as we did before….nothing has changed.
    Except we now constantly play with just one up front..it is ludicrous!…Even at the lane we are defending and afraid to attack!
    We go to west brom…the worst defence in the league and play one up front and don’t even put them under pressure…Wht the F**K are you doing Harry??????

    The defender thought all their Christmases had come at once!…..if Modric can’tplay in midfield then get rid you twat!…Play with two strikers and a midfield who have some balls!

    Mate…..just look like you are doing something as you seem to have surrounded yourself with ex-players as “consultants” and still cant evenpick a formation you wally!!!!

  9. I understand your frustrations but Modric and Huddlestone in centre midfield would get us relegated. Modric has to play off the forward or alongside an Essien type player. Huddlestone can’t run, can’t tackle and thinks producing one or two passes a game makes up for the succession of awful passes he makes. We have had some of the greatest midfielders in the world grace White Hart Lane and Tommy Hudd is not fit to tie their boot laces.

  10. Paul even at the point of the sending off BAE was class He was attempting to turn defence into attack with a 360 turn by dragging the ball with his studs sadly the Ref didnt show enough class by recognising this BAE is really coming on as a player and hope we dont lose him

  11. paul.
    BAE is shite. ok, he has improved and is strong but takes too many risks and usually fortunate to get away with half the things he does. swinging a leg a couple of games ago rather than shielding the ball so that gomes can collect – result, a shitty goal conceded and it seems you condone a spurs player lowering himself to a cowardly raised boot, studs showing to the thugs of brom?

    f*** off and support arsenal

  12. Right anon 18.45 – Because I think BAE has been one of our best players recently(and many agree), you result in abuse and telling me to surport the scum. Really,when you grow up abit come back!

  13. paul apologies about the ar5ena1
    it’s just that we’ve seen the best of the ‘1st team’ proving a point to harry and the ‘reserves’ when we hammered liverpool and all of a sudden it felt great being a spurs fan ( like the semi and final of the league cup last year ). 30 years of ups and downs before you think i’m a fickle glory boy and i actually think that red nosed jock c*** from man u has a lot to answer for………

    WE ARE A 4-4-2 SIDE and so what if we’d be predictable against the opposition BUT at least OUR own players would be able to read/predict what our own players would be doing for a start!!

    I think player for player we’d be a top 8 team but now that the pecking order under redknapp has been established the ‘something’ that is rotting the team has reared it’s ugly head again.

    FUCK IT – i’d rather see we let in 3 and we’ll score 4, i’ve had enough negative shite football from spurs.

    BAE is the best we have defensively on the left but i’d rather see bale for attacking the last third.
    As for bent and zokora – enough is enough

  14. I understand everyone’s displeasure at our recent run of results but singling out certain players especially Zokora isn’t the reason. I’m not Zokora’s biggest fan but he has helped out in so many different ways this season. I’d understand if it was Jenas who has yet to live upto any potential since coming to the line. Talk about hot and cold! BAE seems to do do well and then does something daft although that wasn’t a sending off offense, you could clearly see he was doing a move. We need a ball winner alongside Zokora or Huddlestone. Diarra would’ve been perfect, but Real were quicker to the punch.

  15. Some interesting points.

    Anon 17:39, I understand where you are coming from I just can’t see it can be a lot worse than where we are just now. I’ve got a lot of time for Zokora and O’Hara where their workrate is concerned but they only play because we have no one better, not because of their talent. The Hudd is erratic but he is more capable of working with Modric so we’d be creating a lot more.

  16. don’t forget comolli’s not there anymore to broker these stupid deals and i think levy being a buisiness man would have learnt from the mistakes of bentley,pav and bent by now. i don’t see us spending 14m on anyone. i expect to see appiah in on a free for the middle,foster in on loan, another last year of contract centre half and maybe all the money will go on a new forward. possibly 9-10m on defoe.a left winger would be nice but not sure who’s available and 14m on downing isn’t the answer. i also expect zokora,rocha,ghaly and boateng to be on their way out…that’ll probably pay for defoe and possibly a left winger if one can be found

  17. I see the knee-jerking has began again on several Spurs forums. A few weeks back one or two of us were talking about reaching the UEFA Cup spots.

    Damn reality and that kick in the balls.

    Bit of patience, and it will all fall into place. At least for the task at hand, which is escape the mire of the bottom 3.

    Long term, we need to gut certain elements and attitudes. We all thought Ramos did so, but it seems ridding the dinner table of Ketchup wasn’t as revolutionary as one hoped.

    Dare I use the word…..patience?

    There I said it.

  18. …..now portsmouth want 24M for defoe… is this some kind of joke??
    have portsmouth paid 9M for him yet???

  19. Two strikers on the field is a must. Even if they are picked from the reserves. Spurs problem is in the leadership not the players. There in no point in signing anyone with this 4-5-1 tactic. What happened with the Spurs Way, doing things in style? To Dare Is To Do. We have to pretend to believe in our players and have two strikers on the field.

  20. harry either play 442 or leave u are killing the way we liked to play,how can we score goals when we have 1 up front.
    we cant defend to save our lives as usual so lets try and score more goals than the opposition like JOL did and get up the league.
    what is it with harry and average england players does he and our scouts not have passports ,get off your arses and get abroad and sign some good foreign players from (BRAZIL,ARGENTINA,ITALY,FRANCE,SPAIN) like the big 4 teams do,so there is a sell on value thats how our club makes a profit and survives and not buying players of 29-30 where we will get nothing back and have to pay massive wagas.

  21. HARRY u did not play 451 at pompy so dont turn our team into a 1-0 team if we are lucky,i agree playing 451 against the big 4 but using it against FULAM AND WBA are u bloody insane we need 3 thats 3 points or we will go down buy drawing all our last 18 games so wake the f-ck up and play 442 thats 442

  22. sorry i had to laugh i just read harry wants more strikers why? when he has 3 and he only plays 1 on his own up front.
    he is beggining to piss me off now he started off playing 442 so why has he crawled into a shell and plays so negative now has he put a bet on us drawing .

  23. dont get me wrong i do like harry but now we are loosing i think he is looking at the bottom of the league table and paniking and not looking at the top half and telling the players we have an oppertunity to get back up there and going for the win

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