Villa, not Arshavin?

Villa, not Arshavin?

The big rumour doing the rounds today is that Spurs have become frustrated with the lack of progress in the chase for Andrei Arshavin and have turned their full attention to the capture of Valencia’s David Villa.

The longer it goes without a serious move for Villa from one of the big Champions League sides, the more chance Spurs have of securing his signature. With no other offers having been forthcoming, Tottenham officials have apparently gone back in for their No.1 target.

I personally still think he’s a bit out of our reach but the appeal of working with someone as highly thought of as Ramos is as a coach in Spain means we have a massive positive on our side.

I’d much we got Villa instead of Arshavin if it’s an either or situation, I’m sure most Spurs fans feel the same way.

As much as people want to knock Daniel Levy, me being one of them, you can’t argue with his ability to get his man. He wouldn’t take no for an answer where Ramos was concerned, lets hope he can be as successful in his attempt for David Villa.

15 thoughts on “Villa, not Arshavin?

  1. i think they want us to start the bidding so real can come in and pinch him?? can't see him coming to the lane & not sure about these ruskies.still wish we hadn't got rid of keano.

  2. Villa would be cracking and much less of a gambe than Arshavin. Got a feeling that this is gonna rumble on right up to the close of the window though……..

  3. can believe people are still mentioning the sale of keano. you have to realise time are changing at spurs, kean is the old spurs we are no longer the same team, forget about it! kean doesnt fit the new team and i think they way bent has managed to thrive in the new style proves that.

    o and would much rather villa, or anyone else for that matter than the russians

  4. After years of loyal service, I think Keane deserves to keep the “e” at the end of his name.

  5. nice one dave!

    seriously though, be nice to get Villa, would send a message that we really do mean business.

  6. Yeh – well said Dav.

    Villa would be awesome, but can’t see it. What about our need for a DM and cover for Ledders and Woody? All a bit too quiet on that front for my liking.

  7. After watching Sehva at Chelski, is there such a thing as “less of a gamble.” That is why we paid through the nose for Bent (proven in the Prem) and Liverpool did the same for Keano. That is why Berbatove cannot be sold for less than 25-30 and whe should not pay more than 15 for Arseshaving.

  8. Villa would be great and might even justify selling Keane but don’t give me this the times are changin crap.We caved in on Keane and look likely to do the same with Berbatov and the benificaries are our rivel in the top 4 who we’re hoping to oust ? I thought our strik froce was our strength so selling it off before we’ve got something better doesn’t seem the best idea to me.

  9. no way Berba leaves beofore another striker is signed. Not sure if I am delusional, but think that there is a 25% chance that Berba stays. If he was dead certain to leave, he wouldn’t be playing at all. One could argue that we are taking a hard line (and we better had) and trying to convince ManU that we are not selling…so playing Berb is just a smoke screen. I find it fascinating how much player moan about sitting on the bench…and then are quick to jump to team where they will sit 50% more than they did at Spurs (Defoe aside).

  10. although villa would be far better and less of a risk than arshavin you can’t see him coming and we still have berbatov or be that for the time being and bent has been on fire in preseason so don’t you think it is about time ramos turns his attendion to the defensive midfield and centre back position?

  11. Cant see Villa at the Spuds, he wants to play Champions League football mate.

    He wont be getting that at Valencia either so with Madrid missing out on Ronaldo expect Villa to go there.

  12. Would probably prefer Villa to Arshavin, but that’s more because I remember Rebrov!! Personally I’m glad Keane has gone – good player but could have helped the team score twice as many goals if he any awareness of players around him. And as for Berbatov – get rid. He’s lazy, big-headed, and never starts playing until October anyway. Personally I can’t be doing with moody b’s like him.

  13. I remember rebrov too and arshavin wont have the same outcome as sergei rebrov the game in england is alot more technical now so he shouldn’t have a problem and if rebrov was playing in today’s game he wouldn’t have struggled either and as for the people wanting to get rid of berba are you silly?.
    In berbatov we have the most technically gifted striker in the league and if spurs sign arshavin the two would be a top class pairing if he goes im sure he could strike up a good relationship with darren bent but berba must be kept at all costs cant remember anyone slagging ginola’s workrate off a true genius like the languid bulgarian,do you think man utd,barca or whoever might sign him will give a toss about it the answer would be a big fat NO its what he does when the ball is at his feet that counts,put it this way no berba no champion’s league next year as simple as that.

  14. I can’t believe some people on this forum. Arshavin is a great player and i would love to have him at the lane. And i also agree with keeping berbatov. But if he wants to move, then i have no objection and hard feelings and neither should anyone else. If anyone of you’s had a chance to play for man utd in the champions league and earn £100,000 +, you will all do the same. So stop slagging off berby and wish the guy luck. He’s been a joy to watch and there is something called personal ambition which he has. I hope spurs do get in the champions league next season but it is a very very difficult task and the odds are against us. I respect dimitar berbatov all the way.

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