Typical Spurs or typical Utd cheating?

Typical Spurs or typical Utd cheating?

I really thought the game was over at 2-0 yesterday but fom history I should have known differently. Fair enough, Utd looked out of sorts first half but Spurs played exactly the way I was hoping for at Old Trafford. They weren’t scared to attack Utd which I believe is the best way to play them. Too many team go there, sit back and get beat one or two nil.

A lot of people will be saying typical Spurs, not good enough for the top 4, can’t beat Utd etc, as well as having flashbacks to when we were 3-0 up at half time against Man Utd. Personally, I can’t really knock the players. They did have a nightmare 15 minutes but he game was basically handed to Utd on plate by referee Howard Webb. Had it not been for the awful penalty decision, Tottenham would not have lost that game.

Utd’s goal that barely crossed the line was about a foot less over the line than Pedro Mendes effort a few years back, but was given without hesitation. Where is the justice in that? Surely there has to be some consistency at OT when ruling goals out? Silly me, it’s only the away sides that have to put up with that bullshit.

The morale of the story is this. You don’t just have to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford, you have to beat Manchester United and the officials.

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  1. So what your saying is it’s ref and utd players cheating that cost you the game, nothing to do with the other four good goals and your symbolic defending, as usual it,s everyone else’s fault, and how can you say “Had it not been for the awful penalty decision, Tottenham would not have lost that game”, who are you mystic meg

  2. Yeah and the second goal where Berbatov was offside. Watch again dimwit. Thats 2 goals out of nothing.

  3. check the stats you didn’t even have enough shots on target to win spud boy
    Manchester United Team Statistics Tottenham Hotspur
    5 Goals 2
    0 1st Half Goals 2
    13 Shots on Target 4
    5 Shots off Target 3
    6 Blocked Shots 0
    6 Corners 2
    19 Fouls 13
    4 Offsides 2
    3 Yellow Cards 3
    0 Red Cards 0
    83.5 Passing Success 78.3
    13 Tackles 21
    76.9 Tackles Success 61.9
    58.9 Possession 41.1
    48.7 Territorial Advantage 51.3

  4. I totally agree that the penalty changed the game but Carlos Tevez did also !
    Tevez was the instigator of most of United’s better play in the 2nd half and who could say that United would not have won anyway?
    Spurs should know from the past, that United are never down until the final whistle but Spurs did not know how to counter the play by United who literally stepped up a gear or 2.
    When you have the players that United have and Spurs don’t (was Keane playing by the way?), there is always the possibility they will turn things around and this is exactly what happened!
    Spurs need to take a good look at themselves and realise that games last 90 minutes+ and they must play for that time not think ‘we are 2 up, that’s the game won’ because that’s what they seem to do and they paid for it, bigtime!

  5. Typical Man U fan, probably from London,to quote you

    “So what your saying is it’s ref and utd players cheating that cost you the game, nothing to do with the other four good goals and your symbolic defending” surely thats Shambolic, typical uneducated United fan.

    You never did answer the question though did you SLC, did you think it a penalty, did you think the 2nd was offside? 2nd half United were fantastic, but without the penalty you looked down that is what the first guy was saying, but rather than see that you claim other rubbish. Ferguson said Harry got a lucky penalty in the FA Cup last year, so just desserts. Does that mean this crappy penalty will mean United will lose the title in 3 years time, just desserts, my point is that is crap. You never know what would have happened without the penalty, it changed the game, Spurs lost faith in an official rather than playing on and Utd, well they thought we have 12 people on the pitch.

  6. this just proves that italy is not the only league with corruption problems, that obscene penalty decision got them started, and without that assist from the ref, they would have struggled to get a goal, let alone 5, absolute injustice also how man u supporter webb , did not send off ronaldo, when he took his shirt off, for a second offence, and a sending off, when is something going to be done, because these decisions are getting very , sneaky, and slimy, premier league is not the best league, because it wont play fair.

  7. listen to the radio and tv pundits, and ex pros, to find out that you man u supporters, are so deluded, and not speaking, no truth whatsoever, with your biased opinions.

  8. I’m a passionate spurs fan BUT I’m agreeing with most of the comments here. Yes, there were 3 terrible decisions in the space of 5 minutes and clearly there was bias from the ref, but we gave up whilst we were still 2-1 up and that’s where the real problem lies. Bad decisions happen, I was screaming and shouting at webb non-stop yesterday but if we hold him culpable for us losing 5-2 then we really are never gonna learn. And I really don’t see how man ure were cheating…I mean would you expect one of our players to tell the ref it wasn’t a penalty if we’re 2-0 down? Howard Webb was rubbish but then from around the 60th minute so were we. Get real or we’ll never improve.

  9. You lost get over it and I wasn’t asked the question whether it was a pen the question was and I quote “Typical Spurs or typical Utd cheating?” the answer the ref got a decision wrong which if you look at all my comments you will see I already said that and who cheated from man u it wasn’t the 2 ex spurs players was it one for the pen and the other off side, You taught them all they know. and I’m not a man u fan i’m just sick of reading after every game spurs lose it’s everyone else’s fault, Why don’t you take the plus points from the game and move on

  10. Forget Webb. We would still have lost that game. For Harry to come out and bleat on and on about THAT decision is ludicrous. He knows football, he knows what its like playing at United, to constantly berate and bemoan bad decisions is a bit like an employee who always turns up late for work and says “you won’t believe it but the bus was late, god I was there on time, ready, it just didn’t turn up, shocking”..yeah well we all know that buses turn up late, Man U will get decisions their way at home, and refs make mistakes. What really pisses me off, as a Spurs fan, is the capitualtion. I think this team look fairly brittle to me, and we saw it in glaring detail yesterday. Man U would have scored A goal a somepoint with or without Webb, but for Spurs to cave in like that typifies what we have always done under pressure. I don’t think Keane is the player we was, we still look rudderless under pressure, and Harry should have said as much. He should have said “forget the pen, we folded and that was not good enough” …not go on and on about Webb.

  11. Also in the 5th goal ronaldo was offside…although he didnt touch the ball he was still interfring with play as he ran across the goalkeepers vision bring a defender out the game and makin the goalkeeper cover…blatent offside

  12. bitter bitter…. youre team just capitulated. go and moan about the ref’s decisions we still put five past you, for all you dumb cockneys thats a deficit of THREE. i was at Old Trafford and it was hilarious to watch youre dejected ‘superstars’ just fall to pieces. don’t blame the ref, don’t blame harry blame the shite players like Robbie Keane, Darren Bent, Ledley King, Johnathen Woodgate, Aaron Lennon and all the others who forgot they get paid for doing ninety minutes work.


  14. As a long standing spurs fan you should have known that historically we have always had this capacity to collapse. As soon as Tevez came on Harry should have reacted and adapted his tactics and again when they got a goal back tried to counter the obvious.

    Our midfield principally Jenas went missing in the second half and we still lack leadership on the field which is why we sill need to find a better balance to mount any sort of challenge for Europe next year.

    The penalty may have turned the game but the truth is we were awful and any goal would probably have had the same affect.

  15. Local newspaper quote from an Everton fan before the FA Cup semi-final: “For my generation Manchester United was represented by the magical aura that surrounded Best, Law and Charlton. Now they’ve changed into a monster, a modern -day Godzilla that gobbles up (other clubs’)players, their own fans (FC United of Manchester) and referees. Genial Matt Busby has been replaced by Furious Fergie…millions of neutrals will be willing us on against the ugly behemoth that is Man United”. Spot on and, to the delight of the neutrals, Everton were tough enough to go on to win. Spurs weren’t, and folded just as they did a couple of weeks ago at Blackburn (also after a ref’s cock-up). Let’s come back tougher next year.

  16. Well Utd came out and gave it a real go in the second half. I thought if Spurs could hang on for 15-20 minutes then we would have started to get back in the game and would probably have scored again. The appalling decision by the ref (and it was obvious to 70000 people that it wasn’t a foul) changed the whole game. I agree that Spurs shouldn’t have dropped their heads and we could still have won it but it shifted the momentum to Utd. If these things were a one-off people wouldn’t moan but they happen nearly every game at Old Trafford to everyone who goes there.



  18. Sorry guys I have to agree with the Manure fans – yes it was a shite decision for the pen and I would question the 2nd goal too but thats not excuse for us to implode like that. Only 4 or 5 games ago we were coasting at 1-0 (should have been more) at Blackburn and yes we got a crap decision there too when Palacios was sent off but you need to re-organise and see the game out. It wasnt the fact we let in 5 goals – we were shambolic – all over the place. Im not too down, we arent the only team who gets done by the ref especially at old trafford, but we Harry needs to get the boys playing for 90 mins and someone on the pitch who can organise because we still lack someone who when the shit hits the fan knows what to do

  19. As a Spurs fan I have to say, Man u were always going to step up gears in the 2nd half. That is a given and looking at how things were going before the penalty, there was no way they weren’t going to score with Tevez doing his thing.
    Why we came out as if that wasn’t going to happen and be ready or at least show a bit more defensive urgency, is a mystery and nothing new unfortunately.
    Having said that, it’s time technology was brought into play, when again it’s plain to see referees aren’t up to it – mostly at Old Trafford and on a regular basis often when they play us.

  20. i saw a better spurs in along time yesterday in the first half.
    just a bit more pep in the psyche of our players will do the trick next year. sure Harry saw the problem in the second half, the penalty and other wrong decisions not withstanding.Slowly and steadily ,i think we are getting there. Harry is the man.

  21. The non-penalty was a blatant pro-MU decision and is typical of the failure of referee’s to be fair and objective to THFC at OT.I cannot speak for other clubs at OT as I don’t watch them.

    Watch the replay and see Lennon taken out with a twofooted contact tackle which did not even gain a caution let alone the yellow that Palacios received for his noncontact version.

    When you play so well and you see the 12th man in action giving MU a hand-up when they needed one, even the most hardened player will be shocked and Tottenham’s players were shocked by its blatant unfairness.

    SLC why do you think that 3 more goals were scored so quickly?
    Because MU suddenly came good? Rubbish!! The spurs players suddenly played like they did at the start at the season. Disorganised and lacking in confidence. Why? Have a guess. The only goal that MU deserved was the last one when Spurs wre playing more like they did in the first half. This was no second half collapse, this was 15 mins of shellshock from observing a refereeing atrocity for which there was no excuse unlike the classical example of OT 12th man in action: the Mendes goal, where the referee could at least say with some possible shred of honesty that he was unsighted.

    MU are a very good side and fully deserve to win both the EPL title and the CL title IMHO but try to be honest here. Would MU have won without Webb’s help? Spurs might not have won (until the nonpenalty 1-2 0r 2-2 was my guess)but until then we had you under control. Yes it was “enemy at the gates” but we were holding you and coping …..until the hand-up.

  22. I agree with kk. There was a lot to be happy about in the game yesterday. How many teams put 2 goals past United at their own ground.And we do all know that refs favour United at OT.

    I really believe the game was lost before it had even started. See what Moyes did to the ref before their game with United and decisions were relatively fair with the ref not blowing up every time a Man U player fell down. I wish the system works but it doesnt and unfortunately if a system doesnt work then to get ahead you HAVE to play it for all its worth. If Harry had put pressure on the ref then we might not have seen that penalty given and it could have been a different game.

    I think we had beaten the 11 Fergie put out. And Tevez only really made a difference after the penalty. Before then Spurs were on auto pilot passing the ball around comfortably and frustrating United.

    Did anyone at United specifically cheat? not really. Did the ref favour United? most definately. Was it a typical Tottenham capitualtion? yes. But was it because we capitualted or things outside of our control? We can affect what the opposite team does but you cant do anything against a referee!

  23. Man Utd always get hand outs when the game is against them. Ever since the big money premiership started (brown envelopes?) Also first two goals were cheat goals (no pen, foul on Modric+offside Berbatov) Scholes should have received a red card within 10mins (as usual – let him off) Utd players coming through the back of TH several times two footed before contact with the football. UTD cheating scum….

  24. M agreeable to most of the comments here. My opinion, Spurs ain’t good enough. Yup! they WERE good in the 1st half but lets not forget, a match is played for 90 minutes, not 45. The penalty..aaaahhh…bad decision by Mr Webb…so what?! The main culprits were Bent, Kean, Lennon… why didn’t they response to the MU goals? Nothing was created for the goals to come…PERIOD! Keane in the “hole”?..keep him in the “HOLE” elsewhere!! King? time to retire… Bent? Just BENCH him! Jenas? Ship him out whilst he is still sell-able! Pity Palacios and the tireless Modric, I would just hand in my transfer request if I were him…

  25. It’s a shame another important game has been spoiled by yet another accidental, honest, one-off mistake by the ref. That takes the total of accidental, honest, one-off mistakes to around 142 in favour of the big four, this season…again.

  26. For me, I was already feeling an intense sense of injustice before the pentaly – Woody, JJ & Sarge. Wilson all booked in the first half, that’s the entire spine of the team – where Man U got away with everything. No wonder they couldn’t get stuck in the second half! Ronaldo hooks Lennons leg away, nowhere near the ball, and gets no card. Raphael takes out Modric, nowhere near the ball, and, surprise, no card. Awful. Add the icing on the cake, the pentalty, and damn right I feel hard done by. There’s no way we should have capitulated like that, and, yes, Redknap should have changed things sooner, but similarly, there’s no way we were gonna win yesterday when Utd are forced back into the game by a very helpful ref. Disgraceful.

  27. Even though the penalty was a terrible decision and yes Ronaldo should have been sent off for two bookings we should not have as harry put it felt sorry for ourselves. When we played Arsenal at the Emirates we showed fight to come back from a seemingly impossible position and that day we truly were playing against 12 men!

  28. Also good to see Berbatov didn’t celebrate the goal he scored – but may be he doesn’t celebrate goals in general 😉

  29. I think if the penalty was not given & Ronaldo / Scholes was sent off Utd Might not have come back into the match as soon as they did.

    Let’s just hope the the FA don’t let him Ref the FA Cup Final. Because he made quite a few mistakes
    1. Giving the Penalty to United – Wrong
    2. Not sending off Ronaldo when he tackled Lennon
    3. Not blowing for A freekick for Spurs for a foul on Modric bY Rafael

  30. Wonder why Harry made the changes too late, in the 85th minute? What could Hudd & Bale do in just 5++ minutes. Should have done that in the 60th min! Look at Fergie, the moment it was 3-2, he straight away made all the changes..THAT IS STRATEGIC THINKING!! Should have taken off Corluka (and bring on Chimbonda or Zokora, at least a pair of fresh legs), Rooney was too fast for him. Should bring on O’hara for Lazy Jenas, even Cudicini for Gomez the moment MU hit 3. Don’t know what Harry had at the back of his mind then… Sorry Harry…you might know what to do BUT, regret to say…. you don’t know what are the right things to do when it matters most…COYS!!

  31. Stop moaning Anon, the FA will do nothing…! Ask yourself this question…”Why the FA picked Mr Webb to ref the match?” Trust you know the answer already!

  32. Look I am a Man Utd fan and listening the the guy saying it was hilarious at the game yesterday watching Spurs fall apart, well the guy is a twat.

    I have to say that the first half we were so out played and I never saw a way back for us. The ref was looking at every tackle all the way through the first half and given half a chance he gave us reds what we wanted. I would rather lose than see what is written today. We were dead and buried until that penalty. Spurs came at us like no one I have seen in a long time and fair play to them. With that form they are one to watch next season. I for one have to say that with our heads up we were awesome, but I am embarrassed to say we won that. Anyone wants to argue, Block AD, row 16, seat 17.

  33. it appears that man ure fans know nothing about and their glory hunting is just one of so many reasons they ae hated throughout the land.Nothing to do with the fact that so many fans who are glory boy’s and girl’s follow them,none of them with any knowledge about football.man ure got lucky as they always have the refs on their side.it is simple.Why can’t they acknowledge it,before that dodgy pen we had ronnie ronaldo showing petulance and should have got booked,and most of the team were looking for guidance, that guidance came in the shape of a corrupt official one you regularly get at the theatre of corrupt dreams.

  34. Kjk,you have style and grace for your comments..Must have take a lot to say and write..Well done!!!!

  35. Kjk..congratulations upon having the gonads and the decency to post that and thank you..

    I heard that one MU player actually apologised to Harry after the match and that most of the MU players couldn’t believe that it was a penalty and I think that Ferdinand of all people actually consoled King as they left
    the field because even he knew that it was so unfair. But NOT Rooney, Ronaldo or Berbatov
    however Tevez was also unhappy about the decision I heard..this is about 3rd hand hearsay so dont quote me plse.
    I actually expected a penalty as Webb had set the tone of his bias by the yellows he dished out to us while the tackles whch flattened lennon and Modric didn’t evcen rate a caution
    (Lennon was virtually free on goal).
    We were totally shellshocked for 15 mins by its blatancy and some pepole just cannot understand this. I have had it happen to me when an extremely wrong decision so puts you off your game that you are rattled for ten mins or so ( or at lleast i was myself)

  36. Anon

    Well said sir!!
    We look forward to more of such erudite and poetic comment.
    Does your mum know that you are playing with the computer?

  37. various things happened yesterday im not happy with watching from the half way line [with my hands under my legs and a zip in my mouth]no pen we no but that said wat about webbs overall crap performance perfect tackles blown up for fouls on our players not penalised modric fouled for second goal definatly as for ronaldo well he is a joke that swipe at lennon was a disgrace webb basically bottled it!!
    But so did arry to many games in the second half we have sat back this is a deliberate ploy by arry too bloody cautious done it again yesterday stopped supplying lennon and modric going forward the 2 midfielders sat back and also his use of subs another question mark its a 14man game and also gomas was terrific that guy is a**** and doesnt go if he wanted to sub our goalie[unbelievable]
    also does anybody remember the ref when we played at whl couple of yrs ago and ronaldo tripped over his own feet!!!!penalty

  38. u kn wat man u all ways cheat i was watching the match until the ref give them a p n can do anything abt it coz it is man u well lets hope we beat them then it wel get sort it sprus playd gd game

  39. Why not just give the 3 points every season to the Manure-Cheats & not play.
    At least we’ll save on bookings & injuries…

  40. there is no point moaning about the ref when the decision was given spurs were 2-0 up and they have only themselves to blame for falling apart. they have no spirit, fight, or belief in themselves. one bad decision should not make a team lose heart when they are still a goal up with 30 mins to play. Blaming the ref is just a smoke screen for a team that cannot hold on. the same thing happened at blackburn a poor decision and they fall apart. if spurs don’t address this they will always be going on about how unlucky they are in my opinion losing a 2 goal lead has not to do with bad luck spurs fell apart end of story and united deserved their win.

  41. If one goal doesnt matter how would feel if Spurs has got penalty from nothing and they lead 3-0 after the break, u can write all the statistics, u were better team in first half but u couldnt score a goal so it really doesnt matter how many time u shot on target, because Gomes save them all, u needed a ref to get u a first goal and kill spurs menalety. U can have a 3 points but you alaways will be a cheaters

  42. So does anyone else think ronaldo should have been sent off. He got booked for taking that shit shirt off and should of had one for a bad tackle, which, Howard Webb went to book him for then SOMEHOW?! changed his mind (£££) Not to mention its a wonder how Scholes managed to stay on the pitch? Is this really the best ref we have? And would Man Utd been able to beat us with 10 men? NO!

  43. A cheat is a cheat, I would,nt expect a manc to understand this.When you have the refs in your pocket and most would agree on this you have an unfair advantage.Seems funny all the prawn sandwich brigade getting upset when they could,nt buy the ref in champ league semi and a red was sent off shock horror.Suddenly a shit decision by the ref tastes like a shit sandwich,well my old manc bon appetit.

  44. When does a ball definately cross the line,when the mancs desperatly need a goal.Funny how from where the ref was ,he could without doubt see that with manc and spurs players all in the way of his view it crossed the line by inches.However when Mendes put the ball a clear yard over the line oh no its not a goal,why? because the ref consulted his rule book and rule 1 when whisky nose and his gangsters say it isnt a goal because we dont like that sort of thing.

  45. Yes 90 minutes+ but at Old Trafford it can be 6,7 or 8 extra minutes and usually when things are going against the mancs. Funny that, or is it just a couple of old pals helping each other,like whisky nose and the ref.Would,nt want the ref to miss his glass of red and envelope at the end

  46. typical northern monkey giving it large ,a cheat is a cheat ,but you would,nt understand that, to you monkeys its a way of life.

  47. Great idea the whole prem league as well let the northern monkeys do what they want on their own and we just ignore them Fergie can argue,cheat,moan whinge and drink himself sensless all on his own

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