Tottenham can start their season Monday night

Tottenham can start their season Monday night

Does anyone else hate International games as much as me? I can’t stand all these breaks to watch our useless national team embarrass us. At least the Croatia game holds a bit more interest for the Tottenham fan but I’d still rather our players were with our manager working towards Monday’s game against Aston Villa.

Everyone can remember the 4-4 thriller we had with them last year, I wouldn’t rule out more of the same. They did have a 0-0 at home to Liverpool last time but prior to that, Villa shipped three goals away to Stoke and two at home to Man City. They even let the builders and waiters of FH Hafnarfjordur score at Villa Park.

Looking at Spurs first three games, we have conceded five in total, including two at home to Sunderland. Ok, we no longer have Robbo to gift them a couple but I’d still be surprised if Villa don’t get on the scoresheet.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d happily take a scrappy 1-0 win via Zokora’s right shin but I can’t see anything other than goals in this game.

Lifted by our three new signings, I’m confident we can put on a good display, a winning display, and get our league challenge properly underway.

Let’s hope everyone comes back safe and sound from tomorrow’s matches and we can start looking forward to a thriller to rival last year’s corresponding fixture. All I ask is that the ball hit’s the back of our net one time less!

9 thoughts on “Tottenham can start their season Monday night

  1. Gus Poyet looks like he is going to Newcastle- FUCK SAKE…when will people give us a chance to build a constant organised unit!

    Poyet will go as he hasn’t stayed ina ny jobe he’s been in for longer than a year.

  2. I think Spurs will give Villa a hiding, 3 or 4 nil. Ramos is no mug, give him and the players time and he’ll achieve the same type of success he did with Sevilla, I’m convinced of that.

  3. sad to say, but Villa 3, spurs 1. its just no there with this crew and this overrated coach I’m afraid.

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