Top 5 annoying things about Spurs

Top 5 annoying things about Spurs

5. Jermain Defoe – How good is he? I knew he was a top player in his time at the Lane but he just seems to have flourished since joining Pompey. With Capello not picking players purely on the basis of their name, Defoe looks to have a bright future for the National team too. How we need him now!

4. Damien Comolli – Does anyone have time for this bloke? Looks like a c0ck, talks like a c0ck and probably smells like a c0ck. I’m sure he isn’t to blame for every problem at Tottenham but while his services are retained, he’ll get the majority of the blame for everything. Someone put him out of his misery, pleeeease.

3. Spurs Related Emails – Every day my inbox is full of this rubbish. The odd one is funny but if I get the triangle joke once more I will go into some type of coma. There wasn’t half as many for Ar5ena1!!.

2. Take over – Not for me I’m afraid. It’s obviously good to have plenty of money to spend on players and more importantly be running as a profitable business but when you have no limit on spending, you are just asking for trouble. One of these big clubs are going to be left in serious trouble by a billionaire owner sooner or later.

1. Sol Campbell – How dare he?! You can’t be a hero for thousands of Spurs fans, go to Arsenal for no money and expect not to get stick every time you play us. Racial abuse is bang out of order but the gay taunts should be taken on the chin. If he had anything about him Sol would have some banter with it, a little smile, maybe a wave even a wink. All the time you cry like a baby and have your little breakdowns, you are only fuelling the fire.

13 thoughts on “Top 5 annoying things about Spurs

  1. I think the worst thing is we’re boring as well as crap

    Eveyone knew Jermaine was good, apart from Jol it seems. I think Ramos came too late and Defoes mind was unsurprisingly made up

  2. the most annoying thing about Spurs is the really lame media they seem to attract – oh yeah, a bit like yours..

  3. the most annoying this is they always seem to buy europe’s next best player only for them to turn out to be shit!!

  4. If Ramos knew he would lose Keane he would have kept Defoe we can not job backwards . Keane and Berbatov were always ahead of Defoe so get over losing him we have to move on . The most annoying thing for me is we buy for the sake of it – ie Modric and Bentley – we spend over 30 million without thinking how they can improve the team . Bentley can not even get in the side thus did Ramos ever want him . Thus I agree Comolli is very annoying !!!!

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  6. Haha.

    Bolton next and then The Mighty Gunners.

    Looks like the triangle joke is still going to be strong in NOVEMBER.

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