This week’s top 5 Spurs rumours

This week’s top 5 Spurs rumours

1. According to one of the ITK Spurs crowd, Ledley King is finished. This rumour has been flying around for the last couple of years but has resurfaced this week. I hope it’s not true. Having him around for a few games a season is better than nothing.

2. Andrei Arshavin is set to sign for Tottenham in the next few days. Quotes from his agent suggest a deal is close but the problem lies with the fee. Where have all the other big sides gone that were supposedly interested?

3. Spurs are interested in signing Juventus wonder kid Sebastian Giovinco but face strong competition from Arsenal.

4. Dimitar Berbatov will be a Man Utd player by early next week and likely won’t be travelling to Holland. This is getting borning now, either do one or commit yourself and break a smile.

5. Spurs have held talks with Spartak Moscow striker Roman Pavlyuchenko. Not sure if this deal is now dead with Arshavin looking close.

Anyone able to confirm or deny?

10 thoughts on “This week’s top 5 Spurs rumours

  1. If the Deadly rumour were true, would Ramos and Levy be getting rid of Gardener, Rocha and Kaboul without bringing anyone in? They’re not going to go into the season with Woody and Daws as the only senior centre-backs. From all the reports I’ve read, Ledders is fitter than he has been in years.

  2. Is Pavluchenko the second choice because Milito told your shower of shit where to go?


  3. Don’t worry, that Noodles comment about Ledley being finished was actually fished up over on COYS in order to point out to him that the King of White Hart Lane is still going strong.

    It’s not a new rumour, in fact it’s the very opposite, so never fear.

  4. I should point out that it was a comment Noodles made months ago before last Christmas. Ledley promptly played 2hrs of Carling Cup Final, and then walked up 147 steps to lift it, too.

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