The Wembley Cup was a joke

The Wembley Cup was a joke

I went to see Spurs take on the mighty Barcelona on Friday night and paid £60 for the privilege. In reality, the ticket was probably worth no more than 60p.

After being forced to queue for nearly an hour to collect the tickets, we just about made it into the stadium as the game was kicking off. Looking at the Barca players for familiar faces, I couldn’t really see any. I thought it was just my ropey eyes at first.

As the game continued, I realised I hadn’t even heard of the majority of the Barcelona line up. Oh well I thought, we should see a few of the big names 2nd half. The 2nd half comes and we were greeted with another bunch of unknowns. What made it worse was the fact we were one nil down.

It was a very sub standard performance from Tottenham. There were flashes of good stuff but the players just didn’t seem that up for it. I guess that was partly to do with the fact they were up against a 3rd string side rather than the likes of Messi and Henry.

I was made to wait until the very last for the game to come to life and it took the introduction of a few of the Spurs youngsters for this to happen. Jake Livermore didn’t see any action until the 80th minute but managed to mark the occasion with a headed goal, courtesy of Ekotto’s cross.

While this may bode well for our future, the lack of urgency and cutting edge from the first team regulars on the pitch was very disappointing. Sunday’s performance against a second string Celtic side was just as bad by all accounts. I realise we are vulnerable with our 3 first choice centre backs out of action but those two games were too bad to be true.

Let’s put the Wembley Cup well and truly behind us and look forward to The Crouch Era!

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  1. Wembley Park Tube Station, Friday night – arrived with girlfriend. Bag was heavy, so threw it away. Walked up Wembley Way, and realised our 59pounds tickets were in the bag. Still, we had a nice meal up West. Were we the lucky ones?

  2. BTW – we actually collected the tickets earlier at 3pm. There were 14 gates and no queues – we actually thought it was a good set-up.

  3. yeah i second that but also happy we haven’t had a squeaky clean pre-season as you know what that means. 8 games 2 points!

  4. It is pre season and very early for Barca, there were a couple of familar names Bojan, Toure and Gudjohnson but I feel your frustration as I was equally appalled by performances,you could not expect anything else without a defence we were always going to be disjointed but it is match practice and the chance for Bostock, Livermore, Rose etc to show they can play a part this season and Dervitte to show he cant

  5. i went to the match and was incredibly angry to not see any big names of barca. that was the whole reason i went to the damn match, cos for now our only time playing them will be pre season. i thought we played pretty badly. Thudd has shown he wants to be in the squad and from watching the matches i feel hes pushing out jj which may not actually be so bad. sadly..

  6. I went on Sunday, was the first match I had taken my 6 year old Son to.

    I know its preseason but if the players arent going to be there and put little effort in (in Spurs case anyway!) Then they shouldnt be charging top whack.

    At least we got to see Messi play 45 mins, but cant say it was anything close to worth the £80 never min the other £40 we spent when we were there. £8.50 for a poor imitation of chicken strips and chips!

  7. “Thudd has shown he wants to be in the squad and from watching the matches i feel hes pushing out jj which may not actually be so bad”

    Thudd was shit. Jenas was worse. One of the worst games of football I have had the misfortune to waste my money on.

  8. I thought it was an absolute disgrace. £59 for a reserve match at Wembley. No wonder it was less than half full. They would have been better charging £10 and having a full house. The ground will have employed the same number of staff, had to police it in the same way, etc.

    While I’m on, I held the new Spurs shirt for the first time at the weekend. It is even worse than it looks on TV.

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  10. The £60 ticket money was taken under complete false pretences.

    No Barca stars, no effort and minimal entertainment.

    Thank you Mr ‘stuff the fans its all about the money’ Levy. If we play Real Madrid next year in the ‘Wembley con cup’ I will not be going even if they give the tickets away for free.

  11. I dont agree with any of these comments. It was my first visit to Wembley and I thought it was well organised. This was Barca’s first pre season match and they rested their confederations cup reps. I had hopeed to see Messi and Henry but never mind. There was 57000 on Friday which was good I felt for a friendly and proof that we will fill our new stadium whe it is built. I expected to have to pay a fortune, which I did, just a pity I had to park so far away, but I do need the exercise. We are a long way off ready for Liverpool but I hope there will be afew comings and goings over the next few weeks.

  12. agree that if they are going to put on these pre season tournaments they make some of the star players play as well as youngsters….went to barcelona and wanted more from the game,as a spectacle at wembley…..i didnt like the pre match interviews on the screens was boring media,they could have shown golden football moments,goals etc from the clubs involved…. great wembley moments etc….SPURS are sorting a few pre season aspects but……were being shown some good play from barcelona b sides

  13. Typical. The guy from the Mirror makes a spelling mistake in his 7th and 8th words then puts the name of his paper in lower case. Then he makes another error in the second sentence. What a plonker!

  14. I think those that are upset re Friday night should relax more. My ticket was £29 and for that I saw 180 minutes of play, my first visit to the new Wembley, & I got to watch 15 minutes of John Bostock, who is undoubtedly going to be England captain in 7 or 8 years time.
    instead of moaning, tell your friends you saw Bostocks first senior appearance at Wembley, because in a few years time he will be running games for Spurs and england there on a regular basis….cheer up !!!

  15. It’s the first time I’ve bought a new Spurs shirt, and been so sick of the look of it by the end of the day, that I’ve bought a plain t-shirt to replace it.

  16. Spurs looked a poor side against Celtic who taught them how to pass the ball, how to control it, how to hold it, how to create space and above all how to score. Spurs could never find the net because the attacking line showed a lack of combination up front. The team sadly lacks aerial power. Crouch should make a difference if we succeed to get him.

  17. I am a Spurs supporter and I must also say I do not like their new shirt with the yellow band across. Their lilywhite plain shirt contrasting with the navy blue shorts looks so much smarter.

  18. The competition was ridiculous, hardly a competition at all what the hell was the point in there being a cup?! Barca and Celtic both played the weakest team in the tournament by far i.e. Al-Alhy. The eventual winners didn’t actually play the strongest team in the tournament by far i.e. Barca. Total farce.

  19. Remember when football was a working class game,when a dad could take his sons and it did,nt need a mortgage to pay for the tickets.More importantly the players were actually worth watching and they did not take the piss with their dont give a monkies performances.But the price of the premier league is now being realized and it will get worse.

  20. At the end of the day, I dont know what your moaning about. You had a chance to play Barcelona. Yeah, it was only pre-season but lets face it your never gonna get in the Champs League so make the most of it. If it had been the Barca 1st team you would have been murdered 5 or 6 nil.

  21. I thought the whole thing was a vast disappointment, nay rip off. Over priced, under susbscribed,lacking names, commitment and atmosphere. I won’t be sucked into that one again.

  22. barca and celtic both played the weakest team i.e al alhy,correct but both celtic and barca`s reserve`s sides beat spurs, your right spurs were hardly competition at all

  23. spurs had no midfield. 8 defenders, 2 attackers. every time we sought to move forward, we hacked it up to the front men, who had no support. depressing when you see the likes of MU and Arsenal surge forward as a team, holding the ball as they go. only after we scored did we do this twice. another double-digit league position and a cup semi season i fear.. stadium not that architectually distinctive either, and quiet fans on the friday. bunch of catalan unknowns too. £59!! wembley inc. robbed us…

  24. I went to Celtic match with my 8 year old who cried all the way as the little sod supports the scum. All he did was take the piss all the way through. Got fed and left with 25 minutes left and took him back to his mother. God I wish the little bugger wasnt mine.

  25. Ur a dick fank fuk a don’t have a dad like u. am a Celtic fan and a want to say unlucky it’s only pre season but we did put out our reserve team and you put out a squad with some first team players your players need to step up and earn there money

  26. Your wrong there was atmosphere in our end the Celtic end couldn’t you hear us u must have cause u weren’t singing

  27. I agree what are u moanin about ur no gonna get in the champions league or play barca or Celtic during the actual season

  28. Out of the cup and 4th slipping from your grasp. We all new it would happen, choking like a baby eating peanuts!


    All the promise and again….nothing to declare!

    HA HA HA HA! So great to see you all so smug at kick off then all f**k off with 5 minutes to go with your tails between your legs! MUGS!

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