The top 5 WORST Spurs players of all time

The top 5 WORST Spurs players of all time

Like yesterday, these are just the players from my time supporting Spurs. I’m sure there are some shockers I’ve omitted from further back!

5. Dean Austin and Justin Edinburgh – I just couldn’t split them! For years we were stuck with these two at full back, it amazes me how many games the pair of them played. Every season I lived in hope they would be replaced but they just seemed to hang around forever!

4. Jose Dominguez – I never understood the thinking behind buying Dominguez. He had no end product, was tiny and had already been useless for Birmingham City. Not only that but we paid £1.6m for this Portuguese bandit.

3. Paolo Tramezzani – Any player bought by Christian Gross was not likely to survive. He only played 6 league games for us but what a pile of poo this bloke was. Couldn’t defend, tubby, stupid haircut. George Graham soon got shot of Paolo.

2. Stuart Nethercott – I’ve got a mate playing for Welling who told me about Nethercott’s pre-match ritual of throwing up then shouting ‘I’m a wounded animal, who’s a wounded animal with me?’ I can’t imagine Klinsmann reacting too well to those words of motivation back in the day, maybe Nicky Barmby found them useful.

1. Sergi Rebrov – This could be a controversial one with players like Dozzell, Sinton, Rosenthal and Kerlake missing out, but considering the player he was before he signed for Tottenham as well as the transfer fee involved, Rebrov has to be number one. He was an absolute superstar alongside Shevchenko at Dynamo Kiev and I can remember how excited I was when Spurs signed him. Talk about an anti climax!

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  1. Rasiak! You can’t compile a worst 5 without Rasiak. Any last minute panic buying of a shit player is called a Rasiak. My kids will hear the term ‘we/they bought a Rasiak’ without ever knowing who the guy is. He is the original piss poor panic buy and long will he be remembered as such. At least Dominguez would run down the line and get you a free kick!

  2. Am I the only one who still has nightnares about Ramon Vega? Surely the worst (and there have been some shockers!)defender ever to pull on the Lillywhite shirt.

  3. “Rebrov has to be number one”


    Do your research

    Signed by George Graham

    First season 36 games 12 goals
    Second season, Graham gets sacked. New manager Glenn Hoddle comes in and promptly shows how incompetent and stupid he is by freezing Rebrov out in favour of over the hill Sheringham and Ferdinand.

    It would be like Alex Ferguson preferring Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole to Cristiano Ronaldo or Arsene Wenger preferring Ian Wright and Dennis Bergkamp to Thierry Henry

  4. Agree with the guy above. Rebrov was far from the worst player at Spurs. He tried his best to aclimatise with English football – it just didn’t suit him. Scored some decent goals too. Kevin Scott however, should have a monument erected to him at WHL made from an enormous steaming pile of poo.

  5. Willem Korsten, although I don’t know if someone who never played counts.

    Anthony Gardner. Gash.

    Ben Thatcher. Turd.

    Rozentahl (bar that one outrageous hatrick).

    We’ve had some right shit!

  6. rebrov? you are taking the piss right???? hod wasted a talent in rebrov!! i remember the good old days of lacey pratt dick mazzon kendall(rip) moores etc

  7. im sorry but the worst without a shadow of doubt is Kasey (ill bring henry down for a penalty for no reason at all when he is running away from goal to the corner flag) Keller

  8. also in current team is didier (my mum sells biscuits) zokora who fans like bizzarely when JJ is great player but gets slagged off when he is doing zokoras job also cos he is that crap

  9. what the f???? some bellend mentioned Mido in the worst top 5!! Mido got us 5th place that season when he was the nuts! next you’ll be saying Berbatov because he didnt want to play for us! loser!

  10. I’d have to include David Howells

    He played for years but I never understood what he brought to the side??

  11. I can’t believe that John Pratt has been metioned. He had blue and white blood and gave everything whenever he played in the shirt.

    He was a sub for the ’72 UEFA cup winning team, he was in the ’73 League Cup winning team and was a sub for the ’74 UEFA cup losing finalists’ team.

    He wasn’t a Hoddle or a Gascoigne, but I’d have his passion and commitment in today’s team.

  12. All you guys that did’nt see Spurs play in the 70’s are very lucky.Agree withall that said Ian Moores and Pratt and John Lacey and Even Terry Naylor towards the end of his time.

  13. At least David Howells played for his shirt – cut his veins and little cockerals would come jumping out!!!

  14. Am i the only one that remembers Blondel? And i agree about Doherty too. And what about Davenport? And i hate to say but Robinson in the last year would have to be right up there. But my number one worst player was Tramezanni.

  15. Gary Doherty (as a striker). worse than rasiak (just), due to having even less technique and pace although he was ok in the air. seein doherty alone up front was a real low point for spurs, a team always associated with flair.

    as for some of the others mentioned, saib and dominguez at least they cd control the ball.

    and rebrov – he was a decent player, he was just played in the rong role and lost confidence. now he plays in midfield and has done pretty well.

  16. I agree with a previous post. David Jenkins was by far the worst player. He came from Arsenal and was hated from day 1.

  17. What about Dean Richards? It wasn’t bad enough that we got held to ransom by a peeved Southampton, but he turned out to be so bad, that Ginger Ninja Doherty sometimes got picked over him, how bad is that!!

  18. Mileko Acimovic purely for hitting the bar from 2 yards out when it was much easier to score. Another of Hoddles’ “wonder” signings….Bunji was rubbish as well, our “kaiser”….what a joke.

  19. John Lacey and Paul Miller made the likes of Justin Edinburgh look good. But surely the worst Spurs player ever was the keeper Barry Daines. Although he was amazingly good at saving penalties, he made Robinson at his most confused look like a safe pair of hands. I actually saw him score several own-goals. Andy Sinton was pretty rubbish, too. And John Gorman may be a respected figure now, but defensively, he was dreadful.

  20. In the 70’s we had this bloke called Alfie Conn who played for both Celtic and Rangers and was completely crap.

  21. What complete and utter clown mentioned David Howells? Spurs through and Through. Could play in numerous positions and quietly kept Clough in his pocket for the 91 Cup final while everyone else was watching gazza go mental.

    Im embarrassed your’e a spurs fan.

  22. There is no question whatsoever that Ian Moores was the worst striker we EVER had.
    He once scored a hatrick in a 9-0 thrashing of Bristol Rovers, didnt get the matchball because Cilin Lee scored 4 and the fans still sang “Ian, Ian, Ian Moores….w*nk, w*nk, w*nk…
    I believe he died a few years ago, so poor sod never had much luck did he?!


    Carr Richards Davenport Vega

    Routledge Boateng murphy Toda

    Rasiak Doherty

    Who remebers that sexy volly mabizela scored away to leicster and murphy was awful for spurs absoulutly awful

  24. How can everyone possibly forget…. ATOUBA… everytime he got the ball i put my head in my hands and prayed that he wouldn’t try and take on anyone around our penalty box. He was the most diluded left back ive ever seen, he literally thought he was the most skillful player ever to grace a football pitch.

    … who ever said Jenas is a twat, on his day he can be quality, he’s scored plenty to considering now adays he’s told to sit deep.

  25. Who said Alfie Conn? He was great!

    Wikipedia says “Despite playing only 35 games and scoring 6 goals, he was a huge fan favourite, dubbed the “King of White Hart Lane” after scoring a hat-trick on his debut in a 5-2 win at Newcastle”.

  26. I remember that volley….Dalmat made his debut in that game.

    He was pretty legendary in the Season and a half he spent at the lane before getting the custard for beating up Johnnie Jackson!!!

  27. I remember that volley….Dalmat made his debut in that game.

    He was pretty legendary in the Season and a half he spent at the lane before getting the custard for beating up Johnnie Jackson!!!

  28. All time shite (4-3-3)


    Nethercott, Miller, Lacey, Edinburgh

    Sinton, Dozzell, Ghaly

    Chris Jones, Rasiak, Moore

  29. I might have to take back Chris Jones. I remember him being a piss poor striker but as no one else has mentioned him, I looked him up.

    Apparently he was TOP scorer in 1976-77 with, wait for it, 9 Goals.

    Be grateful for what we have and hope we never go back to such dark days

  30. Rebrov wasn't that bad untill Hoddle ruined him and brought back Teddy I got my medals now I'll play for you again Sheri. I wonder if we would welcome back an old past it Berbatov or Keane in four years (apart from Keane still won't have any medals)

    Worst players have to include Saib, Vega, Scott, Booth, Tramezzani & Mimms he cost us dear in 89/90

  31. Jenas, £9m spent/wasted by Levy when no one else at the club wanted him and has stunk up the place ever since, it’s the only thing he’s done with any consistency.

  32. Remember seeing on the wall down the park lane, “alfie conn is god”, not
    quite , but he was good.A team with
    Colin Lee and Ian Moores in it says
    it all.Was there the day we won 9-0
    couldn’t believe the score,not with
    those two cart horses playing!

  33. Yeah, I’m younger than most of you, but since I’ve been going to the lane, the worst player I’ve witnessed was Gary Doherty.

    I’ll also never forget the numerous sitters that Postiga missed against Arsenal at Highbury when we were robbed 2-1, so for that reason, I’m putting him up there as well.

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