The Rumour Mill – Top Five

The Rumour Mill – Top Five

I thought I would post the top five unconfirmed Spurs stories I’ve heard from various sources over the last few days, maybe some of you in the know can comment on their validity. Not something I’ve done before but it could be interesting.

1. Keane and Poyet had a bust up after Keane told Poyet he was a fool for turning down Man Utd.

2. Ledley King and Berbatov had a training ground bust up over Berbatov’s constant sulking and lack of effort this pre season.

3. Kaboul has done a complete u turn and will seal a move to Sunderland in the next 48 hours.

4. Spurs are close to signing David Villa in a shock £23m deal which was more or less agreed before Euro 2008.

5. Blackburn are just trying to squeeze more money out of Spurs with delaying tactics and Ince is now keen to sell David Bentley to free up funds for his own transfer targets.

Number four I couldn’t have in a million years but then again I was very surprised when we signed Modric, a deal for Villa would certainly trump that though.

Any of you Spurs faithful got a view or more information?

6 thoughts on “The Rumour Mill – Top Five

  1. I’ve heard in the past something was agreed for Vila pre-Euros…would be nice! Wouldn’t surprise me if Ledley had a pop at the moody Bulgarian, Leds actually give a fuck and won’t take no shit!

  2. well said johnnyb, at least Leds cares about the club not like these other foreign mugs. i can see him giving berba a dig.


  3. Interesting stuff but the only one I see being true is Bentley.

    I just stumbled across this blog from spurs news, I like it, keep these coming.

  4. I’ve got faith in Rambo and Poyet, they know what they’re doing. Get rid of the Bulgarian and get Puvluchenko in or someone who’s proud to wear the shirt.

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